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Re: Richard III

William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, announced today that they're expecting a third usurper, who will be fifth in line for an unearned spot on the throne.

Early betting on the names is on Alice (one of the more interesting daughters of Victoria, plus a great-grandmother of Prince Philip) and on Albert (tobacco can) or Arthur (that guy).

The palace released the news early, allegedly because the duchess is again beset by severe morning sickness and has canceled activities.

But here's the real reason:

This weekend, a little girl pulled a damn sword out of the damn Cornwall lake where King Arthur tossed Excalibur to the Lady who gave it to him in the first place. The little girl's name is Matilda, as in Empress Matilda, who ruled England in the 1100s.

I mean, come on. No matter what Monty Python says, what more proof do you want? Queen Matilda, FTW.

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