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made Damon Lindelof say "Fermions" on TV :P
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Re: + QH/Homoplasmates & Z2 QUANTUM NUMBERS

Crystal resonance is essentially how Quartz is used for keeping track of time

Mems tech is now slowly replacing the use of Crystals

Virtually every electronic product requires at least one precision timing circuit. Many devices require as many as 10 separate clocks. The typical smart phone or tablet has up to five oscillators. Up until recently, these precision timing circuits were based on quartz crystal resonators. That’s now rapidly changing.

The ONLY way information travels "FTL" is via entanglement. This is what spooked the shit out of Einstien. He just couldn't deal with the idea his equation didn't apply to it, so he came up with other postulates to explain it.

We could run around in circles here, But we'll arrive at where we are today : Bells Inequalities, non-local hidden variables and my favorite voice in the matter, Nicolas Gisins work and way of putting it :

Entanglement is sharing information "FTL" because the information is NOT traveling through spacetime at all, it is traveling through a reality that exists OUTSIDE of it.

Hard to imagine, but this has been the point of many of my recent posts.

HIS WORK BTW, along with Charles H Bennett, is WHY D.A.R.P.A even HAS a quantum network.
Nicolas Gisin contributed to relating non-locality to the security of quantum key distribution
AND, imo, its because of experiments like THIS, that this BCI tech exists (my other thread yes)
Gisin’s demonstration [29] of heralded entanglement between two macroscopic cm-long crystals is mind-boggling. How large can entangled objects be? And What does “macroscopic” mean? Nicolas Gisin addressed this deep question, providing original insights [31][32][22,23] and performing a demonstration of entanglement between two optical modes in two spatially separated optical fibers, one of the mode being populated by about 500 photons
btw, I added my post back in above. Its got a lot to do with FTL travel too, in a way.
Just for myself :
Mems tech, can be used to obtain wavefunctions of systems of atoms, or photons..
which involves Wigner Probability Distributions.. (as used in quantum tomography)

A classical particle has a definite position and momentum, and hence it is represented by a point in phase space. Given a collection (ensemble) of particles, the probability of finding a particle at a certain position in phase space is specified by a probability distribution, the Liouville density. This strict interpretation fails for a quantum particle, due to the uncertainty principle. Instead, the above quasiprobability Wigner distribution plays an analogous role, but does not satisfy all the properties of a conventional probability distribution; and, conversely, satisfies boundedness properties unavailable to classical distributions.
(remember, Mems have coherent states, which help minimize the uncertainty principle)

and Probability Distributions, in the sense of an "outside the system being measured, at the end of time way"... can determine whether or not events will occur in that system

"In more technical terms, the probability distribution is a description of a random phenomenon in terms of the probabilities of events"
and this, is the technological MEMs way, GOD, our Omega Point, intervenes and makes Coincidence arise in order to cause events to happen.
its causation. spacetime is a causal set.
This is why set theory has been called "Gods mathematics"

Counting to infinity is going to be hard. All that spacetime, an infinitely finite amount of photons to count. Gravity to conclude. a God to BECOME.

Its no coincidence YAHWEH not only means TO BECOME, but that the name of God itself, is CARDINAL.

The tetragrammaton (/ˌtɛtrəˈɡrĉmətɒn/; from Greek Τετραγράμματον, meaning "[consisting of] four letters")[1][2] is the Hebrew theonym יהוה‎, commonly transliterated into Latin letters as YHWH. It is one of the names of God used in the Hebrew Bible.[3][4][5] The name may be derived from a verb that means "to be", "to exist", "to cause to become", or "to come to pass"

Which brings me to yet another odd coincidence.

During my last four years of "Nous searching", I began to listen to a band a roommate of mine often did in College...

and as I noticed the songs of the band, most of which I have NEVER heard before (aside from closer and the more popular ones).. I noticed how similar their logo is to the tetragrammaton, even being mentioned in the wiki page for the band.

so I wondered, do they have a song called "BECOME" ?

and sure enough.. I found it just then.

Now listen to this song, and notice, and think about the technology.... and how this MEMS tech, will allow mind uploading, via the teleportation of states of neuron electric fields to new substrates.. a new consciousness

its freaky how fitting the song is, let alone, that it exists.
(keep in mind, the tech, the symptoms, the brain to brain comm, the voices in the head)


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