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Satirical and Analytical Looks at Theories and the Theory Process


  • Are the producers lying?

  • Back to Basics - Facts

  • Chekhov's Lawlessness (spoilerish)

  • Enterteinment Weekly`s Theory

  • Free Ideas

  • get a grip people!!

  • Hmmm....

  • International Rorschach Test Theory

  • I think we need to discuss ........

  • MYSTERIES solved in episode 2.1: whispers, sounds, compass

  • Oh, The Things That We Know!

  • "Plot or character inconsistency" doesn't = "new theory"

  • Putting it all together – ten theories.

  • "Realistic" Theories....

  • Recommend a theory that is not your own / Also, list officially discredited theories

  • say 'so long' to these theories

  • Society for the Study of Lost

  • Spoiler theory:not "time travellers", they are continuity errors contains TPTB quotes and interview.

  • Supposetahs...

  • The Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants Theory

  • The Lost MacGuffin Thread

  • The only mystery that really matters - Theorists Challenge

  • Theories Discussion Thread

  • Theory Challenge

  • The producers theory

  • There is no "Grand Plan"

  • Think about this

  • Those tiny little clues...

  • TPTB plans went awry through no fault of their own

  • Was Lost's ending already figured out?

  • Who here has been spectacularly wrong?

  • Who here has predicted/theorized anything right?

  • Why so many theories do not hold water for me

  • Satirical

  • Award winning theory about Captain Gorton

  • Cousin Eddie's Island of Lost Theories

  • Dharma! A new style of mystery revealed!

  • Electromagnetic Musical Opera on Lost

  • Ethan 4.0 resurrection party is not over, till it's over.

  • Fear and Loathing in Saskatchewan: Is Craphole Island Actually Canada?

  • GERONIMO, Jack,Sun!

  • Happy Halloween! Goodwin a were-boar?

  • Hippy versus Hippy

  • I have figured out why some beards aren't growing!

  • LOST is the "Hansel and Gretel" fairy tale

  • LOST'S Hive Puzzle

  • Lost - spectacular spectacular peanutbutter homoplasmate wonder Extraudinary!!!

  • Magneto is HIM!

  • New Theory on Character Deaths!

  • Scam's Link Generation Thread

  • T&S is Mostly Crap

  • The Chirality Speculation *Apophenia Warning*

  • The DISNEY connection - explains the whole show

  • The LOST Island - It all makes sense!!!!

  • The MUPPETS connection - explains the whole show

  • Theory of the Interaction between Lost Mythology and the Human Psyche

  • The search for Nikki and Paulo

  • The truth behind the ISlAND revealed!

  • WE explain LOST (A tribute to theories)

  • Why they want the kids

  • "You can go now..." only if you have a beard

  • .

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    t+s/satyrical theories, t+s/theories on theories

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