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Re: Manhunt: Unabomber - Discovery Tuesday

I liked it!

Although, I didn't particular like the jumping around in time.

They showed the initial bombing, with Ted Kaczynski (Paul Bettany) providing narrative. Then they showed Jim Fitzgerald, Fitz's (Sam Worthington), graduating from Quantico's Behavioral Science Unit (BSU).

I didn't expect all of the back-biting between the FBI agents. There's an apparent hierarchy, with agents at the top trying to keep Fitz in his place doing what they ask. He fights against this until he's proven right.

Definitely looking forward to the remaining episodes.

Originally Posted by Mr Mo View Post
It wasn't about the number of people killed in that case, it was more about the infrastructure compromised. Fascinating story, but i slept instead of watching it.

And it's not their first original show, but it might be their first original scripted drama.
Mr Mo, I was actually surprised at the low number of killed. Hopefully, I didn't sound like I was minimizing the impact of the dead.

Yeah, he almost brought the whole country to a stand-still.

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