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Re: Narcos - Netflix

Season 2 was very good. I was afraid that there would be a let down after the first season and wasn't sure how much of Pablo Escobar's story was left to tell, but turns out that there was a solid season's worth.

Incredibly violent, gritty, entertaining show. Can't say enough good things about it.

I just realized last night that the guy that plays the DEA agent Pena (Pedro Pascal) is the same guy that played Oberyn Martell in GoT. He was great in GoT and he's excellent in this as well. As good as Pascal is, the guy that plays Pablo Escobar is even better - he deserves some Emmy consideration.

If you are interested in Pablo Escobar's story or the Columbian Cartels, you have to watch this show.

It's already been renewed for a third and fourth season. Pablo Escobar's story arc is done, but they set up Pena going after the Cali Cartel in the next season.
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