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Re: S3 EPISODE 5 THREAD 01-NOV-06: The Cost Of Living

A Tree, I've enjoyed your posts over the years too much to leave you hanging without an answer plus, I really do have a lucky face. I don't think we know for sure that Eko was fully aware that making the black market inquiries to sell the vaccine would get back to the druglords, but without a doubt he did not care if they found out. I think he really did want to sell it himself and keep the money to fund his trip to Australia where we saw him working in "?" on his way to LA.

I guess what I'm most curious about is whether or not Bai Ling's cringe-inducing, not even soft-porn worthy, absolutely horrendous performance in the worst episode of Lost ever (Stranger in a Strange Land) was nominated in the bad actress category. Compared to her, the drug lord was Sidney Poitier.
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