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Re: This Is Us - NBC Tuesday

Originally Posted by Lawboy View Post
I think when you are breaking down TV series, you almost have to rate them on a sliding scale these days. Basically, either 1) Network, 2) Cable and 3) Pay Cable. What they can and can't do is so different, so the writing is different. Network is just so much less gritty because it has to be.
I don't agree. I think that both Hodge & I were referring to quality, not style.
And I don't think that a network show can't be excellent quality.
They just haven't been up to the level of some cable shows as of late.
However, West Wing was on network and is still IMHO the best show that's ever aired.
Also (more recently) The Good Wife for it's first 5 seasons was consistently one of the best shows on TV.
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