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Lostaways! :) Welcome Lostaways! Kick back, relax, and have a little fun!

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Re: Richard III

I have been rather obsessing over the Bodrum wreck for a few weeks, since I learned about it. There are some interesting items in the treasures found. One was a gold scarab with the royal name cartouche of Nefertiti. Another was a chalice which was only made in Egypt during a specific time frame known as the Amarna Period. Amarna was the new capitol city founded by Ankhenaten. It sat on a bluff above the river, water had to be carried to it. The city did not last long after Ankhenaten died. Subsequent kings made him and his entire family non-persons, completely erasing them from the record. One reason that the tomb of Tutankhamun remained intact when every other tomb in the Valley of the Kings was looted, likely the only reason, was that he had been erased along with his father, so whatever latter Pharaoh was subsidizing tomb raiding and offering curse-immunity (just my theory and it would likely get me shot if I stated it to an actual Egyptologist) to stuff his own chamber for the trip to the afterlife didn't even know there had been a King of that name.

According to tree-ring dating of the timbers the ship was built at least 30 years after the death of Tutankhamun, from cedar trees, in the Levant. 1305 BCE.

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Re: Richard III

I gave the wreck to my Totally-Weird-Gifted-Freaking-Out Kid yesterday. He was so excited because it was a wreck he hadn't heard of.

This kid, man He likes history in general, and I'm fairly laid-back as a teacher, so he likes my class (the YCAP Mentor he has, has told me that I'm his favorite teacher and he hates all of his other classes). But man, does he have issues. I mean, mainly, he has an emotional disorder and is very... short-fused. Most of his suspensions this year (there have been many) have been from destroying school property in a rage. I've only had him do a full freak-out in my room one time this year (full freak out. throwing chairs.), and generally I can sense when he's getting to that point and head him off, but damn.

Anyway, he has two loves in his life:
1) Star Wars
2) Ship wrecks

When I see him in the hallway, it's generally to argue about whether the prequels suck (he loves them, since he wasn't even born until they were released, so he doesn't have Old-School prejudice), talk about Rogue One, and him asking me if I've heard of so-and-so Shipwreck (generally I haven't).

He was just beside himself that we got to talk about the Lusitania during our WWI unit.

So, thanks for posting about that shipwreck, it made one of my most difficult students very happy.
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Re: Richard III

As for fun (?) shipwrecks there's not one quite like The Edmund Fitzgerald. Not only is there a good tune about it, but it happened deep inside internal waters, which you wouldn't think would be as bad as an ocean, but when the lakes get worked up you better head for land fast because they take no prisoners. I believe the Great Lakes has a ton of shipwrecks over the years.

As for Star Wars, well, your student might like the first trio if he got the chance, particularly if tie ins could be made to that trio and the current set. The droids of course. Chewbacca. Younger heroes becoming older. Nothing cooler than Darth Vader, but I wouldn't make any current comparisons. The nouveau Vader is rather a dud. A bratty little wannabe.

Is your short-fused kid in a class where you have to clear it out to prevent damage to life and limb? I don't know how old he is or anything, but what about star wars or shipwreck items that aren't so breakable that they can't be put back together if he breaks them. If he values such possessions at all. I mean, if he doesn't, there's no point. I mean he can break his own stuff and put his own stuff back together, while things that aren't his are off limits. Good in theory, of course. When people are mad, they're mad.

I worked with a client who could have easily fractured my skull, but he liked social attention and purposeful activity and he tended to break things he was making as a conscious choice over lashing out at others. I liked him. He was fun.

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Re: Richard III

Bob Ballard was doing so bottom-scanning sonar surveying work in the Black Sea of the north coast of Turkey a few years ago. Specifically he was looking for evidence of of Ice Age inhabitation. During the last ice age there was a stagnant lake with the surface about 400 feet below current sea level. As the glaciers started melting the water probably started rising quickly, with the shoreline advancing as much as a foot a day in places. Below the light zone, no more than about 50 feet, the sea water is almost completely anaerobic. This means that the deep water is almost entirely from glacial melt and is only salty because particular diffusion happens, and it happens better with salt than with dissolved oxygen.

Of course, Bob Ballard finds shipwrecks, even when he's not looking for them. Would not be surprised in the least to hear one day that he's drawn himself a bath, let the tub fill, when he went to get in he found a WW I German U-Boat next to rubber ducky. His find on this trip was a wooden ship, intact on the bottom in about 250' of water. Her mast was still standing, she looked like you could have raised her and sailed her.

The configuration of the boat was consistent with Byzantine ships of the 7th Century CE. Colchis, modern day Georgia, was the farthest east outpost of the Romans and the Byzantines conducted trade with the Chinese via the Silk Road before it was closed following the rise of Islam. To my knowledge the ship has never been explored further.

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Mr Mo
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Re: Richard III

National Geographic channel has (or had) a show about famous shipwrecks, which was sort of unofficially launched by their Raising the Titanic special. They've now used that tech on a whole host of famous shipwrecks.

The segment on the Edmund Fitzgerald was one of the few that stand out in my mind - it was awesome. I don't recall exactly if they were claiming that the zebra mussels were threatening that particular wreck or not, but they're definitely causing a lot of damage to other wrecks in the great lakes. "Great Lakes" seems a bit of a misnomer, too, in a way. Together, they're more like a huge inland sea.

There's talk of NatGeo maybe "draining" the Bermuda Triangle, too. Obviously that would require a lot of work and a very sizable investment. I'm pretty sure that i'd watch it, time allowing, and i don't call myself a shipwreck connoisseur.

I did read and enjoy Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson. I highly recommend it for anybody who likes shipwrecks, wwii history, and/or real-life mystery; and also likes reading.
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Re: Richard III

A friend and I were newly discussing genealogy and she told me that her husband is related to Richard 111.
Weird this is this woman I was talking with she has a bad twist of scoliosis herself. Hmm.
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