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Re: The Books Will Not... (GoT/ASoIaF reverse prediction thread, book spoilers)

I'm not a GoT book reader, just a strictly casual TV viewer who happens to enjoy the show. Something else I enjoy...conspiracy theories.

I 1,000% disbelieve everything GRRM has said in regards to not having struck a deal with HBO regarding the book schedule releases. I believe he's held it back intentionally because HBO paid him BIG double-digit millions probably, to hold back until the show can air this season.

I think HBO is afraid that now that viewership has reached an all-time high, they don't want the "ending" leaked through people reading ahead to the finish of the book.

Basically I think GRRM was paid to fill the showrunners in on what happens to the major players, details on major plotlines etc. (as seen in Hodor's death, reaching the small screen before he ever put it in print)

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