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Re: + QH/Homoplasmates & Z2 QUANTUM NUMBERS

Dan Simmons wrote two duologies, Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion, and Endymion and Rise of Endymion. They are great reads in their own rights. Fascinating vision of a human species that has reached deep into the galaxy and is reaching (and surpassing) the limits of its genome. Anyway...

Simmons had a fun idea for the concept of "the tie that binds," so to speak. "Quantum space" (which is of course a misnomer, but it helps our pathetic human consciousness to think in these terms, we can almost trick ourselves into thinking we understand them)

Anyway, it's a major plot spoiler for the whole series, especially the second duology, so i'll tag it from here on.

Spoiler: Major plot spoiler from Rise of Endymion
The universal resonance that relates to quantum mechanics is...
Spoiler: Are you SURE you're ready for this?
Love. Well, emotion in general, but love more specifically.

Too cheesy to be believed? Yes, but it was a really great reveal anyway.

As for entanglement being the only way that information can "move" FTL, i'm not sure I buy it. We have no way of knowing about relative speeds inside an event horizon, for one example.
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