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Re: Homoplasmates and The Quantum Hologram

If you do this one more time I am going to drive to Toronto and spank you myself.

Yung, I honestly have no idea of where you are now on your "theory". The approach you have adopted of hop-skip-jumping all over the board has just about made it impossible for me to follow what you are trying to do, even as a fairly avid T&S reader.

It is too late to stop this thread, but what about trying to keep this as the last one.

The one thing that I particularlry dislike about the approach you have adopted is that everytime you cut and paste a new thread together you entirely omit any and all critical assessments of your ideas posted by others. Maybe you don't care what others think, but I am interested in other's reactions to what you post.

You want others to be involved in your idea? Well, treat them with some respect. I know that I spent some time on your ideas early on. I posted a number of observations and questions, but that is now 3 or 4 generations ago. The time that I spent, and the time that others have spent, is repeatedly just ignored and left behind as you jump from one "update" to the next.

Yung, you want to be taken seriously? Well, exert some control over what you are doing.



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