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People/Characters 2 (The Others/Island Residents - Not Others/Dharma Initiative/Off-Islanders)

Off Islanders


  • Ana Lucia is Nadia?

  • Alvar Hanso (Meaning of Name)

  • An Analysis of the Malkin family: Everything is the Truth?

  • Anthony Cooper:evil island genius

  • Christian Shephard: a human/hummingbird hybrid?

  • Christian Shepherd - Is he "him"?

  • Claire's ex-boyfriend Thomas - involved with Dharma somehow?

  • Could Wayne have been Frank Sawyer?

  • Crazy theory of the day

  • Des has the photo...Penny has the photo...hmmm??

  • Ellie+MIB='LA X', Penny's Mom Is...& Judging Widmore: PLEASE COMMENT

  • Hanso = Smokey = Him

  • I know who Sawyer is

  • Ilana

  • In Australia, the one-armed man is a farmer

  • Juliet's Sister

  • Karen DeGroot - digitally altered?

  • Leonard and Locke's mom: Same institution?

  • Mr. Paik, DHARMA, Hanso, Jin...

  • Mr. Paik's Eyes

  • Nadia a Hatchling?

  • Nadia, Desmond, and the Island

  • Orientation video - doctor lost his left arm?

  • Penelope and Juliet are sisters

  • "Psychics", "Carnies" and misdirection.

  • Something very Strange: Jack's father

  • The American Girl?

  • The Christian Shephard Show (with Lostaways)

  • The Economist is Alvar Hanso

  • The real Sawyer? could he have been on the plane?

  • Timeline: Locke vs. Sarah

  • What Happened to Nadia?

  • Freighter Folks

  • Desmond/Farraday Theory

  • Does the Fake Oceanic Lawyer Mean The Freighter People Failed?

  • Faraday and Charlotte Related?

  • Is Charlotte the Reverse Charlie?

  • Miles passes code

  • Operation Penny (Naomi and Keamy's Original Mission Plan)

  • The No Show Passengers

    The Dharma Initiative (DI)


  • Amy and Paul's Angle

  • Ethan's Mom

    Kelvin - "Just saving the world."

  • How Did Kelvin Know?

  • Kelvin vs. the Hostiles: An Island Theory

  • Why I don't think Kelvin is "in on it"

  • Radzinsky

  • Radzinsky's a Hostile spy

  • Island Residents - Not Others

    Be sure also to visit LOST-TV FORUMS' The Who's Who Guide to Lost,
    the Cast and Character Discussion forum, and the individual Character Walkthroughs (included below)
    for more on these characters.

    Christian - ". . . I can speak on his behalf."

  • Character Walkthrough

  • Are Locke's and Christian's Airplane Trips Similar?

  • Christian IS Speaking for Jacob

  • Locke-in-a-Box (and Christian)

  • So was Christian sent, by the Island, to Die in Australia ?

  • Why Christian descended into Down Under

    Danielle - "You're not the only one who didn't find what they were looking for."

  • Character Walkthrough

  • An Analysis of Danielle Rousseau

  • (TLE) An Analysis of Danielle Rousseau

  • Danielle

  • Danielle an other?

  • Danielle has the answers, and I have proof of it!

  • Danielle, Insanity, and Infection

  • The Others are coming - Is Rousseau a precog?

  • Desmond - "See you in another life."

  • Character Walkthrough

  • Desmond and Danielle.

  • Desmond Asleep at the Switch?

  • Desmond controlled the shark

  • Desmond/Farraday Theory

  • Desmond HAND PICKED the passengers, Take II

  • Desmond has been tricked into maintaining the island

  • desmond is lying

  • DESMOND is protecting the world

  • Desmond is the Center of the Universe

  • Did Desmond kill kelvin?

  • "For A Race Around The World"

  • "So the world is still out there?"

  • The Real Transported Scot or...

    Jacob - "Help Me."

  • Captain Jacob of the Black Rock

  • Desmond and Jacob have the same powers.

  • Finding Jacob

  • First Episode

  • Is Aaron Jacob?


  • Jacob & the Magic Circle

  • Jacob did NOT touch our Losties in the Alternate Timeline

  • Jacob is Stuck in Time - because he did change his past - unlike Desmond

  • Jacob was in the cabin, and Richard put him there.

