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Vincent Lives
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Re: Twin Peaks - Showtime Sunday

Season 3 was a mixed bag for me, but leaning toward dislike.

On the plus side, I enjoyed many moments. For the negatives, there are too many to list in one thread.

Overall, I feel that this season was a poorly executed attempt to catch lightning in a bottle. Far too many missed opportunities toward a "normal" narrative structure in exchange for fat-laced mood "enhancers" that ultimately led to less than entertainment (That's a euphemism for bore inducing).

Contrasting this season to Season 1 and 2, as well as FWWM, has left me pondering the lack of direction and strange pacing.

For example, why was so much time spent on the new Dougie stuff only to lead to a rushed conclusion to the mysteries fans have been thinking about for the past 25+ years?

A 4th season seems possible. I just hope it's not another 25 years later, because the whole cast might be floating heads or teapots by then.
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Re: Twin Peaks - Showtime Sunday

David Lynch and a normal narrative? Not in this universe. Lynchian by definition is everything other than normal. About the only normal is the damn good coffee and cherry pie. Twin Peaks is 'an itch you have to continue to scratch'.

At the time of the original Twin Peaks, Northern Exposure was hyped by TV networks as the Twin Peaks people could understand.
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Re: Twin Peaks - Showtime Sunday


See you in 4 years.
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Sees Walt
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Re: Twin Peaks - Showtime Sunday

I checked out partway through episode 8. The sequence with the bomb and the convenience store felt like it went on forever and I bailed. It was just too self indulgent and pretentious for my tastes.

I think i sort of know how people that despise one of my favorite bands (Radiohead) feel. I mean I can't see it the way they do, but clearly art either clicks or doesn't with people. Lynch has never clicked for me.

I kind of feel what Lynch does is easier to do than true classic TV or film making. Sure his visuals are interesting but man he goes off the deep end. I think people attribute genius to a dude that's just odd.
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