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Lostaways! :) Welcome Lostaways! Kick back, relax, and have a little fun!

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Re: Politics

Forgot to add:

If you are still in line at your polling place, waiting to exercise your right to vote, and you hear through social media that your state has been 'called' for either candidate...


Because a) mainstream media has been known to call state results wrongly, when there are still plenty of ballots to count, to make a difference in close races; and b) your ballot contains more than your vote for President and VicePresident. From Senate slots down to local positions to initiatives, there can be up to 20 votes in your ballot, that will help decide the future of your community.
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Re: Politics

If your state has ballot questions, take the time to educate yourself about them. Don't be like the Brexit voters who were Googling "What is the EU"? *after* the vote. Ballot questions are important and can have a significant impact on your life in a way that the President (though important) does not.
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Re: Politics

Thanks a lot
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Re: Politics

I hope everyone in this thread knows the significance that establishment politics can have and the fact that under the trump administration more pedophiles have been arrested in a month than have been in a year historically!

Silly old pizzagate maybe, but concrete proof of child rapists getting thrown into jail, yes


ETA: not advocating for either side in this 'multi-party' American system

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Re: Politics

You consider World Tribune credible?
New England Patriots level of focus.
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Re: Politics

thank you!
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Re: Politics

i think it is idea good
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Old 04-04-17, 11:54 PM   #28
made Damon Lindelof say "Fermions" on TV :P
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Re: Politics

trump himself is said to had sex with underage girl forced into prostitution.

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Re: Politics

Please remember that this thread is for promoting our sister site, mypolitics-forum.com

It isn't a place to get into back-and-forth discussions regarding politics themselves.
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Re: Politics

Mr Mo, I'm not sure I like your calming and even-minded tone.

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