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Re: Sleepy Hollow - Fox Friday

I have to say they did a great job of casting the newbies - I think the new group has great chemistry.

So Jobe is required to stay with Dreyfus as part of his contract. At first I thought it was odd that he was helping Dreyfus try to become immortal. But maybe even a demon doesn't want to go back to hell?

I was completely unfamiliar with Mison before SH, but I found a picture of him in a movie he had done where he was clean shaven and oh my he looks like a completely different person I didn't recognize him!
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Re: Sleepy Hollow - Fox Friday

Originally Posted by sandi View Post

Back to the talisman -- Diana is out in the hall when Jobe appears and he magically takes the talisman from Crane and then he and Crane disappear. Once the talisman is taken, the archer in the graveyard turns to dust.
Part of the plan as I understood it was that the three out in the graveyard would be the misdirection for the archer as the two entered and retrieved the portion of the Sorcerer's Philosopher's stone. It looked bigger than I remember it should be as the stone looked almost complete with just a small portion needed the last time I saw it.
Usually when people turn to dust as Crane did once Jobe took the stone from him, they are gone for good. This time Crane just seemed to be "transported" by that to another place. I just thought Tom Mison needed a little R&R from all his work and would miss out on most of the show giving the three an added chance to shine on the episode, but he soon returned.

Originally Posted by sandi View Post
They arrive at the spot, Crane and the horseman are shackled and kneeling on the now reconstructed Philospher's Stone. Dreyfus' slices both of their hands -- their blood runs onto the talisman and intermingles. Dreyfus figures the stone will draw the life-force from those in the vicinity and by drinking the blood he will become immortal. Jobe cast a spell so that those close to the Stone would not be affected -- lucky for Jenny, Jake and Alex.
Boy did that blood run. I got excited when I remembered that exact scene from season 1. The mingling of the two's blood in that formation. How cool to bring that back.

Originally Posted by sandi View Post
Earlier, Crane had come across some of George Washington's letters and found hidden messages he missed when he first read them. It's through these messages that he learned that the stone was placed on the battlefield and Washington specifically maneuvered Crane to be there at that time. He plans on reading the rest of the letters to see what else he missed.

But I can tell you the big thing he missed. Washington wanted to use the stone before it was divided and hidden and we know he wanted Crane to be there with the stone. I think it's not too much of a leap to think that Washington had hoped Crane (The Witness) would become immortal.

And I think he did.
Crane, feeling Washington's betrayal of sorts, seemed to get past it. Cramed appeared to accept this as part of the "greater good". He being a soldier knows that he needed to perform as his leader directs, but it also seemed as if he was saddened by this betrayal of his friend and mentor.

It was good to see Benjamin Banaker back in the story. The continuity the writers have woven into this season is spectacular.
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Re: Sleepy Hollow - Fox Friday

Sleepy Hollow

S04E07 - "Homecoming"
Friday - February 17, 2017
FOX - 9/8c

Spoiler: Promo & Episode Description

"The return of Molly's father from duty just before her 11th birthday has Diana wondering if wants to be part of their daughter's life again." Source
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Re: Sleepy Hollow - Fox Friday

I missed the two techs, Jacob and Alex, but they were out being educated in something. This allowed the show to focus more on Miss Molly.
Well done.

I didn't know who the monster was until just a few minutes before. This monster was ok, but the costuming or CGI did not live up to the past monsters. It's jaw bounced. LOL

Then the highlight of the episode for me was when Jobe escaped the lantern and popped up in the salted circle.............. naked.
Oh my, . Then Jenni goes and gives him a towel. However his awesome 6 pack and other musculature were showing nicely.
Then he goes and turns out to be a .... a good bad guy???

What is holding him to Dreyfus? Even more things to think about now. Who is the demon?
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sleepy hollow

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