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Re: S3 EPISODE 5 THREAD 01-NOV-06: The Cost Of Living

True. I guess that's at the expense of her DUI charge. =/
Hopefully the writers will at least speak of Libby in someone's flashback that would indicate a past affinity to guns, since she's not in the cast and all. I'm sure it could happen, since there is obviously a reason why she was in that mental hospital.

If your theory is right, Jack, Kate, and Sayid will probably die, too, since they have also killed a person. =/
(It would be interesting to see what happens to Jack, though, because he didn't necessarily mean to kill his father.)

I would guess we'll also find out more in the future via flashbacks about the guy Ana-Lucia impaled with a stick, and that the events would link sensibly with the way he died. We already saw him again in Juliet's flashback. Perhaps this isn't the last we'll see of him.
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