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Re: Ezekiel Elliott Suspension

As a Saints fan, i know how it feels to have your own team singled out to take a punch in the mouth for what's a systemic problem in the game, Hodge. I gotta say that i'm glad Goodell is coming down hard on him, though. There are a lot of things wrong in the NFL, but this is a big one. It figures that Goodell would go after an image problem instead of going after things like player safety and the long-term deleterious effects of playing the game, but at least it is progress, even if it's not necessarily the most important issue, it is an important issue.

Nothing against the 'Boys, nor any of their fans, but i hope this sticks, and i hope it damages or even effectively ends his career. It's long past time for the NFL to take a stand on this issue, and in some ways i think they're pulling their punches when they shouldn't. The NFLPA has a responsibility to defend Elliot, but they don't have a responsibility to do so well. I hope they hang his ass out to dry, and i think i can honestly say that i would feel the same even if he played for my team.
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