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LOST Theories So you think you know some secrets of the island? Maybe you can explain everything. If it's original and you can back it up, we'd love to hear it.

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Re: Was Hurley really crazy? If not, how do you explain this?(Spoilers of course)

Originally Posted by jaystao View Post
Once again I prefer my summery of Charlie in S4 as being an island manifestation using the Charlie 'memory'.
Heck, so do I jays. I much prefer that to what I think is the unfortunate truth. And if you analyze S4 without the knowledge of where they took the story I think most would have the same conclusion (I know I did at the time). That's certainly how it appeared - the Island calling back the O6 by manipulating them over the guilt they felt for those they left behind.

My own belief is that they completely passed on the idea of the sentient Island and transitioned all of those attributes to Jacob and/or MiB. Not sure you read the Lost Bible I posted in the Dreams thread but even at that early stage it's clear to me they were working beneath a shroud of mystery (we will figure it out later) vs. knowing the broad strokes of what the Island's role was in the conflict. The problem is that JJ's "mystery box" approach yielded only an empty box if the mystery you wanted solved was "What is the Island?"

I thought the most telling statement in the Bible was their fear about the show being viewed as Sci-Fi. Holy hell if we only would've known that earlier. Take that one step further and I think it demonstrates why they painted the D.I. as such a cultish, dysfunctional organization and its leaders as a bunch of morons. It's also why a major part of Jack's hero journey relied upon him letting go of logic and reason. I wonder if in some way TPTB looked at Jack's journey from Science to Faith as similar to the arc of the show and to their own journey as storytellers.

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