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Re: NFL Thread Pt. II

Originally Posted by Zaphod of Whiskers View Post
Let's go Denver
Originally Posted by Peggy Sawyer View Post
...(And the game is still on, but Hodge's Cowboys...just awful.)
The 'Boys were surely exposed against the Broncos. I guess if you want to beat Dallas, bring a man (maybe two) down in the box. Force Dak to beat you with the pass.

Now, I will say, you'd better have one of the best DB-fields in League, or you'll pay big time.

Speaking of one of the best DB-fields in the League. I assume Talib (spl) and Dez are going study now. Aqib Talib didn't let Bryant breath without him being in his hip pocket.

Damn ZoW!
Damn Broncos!

Originally Posted by Peggy Sawyer View Post
Well, NE bounced back in a big way. Was confident they would win, but didn't expect them to clobber NO, which starts 0-2 yet again. (How does a team with a QB like Brees struggle for so long? Payton just can't coach defense.) Kudos to Gronk, who played a big Gronklike game, to TB12, and to the defense in general, especially Flowers and this new Wise guy...
Peggy, can Payton last another season with a poor Defense? I mean they're really, really bad.

And, I feel sorry for Brees, TPTB (Mrs. Hodgepodge) and of course,Mr. Mo. Brees shouldn't have to go out like this.

Originally Posted by Peggy Sawyer View Post
...As for other games, I couldn't believe the Chargers could lose again on a last-minute missed field goal; I thought Seattle looked pretty flat letting the 49ers hang around in a home game (but a win is a win, I guess); the Rams got predictably exposed after their surprise win last week; neither Cleveland nor the Jets will win a game this year; and boy did Chicago look silly with their overpaid under-experienced QB against the Bucs...
The Chargers kicker had to call Uber to get a ride home after the game. This is the 2nd-game he could've tied or won with a field-goal.

I'm really surprise by the Seahawks showing in these two games. As TBC points out, it's taken them two games to score a TD. WTF! And, I'm worried about Wilson. I really like the guy, but I'm not sure he'll last thru the season if they don't protect him.
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