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Lostaways! :) Welcome Lostaways! Kick back, relax, and have a little fun!

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Re: International Women's Day 2016/2017

From a tactical standpoint, the Vkings' shieldmaidens were the equivalent of the first line in a Spartan phalanx (except centuries earlier than the Spartans tighter formations). They were THEE vanguard, the position of highest honor and greatest responsibility in any battle. That's WHY the Valkyries were the choosers of those worthy of Valhalla.

A lot of what we are familiar with today regarding Nordic culture and religion comes from Richard Wagner ( a favorite of the broadcasts at Auschwitz), J.R.R Tolkien (who distorted it into unrecognizability) and a general sense of a gigantic blonde woman sining obtuse arias while wearing a horned helm.

The early Christian missionaries did all they could do erase Nordic mythology, and where they couldn't erase, they embraced. Funny that in a society so heavily bent on Latin-Greek and Judeo-Christian fundamentals, more than half of the days of the week are based on Nordic names, no? Tue->Tiu->Tyr; Odin->Woden->Wednes; Thor's->Thur's; Freya's->Fri.

Ah but that last one''s the rub that brings us back round to the theme of the thread. There are certain idiots who claim that since the other Norse-named days are named after male gods, then Friday must be named after Frey, not Freya. Of course, there are a lot of problems with that concept, not least of which being that Freya, as goddess of springtime, clearly outranked Frey, who was god of consort to Freya.

Anyway, i won't come into this thread and try to pretend that Vikings were particularly nice to womenfolk. I merely wanted to point out that there was a certain respect there, and it was shown both on the battlefield and in the temples.
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I've always appreciated your restraint, Mo
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Mo, I you
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