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Re: How Come Danielle Didn't Remember Jin?

She didn't recognize Jin because the writers were making stuff up as they were going in season 1.
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Re: How Come Danielle Didn't Remember Jin?

Originally Posted by Bob Sacamano View Post
Although I can't understand why the Island would "send" Locke a "vision" to find the Beechcraft and at the same time stop him from following that "vision" by trying to disable him. That doesn't add up.
I've always felt this to be part of the conflict. The Light Side vs the Dark Side.

And it's the main reason I generally question the delivery method of the various messages and why I tend to question the messengers themselves. It'd be nice to know which side is sending which messages. Do both sides use dreams to convey messages or does either side in fact use this method? Are the dead-but-there used by both sides or only one? What about the waking visions? We have Harper, Wet Walt, Taller Ghost Walt, Ben's Mom, etc. Are they all the same type of vision? Are they all visions? Maybe some of them are really present. Regardless, which side employs these visions? One? Both? Neither? Perhaps one side uses dreams and the other side uses visions to communicate. It'd be nice to know the answer one of these days.
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Damn you Guru, damn you to chocolate-mocha-pumpkin-cheesecake hell.
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Wah! Wah! Wah!

Parse that!
Originally Posted by yung23 View Post

piss posh. HOGWASH.

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Re: How Come Danielle Didn't Remember Jin?

After tonight's episode, do you still disagree about my timeline theory, Verite?

After all, Widmore not only remembered Locke from his youth, but Abbadon directly confirmed that Widmore sent him to Locke in the hospital back in 2000 (4 years before the wheel was turned).

I think that's the final nail in the coffin. There is only a single timeline. Time travel does not change the past, it facilitates the events we've always known as the past.

I think at this point the message from TPTB is signed, sealed, and delivered. There's only one timeline on LOST.

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Re: How Come Danielle Didn't Remember Jin?

Case Closed.


It may well be that the reason TPTB are pounding on the Time Travel Rules so hard is not to pull the rug out from under us...
but rather to have us completely surprised when the ceiling caves in.

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Re: How Come Danielle Didn't Remember Jin?

Originally Posted by Benry View Post
So last night we see that Danielle and her crew met Jin on the island, Jin had traveled back in time, so going by the rules that everyone seems to be applying that means Danielle had always met Jin in the past.

So how come in 2004 Danielle never recognised Jin? Never said anything to him?
I want to go back and look at their first interaction. My first thought on this is, Danielle very seldom says anything. She often just stands there looking at people instead of speaking. I think this is frequently because she has seen and is aware of things which most other people will not accept, things of which they cannot conceive. I presumed that she was reticent to speak of such things.
If she had seen Jin and remembered him, she probably would just have stared at him silently before going about her business.

Does anyone know which is the episode in which Danielle first sees Jin? That is, the earliest episode in which she sees Jin.

I wanted to go back to it and see if I could detect any lingering stare at Jin, any flash of recognition on Danielle's face.
I just rewatched S5E5 where the young Danielle and her crew pulled Jin from the sea, brought him to the island, and they persuaded him to take them to the radio tower.
I was trying recall when she first saw him in the series when I came across this thread.
Anyone know which episode it was?
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