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Re: What's New/The Postman Always Emails Once

Originally Posted by vonnegut View Post
I'm cooking meat in a crock pot today, despite my crock-pot-handicap of not-knowing-how-to-use-it-properly.

I'd had this big pork loin in my freezer for approx forever and finally pulled it a couple days ago before it died a freezer death.

I WILL conquer the crock pot and not ruin this meat. I think in the past I'd been putting too much liquid in it, and getting the timing wrong, and cooking on High which I think is a problem.

So I just rubbed the meat with spices, browned it in a pan, then just did a little bit of water in the hot pan to scrape off, and that's the liquid I used. Going to cook it on low for like 7-8 hours. Going to resist the urge to lift the lid and look at it. This better work out.
We do pork loin in the crock pot all the time, and that is pretty much exactly how the wife does it. Very little added liquid..low setting..

Although I readily admit that the wife at some point sold her soul to a voodoo god when it comes to cooking because she does this magical shiznit involving chanting and throwing of spices up in the air.. sounds like this come from the kitchen whenever she cooks:

Spoiler: Kitchen Sounds

I've learned not to ask a lot of questions, but I do know that at the end she takes the loin out of the crock pot and puts it in a separate bowl that isn't hot, pours the liquid in and lets it rest for about 15 minutes.

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