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Re: Lucifer - FOX Monday

Just finished watching the Pilot.

Loved every millisecond Tom Ellis (Lucifer) was onscreen. For some reason I can't explain, his accent is perfect for the character. I also love his wit and demeanor. And how can you not love his corvette! Although, I did find it strange he admits to everything. His immortality! His manipulation of women. Exactly who he is! Loved the scenes with the psychiatrist, especially the last one.

Now, on the contrary, I thought the female lead was lacking in every respect. She's a poor actress. Found the chemistry between them contrived. Plus, I couldn't understand a single word from the daughter. I know kids missing their two front teeth is suppose to be cute, and that's probably right, but "bully" was the only word I could make out.

The show reminds me a lot of a recently cancelled series, Forever. Sandi will definitely remember that one.

I'll watch a couple more just to see what Lucifer has up his sleeve. Also, I'd like to know why God can't force him to go back to Hell. Oh, and the angel God put in charge of getting Lucifer back, what's his deal? You could feel the animosity between them. Did he crave the position before it was given to Lucifer?

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