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Hi yung!

Glad to see you tried this thread again. I do think you are on to something.

although I've heard that seems a bit difficult to swallow the others suiting up to go diving, ? how else would they get down
I don't know if you read the diary, but early on the diarist writes that she goes swimming early in the morning. One morning something big and dark surfaces near her and then resubmerges. She thinks it's a whale, but what's a small sub?

Also in the summer preview for the new season there were a few frames that had (what I think) is an underwater facility. I'll see if I can find the cap.
I found it - here it is -

Most people can't get past the image of the eye. Look at the left side - middle and lower corner - do you see the cylinder? Now look all the way to the left almost halfway up - do you see what looks like a "spotlight" or lens?

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