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Re: This Is Us - NBC Tuesday

Originally Posted by vincentstuntdbl#23 View Post
OK. I finally watched The Pilot.
Have to say I didn't see the twist till I saw the dad in front of the window.
Then again there was another li'l twist at very end with the 'triplets'.
So I guess we're going to see things progress in 2 different timelines.
I wouldn't say that loved it, but I'm intrigued enough to keep watching.
At this moment I'd say it's at a Parenthood level of interest.
With the two timelines, it's a unique way to use flashbacks to tell the story of the triplets and their parents.

The "Present" timeline, allows us to follow each the triplets as adults. I'm really invested in Randall's story. His biological father's pending death, and how he's going to tell his daughters they have a new grandfather.

Kate comes in second. Really curious how TPTB are going to develop her story. I've heard, she's going on a "real" diet this season. Good luck to her!

Kevin still has to grow on me. His acknowledgement that he wasn't a very good brother has gone a long way in endearing him. But he needs to stop whining and get his life together.

Oh, and I really thought you'd enjoy the writing, Dawg. IMO, the writing is topnotch.

Originally Posted by vincentstuntdbl#23 View Post
Also watched the 2nd episode. Another unexpected twist at the end.
Hope they come to rely on that too much, tho. They did a good job in the pilot with wardrobe.
None of the clothes really gave away the twist
I agree 100%! I didn't see anything that would give the timelines away during the Premiere. Very well done.

So far, I'm liking the twists. But, I see your point. It could get old fast.
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