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Re: American Horror Story: Cult FX Tuesday

Originally Posted by FrodoFraggins View Post
Anyway, this season is starting better for me than all of the seasons after Season 2.

I'm just kind of sick of seeing Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters every single year...
I've got'a believe Ivy (Alison Pill) is trying to drive Ally (Sarah Paulson) her wife . That's the only exclamation why Ally is always alone with the clowns. Plus, who would know about her clown phobia?

What's got me confused...If I'm right, why would she hire the baby sitter to drive their son too. Why would she want to do that to her son?

Sending Ally down to the restaurant was such a giveaway. We all knew she was going to be driven closer to the brink of madness.
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