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Re: Back from the Archives-Philedelphia Experiment Island

I don't think so as E=mG^2 does not make any sense. Gravity is not proportional or indirectly proportional to energy. You cannot simply change out a velocity for a force.

I believe E=mc^2 limits time travel because purely on velocity terms, you would need to exceed the speed of light in order to travel through time. However, due to this equation, the faster you go, the more mass your ship/vessel takes on. If you were to reach the threshold of the speed of light, mass would increase to almost infinite capacity, making it physically impossible.

However, wormholes and gravity warps are all theoretically possible. Large mass objects, like the Earth, cause warps in the gravitational field surrounding them. A powerful gravitational force would FOLD space and time onto each other in effect negating linear time making the past, present, and future indistinguishable from one another.

What does this have to do with anything? No idea. Total brain dump based on the question of E=mG^2.
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