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Re: + The Weaver and The Reaver

Originally Posted by treesong View Post
I don't think so. Christian leads Jack to the water and caves. He draws his attention when Jack sits crying at his little campfire.
I'm gonna have to watch that again, apparently.

Originally Posted by treesong View Post
...Jack was a potential leader. Jack's adventures in White Rabbit cemented him as an actual leader...
'Potential' may very well be the operative word regarding affairs on the Island.
Now, there is no way to discern the reason for the pilot being killed by Smokie, but a lot to consider when it comes to Eko.
I have been recently thinking about the 'power' or 'energy' that is on the Island, and if that 'power' was available to just anybody, 'potential' being a key factor in many ways.
I wonder if Eko was killed because of his potential ability to tap into that power, and the further potential to cause great harm should that occur.

On a different subject, but another aspect of that segment is Yemi's line
"You talk/speak to me as if you were my brother."
Now, speculating that Yemi is actually Nemesis, could he actually have been referring to Jacob? For the argument that Eko made for himself Jacob might make the same for mankind; that 'they did the best they could with what they got'.
I know that it's high speculation that they are brothers, but if his name turns out to be Esau...

Eko was messed up, but he 'progressed'. Another reason for Nemesis to want him dead?
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