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Time & Time Travel

  • I: Lost and Time

  • 16 years? Something doesn't make sense...Time question.

  • 2.342

  • 31 Minutes into the future THEORY.

  • a Deceptive Chaos :Heuristic rebuild of Time

  • An Explanation of Desmond's Unstuck in Time

  • Approaching Disaster And The Eternal Now

  • A Rip In Time

  • A Wrinkle in Time

  • Back to the future theory

  • Clock work

  • Daniel Faraday is Saving the World by Increments

  • Desmond's clock?

  • Desmond's time gig set precedent

  • D.H.A.R.M.A vs. The Universe

  • Did we miss a clue in Season 3?

  • Do i Have a Time Travel Theory for You!

  • Everything Changes, Hugo

  • Flashes-The Secret of LOST

  • Full Circle

  • Has this been mentioned before ?? Ben's list

  • How Ben contacted Harper from his cell

  • How many loops has Desmond "suffered"?

  • Hurley Causes the numbers

  • I think I know what "The Loophole" is.....

  • Jack can time travel too?

  • Jack, Desmond, and Locke

  • Jack is Faking his Flash Forwards

  • Jacob gave them constants?

  • jacob's cabin is a portal

  • Killing the Father

  • Lost: A theory on time travel

  • L.O.S.T. = "Land of Slow Time"?

  • Lost snake eating its own tail

  • Moving The Island Back In Time = Losties Becoming Dharma Residents

  • My "Cause and Effect" theory

  • Multiple Timelines and Everything That Rises Must Converge

  • New Theory... (almost) everything fits....

  • Not a theory. Absolute proof of something extraordinary on the island.

  • Numbers Vaccine Prevents Temporal Displacement/Time Skipping

  • Oscillating Time Theory

  • On-Island: Linear storyline, Nonlinear character timeline +Proof of Jack time travel!

  • Parallel reality/ time travel theory

  • Pinnerman’s Update-“Guys...where are we?”

  • Remembrance of Things Past, Future and Sideways

  • Reverse engineering the flow of time

  • Record Player Theory

  • Room #23 Theory

  • Season 5: Zombie Season

  • Sgt. Draino's Meta-Theory

  • Temporal Reversosity and Collision (The moving sidewalk theory)

  • The Actual Present

  • The ARROW of TIME

  • The Constant

  • There is only one timeline....

  • The Island is Like the Compass, and Daniel's Notebook

  • The Moment after the Absolute Present

  • The Pilot

  • The Rules of Time Travel on LOST

  • The Temporal Censor Theory (Well-written version)

  • The theory of infinite regression related to Lost, Time, and art, explaining the "?"

  • There Is No Time Travel

  • They All Have Flashes

  • Those timeless flashes

  • Time Code

  • Time Dialation, EMP explained - plus new theory

  • Time Loops?

  • Time Skips Aren't Random

  • Tolman's Paradox (Tachyonic antitelephone)

  • Travelling Through Time - A Reason For Flashbacks & Mirroring

  • walt decodes time/space

  • Welcome to the Multiverse!

  • What did Kate say?

  • What Happened to Desmond--and the Island--When He Turned the Failsafe Key

  • Why return needed to stop the skipping

  • Why Richard hasn't aged

  • Why Survivors Can't Return To The Island

  • .

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    t+s/time, t+s/time travel

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