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Re: + The Weaver and The Reaver

Originally Posted by J_C View Post
I wonder if Eko was killed because of his potential ability to tap into that power, and the further potential to cause great harm should that occur.
I think he indeed had that potential. And I think that Smokey, as a security system, mainly has a preventive role. It's not a janitor that cleans up the mess afterwards. At least, it tries not to be.

The Cost of Living was to not realize those potentials.

Now, speculating that Yemi is actually Nemesis, could he actually have been referring to Jacob? For the argument that Eko made for himself Jacob might make the same for mankind; that 'they did the best they could with what they got'.
I know that it's high speculation that they are brothers, but if his name turns out to be Esau...
Even if Yemi is just Yemi, their story could still parallel that of "Esau" and Jacob. But I think Jacob's claim is actually that mankind can outdo itself.

Other than that, I don't have a real opinion on Nemesis being Esau. There are parallels, there are differences. It could go either way, but I'm not sure I'd like it if he were Esau.

Eko was messed up, but he 'progressed'. Another reason for Nemesis to want him dead?
Was it really progress? He failed to take responsibility for the deaths he caused. He denied that he had made a choice when killing the old priest, and further claimed that the whole sequence of choices that made up his life had been out of his hands.

Yemi's coldness towards Eko reminds me more of Jacob's attitude towards Ben. And I would say that confessing, showing remorse and a penitent heart, are more in line with progress.

Isn't the Old Testament God supposed to be the unloving one --except for Jacob--, and the Devil the sweet talker?
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