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Re: Ezekiel Elliott Suspension

Originally Posted by Mr Mo View Post
As a Saints fan, i know how it feels to have your own team singled out to take a punch in the mouth for what's a systemic problem in the game, Hodge. I gotta say that i'm glad Goodell is coming down hard on him, though. There are a lot of things wrong in the NFL, but this is a big one. It figures that Goodell would go after an image problem instead of going after things like player safety and the long-term deleterious effects of playing the game, but at least it is progress, even if it's not necessarily the most important issue, it is an important issue...
Honestly, I couldn't agree more!

Having 3 girls of my own, I can't imagine having to deal with this on a personal basis. And, let me go a little further...I'm pretty sure he's guilty!

Athletes are usually taken care of in situations like these. Their colleges look the other way, and the guys entourage (which includes Agents and such) are willing to pay to keep things quite.

I just personally think the procedure is flawed. The idea of someone acting as Judge, Jury and executioner is a problem. And I know, this is what the NFLPA agreed to in the last contract. And, I don't think it will change anytime soon.

The NFLPA would have to give up to much to get this pulled from the next contract. Especially with what's happened in this case and others. And, we're still talking about a small minority when it comes to this matter.

Originally Posted by Mr Mo View Post
...Nothing against the 'Boys, nor any of their fans...
This part was put in just in case Mrs Mo read this. That couch must be really hard.

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