  • john/jacob and proof

  • Making the Case for Jacob and Saving the World

  • My theory.... on this loophole

  • regarding jacob and smoky

  • Significance of Jacob's Touch: Sayid & Hurley Issues

  • Trying to Defend "Across the Sea": "Yoda" Jacob's 1st Steps

  • The Others


  • 3 Laws & The Loop-Hole

  • An Eye for an Eye

  • Another spy in the fuselage

  • Another thread about the Others

  • Black Smoke

  • Body-snatchers

  • Changing The Perspective: The Others

  • Conspiracy already afoot

  • crazy but possible theory: I may know who HIM is and Locke's real name.

  • Cults, sex, and the Others' problem

  • Did anyone notice the Others.....


  • 5 theories...a quick and interesting read

  • Gene Therapy; Retroviruses; Infection; Others

  • "God loves you as He loved Jacob"

  • ST-Hanso & the DeGroots-An unlikely partnership? Updated
  • Lambs to the slaughter?

  • Little Annie Arbor?

  • Multiple groups of "others"? (six possibly?)

  • NEW Others' Purpose Theory based ONLY on Ben's full first name!

  • Observation & Notetaking 101 - Prerequisite to Listmaking

  • Ohh my, something has just hit me.

  • September arrivals, 2001

  • Stuck in the Middle

  • Suicidal others

  • The 4 Toed Foot and The Original Others

  • The Losties Are a Managed Resource

  • Theory: Cargo Cult?

  • Theory: The Others fear John Locke.

  • The Others: a "Jonestownish" cult w/ a lot more $$?

  • The Others and the Pearl

  • The Others are Decendents of 815

  • The Others as Animal-Human Hybrids

  • The OTHERS believe death on the Island is REAL death

  • The "Others" camp just window dressing.

  • The Others: Could they be protectiong Kate,Jack, and Sawyer?

  • The Other's New purpose after the death of Dharma - Jacob's List!

  • 'the others: outnumbered, outgunned, and outsmarted' theory...

  • The people on the boat are NOT “The Others”

  • The people on the boat where going towards the island

  • The Sons and Daughters of Dharma

  • There are "others" and then there are OTHERS

  • The woman on the boat

  • They need replacements!

  • They only take the Good?

  • They're Animals

  • They wanted the strongest : Jack,Sawyer and Kate

  • Transceiver Theory

  • Two sides at war and the eventual split of the Losties

  • Utopian Survivors

  • Who is "Him"

  • why they took walt

  • widmore = new locke

  • The Others - Specific Characters

    Be sure also to visit LOST-TV FORUMS' The Who's Who Guide to Lost,
    the Cast and Character Discussion forum, and the individual Character Walkthroughs (included below)
    for more on these characters.

    Alex - "Listen, whatever they say, don't believe them!"

  • Alex on the radio?

  • What we know about Alex. Period.

    Ben a/k/a Henry Gale - "The only thing we put inside you was doubt."

  • Character Walkthrough

  • Ana Lucia and Henry Gale

  • An Analysis of Fenry Gale

  • Annie

  • Ben is STILL on the island.

  • Ben is Widmore's grandson

  • Benry: It's a Good Life

  • Ben's plans for that button

  • (TLE) Ben's Tribe

  • Ben, the cult leader

  • fake Henry Gale is "Him"

  • Gale was who Desmond was waiting for

  • Henry Gale is an "Other" proof

  • henry gale is lying and telling the truth

  • Is Pseudo Gale trying to turn Locke

  • Killing the Father

  • Locke and Ben are

  • The identity of Fenry Gale

  • The Ultimate Goal

  • 'was ben really on the island all his life???' theory...

  • Were Desmond and Gale Partners in the Hatch ????

  • What Benjamin Linus and Charles Widmore are…..

  • Ethan - "Hello there."

  • Another Ethan Theory

  • Ethan cannot be an "Other"

  • Ethan: Did he really kill Charlie and Scott?

  • Ethan-was he or wasn't he

  • Will Ethan Return from the grave?

    Juliet - "I don't make the sandwiches, I just put the toothpicks in."

  • Character Walkthrough

  • Juliet is "Special"

  • Juliet's mark

  • Juliet's relationship with Ben? (Spoiler)

  • Juliette the Con Artist of Fertility

  • The choosing of Juliet- recruiting special scientists...

  • What Ben told Juliet...

  • Why Juliet will still do the right thing


  • Richard and his interconnection with people

  • Richard Alpert is a Pharaoh

    Tom a/k/a Zeke - "This is not your island, this is our island, and the only reason you're living on it is because we let you live on it."

  • Captain Gordon returns in Hunting Party?

  • Why Zeke needs a beard?

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