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Re: What's New/Splunking, Soldiers, + the Andromeda Strain

So I did some Christmas shopping today, and I had a $160 gift card for Williams Sonoma (remember the one thousand degree pizza oven I returned last year? Still haven't spent the money b/c why would I shop in a kitchen store?)

I figured I could buy some gifts for people who do like that sort of thing with the money.

I could barely bring myself to purchase anything, despite needing to spend the GC money. That has to be one of the most over-priced stores in the world. A jar of sauce? $16. I picked up a "banana bread mix" and looked at the directions. You needed to add bananas, oil, eggs, milk, etc. So what is it, a bag of flour and sugar for $15?

A rubber spatula was $15.

Seriously WTH

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