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Re: Richard III

The problem with the sword in the lake is that it's a medieval broadsword. Fits nicely with story we know from the writings of Mallory and White, but the legend is much older than that, It was a folktale among the Bretons, or Brettaigne, of northwestern France. They were post-Roman Britons who had fled the advancing Sachsen invaders for lands across the Channel which were still largely Roman even though the Western Empire had collapsed. In longing for a return to their home lands they kept the memory of a King who would Return to restore it's former glory. Of course, the bastard son of the Norman Duke knew of these tales and they were just to juicy to resist, so he pitched himself as being the embodiment of Arthur to the Bretons when he enlisted their support for his invasion is 1066.

At any rate, Arth, in the old Brithonic language meant "bear", or so I am told, and Arturus would have been the Latinization. He he had been advised by a "wizard" then most certainly the fellow would have been a Druid. The Romans wiped out the Druids because they used human sacrifice to ensure good crop yields, foretell the future, but mostly to instill fear in the general populace and maintain power over them. Arth, if he existed at all, was either fighting the Romans or was a mythic chieftain from pre-Roman Britain. My guess would be the latter.

Back to the sword. Maybe William himself tossed it there to placate his Breton followers and History just forgot to write it down. Or maybe some some 19th Century college thespians were doing a (bad) production of Le Morte d'Arthur on site and tossed someone's family heirloom in the lake in a realistic finale....they ran two shows every Friday and Saturday afternoon for the whole Summer and only lost one sword because Bertram threw it too far, FFS.

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