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LOST Theories So you think you know some secrets of the island? Maybe you can explain everything. If it's original and you can back it up, we'd love to hear it.

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Re: My long awaited new theory-Philedelphia Experiment Islan

Pinnerman...you live up to your reputation...I'm stumped.
I think you got it, I really do. This seems 100 per cent hole-proof and a great basis for ANYTHING.
Just imagine what JacksGirl said, something went wrong...maybe very wrong. There could have been created a permanent time-rift which isn't closeable again. This could create all sorts of situations.
But sticking to this island alone will sometime reach the limit, I'm very certain about that.
While getting somewhere else might destroy the whole point of what the series started out to demonstrate.

Whatever...your theory is too fitting to be completely off the scale. Maybe the makers read this and think, "Oh bummer, that wise-crack got it...let's turn the tables and show him, hahahahar!". And then, it might go somewhere else.
There's still enough room (like you said) for this theory to end up in something bigger and more original, but I almost could bet it starts right there.

Crap. How shall I ever believe in my own theories again, now. I hate you.
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Re: Back from the Archives-Philedelphia Experiment Island

I don't think so as E=mG^2 does not make any sense. Gravity is not proportional or indirectly proportional to energy. You cannot simply change out a velocity for a force.

I believe E=mc^2 limits time travel because purely on velocity terms, you would need to exceed the speed of light in order to travel through time. However, due to this equation, the faster you go, the more mass your ship/vessel takes on. If you were to reach the threshold of the speed of light, mass would increase to almost infinite capacity, making it physically impossible.

However, wormholes and gravity warps are all theoretically possible. Large mass objects, like the Earth, cause warps in the gravitational field surrounding them. A powerful gravitational force would FOLD space and time onto each other in effect negating linear time making the past, present, and future indistinguishable from one another.

What does this have to do with anything? No idea. Total brain dump based on the question of E=mG^2.
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Sees Walt
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Re: Back from the Archives-Philedelphia Experiment Island

LIke I said, I am no physicist so sorry, I am just trying to connect the sound theories I ve read into one single plot that is not too complicated for the common folk like me that don't know what a quantum is. This compound theory would have all the elements of the individual originial theories but they would have to be intertwined some way, that's what i've tried to do. I'm sure there's a better way of doing it, just wanted to suggest there might be a path to explore there...

cheers mate
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Sees Walt
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Re: Back from the Archives-Philedelphia Experiment Island

Just so you know where i took the info from


The speed of gravity has been measured for the first time.
The landmark experiment shows that it travels at the speed of light, meaning that Einstein's general theory of relativity has passed another test with flying colours.

We became the first two people to know the speed of gravity, one of the fundamental constants of nature," the scientists say, in an article in New Scientist print edition. One important consequence of the result is that it places constraints on theories of "brane worlds", which suggest the Universe has more spatial dimensions than the familiar three.

John Baez, a physicist from the University of California at Riverside, comments: "Einstein wins yet again." He adds that any other result would have come as a shock.

Isaac Newton thought the influence of gravity was instantaneous, but Einstein assumed it travelled at the speed of light and built this into his 1915 general theory of relativity.

Light-speed gravity means that if the Sun suddenly disappeared from the centre of the Solar System, the Earth would remain in orbit for about 8.3 minutes - the time it takes light to travel from the Sun to the Earth. Then, suddenly feeling no gravity, Earth would shoot off into space in a straight line.

But the assumption of light-speed gravity has come under pressure from brane world theories, which suggest there are extra spatial dimensions rolled up very small. Gravity could take a short cut through these extra dimensions and so appear to travel faster than the speed of light - without violating the equations of general relativity.

But how can you measure the speed of gravity? One way would be to detect gravitational waves, little ripples in space-time that propagate out from accelerating masses. But no one has yet managed to do this.

Kopeikin found another way. He reworked the equations of general relativity to express the gravitational field of a moving body in terms of its mass, velocity and the speed of gravity. If you could measure the gravitational field of Jupiter, while knowing its mass and velocity, you could work out the speed of gravity.

Bending waves
The opportunity to do this arose in September 2002, when Jupiter passed in front of a quasar that emits bright radio waves. Fomalont and Kopeikin combined observations from a series of radio telescopes across the Earth to measure the apparent change in the quasar's position as the gravitational field of Jupiter bent the passing radio waves.

From that they worked out that gravity does move at the same speed as light. Their actual figure was 0.95 times light speed, but with a large error margin of plus or minus 0.25.

Their result, announced on Tuesday at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle, should help narrow down the possible number of extra dimensions and their sizes.

But experts say the indirect evidence that gravity propagates at the speed of light was already overwhelming. "It would be revolutionary if gravity were measured not to propagate at the speed of light - we were virtually certain that it must," says Lawrence Krauss of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.
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Re: Back from the Archives-Philedelphia Experiment Island

Wow that is pretty interesting article. I didn't now about tests to measure the speed of gravity. And if my response came off as trying to shoot down your theory it wasn't and there certainly was no ill-will intended if that is what you picked up.

But, I understand. If the sun were to disappear, it would take the amount of time that light takes to travel from the sun to the Earth for the decrease in gravity to effect the Earth so that it would shoot of into space in a straight line.

However, I still don't believe this would mean that gravity and the speed of light are interchangable in the equation. In essense, they are both velocities, one of light and one of gravity. But when one usually thinks of gravity it is as a force and not a velocity. It merely makes the E=mc^2 equation that much more powerful because of the discovery of the speed of gravity being equal to that of light.

On the other hand, I could be completely wrong in this. Just my thoughts.
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Sees Walt
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Re: Back from the Archives-Philedelphia Experiment Island

Antigravity Experiments

Here i paste some extracts for your consideration:
Source: The secret of antigravity

There are two main theories that would seem to be the path for ‘big science’ in the formal community to tie in with Antigravity research – Quantum Theory and Relativity Theory. As I’ve stated in the past, the problem is that neither of these really provides the type of coverage that we need to move forward with a theory that promotes Antigravity as an extension of conventional science.

One of the big proponents of an extension of quantum mechanics that would include a model for gravity (allowing gravity shielding) is Dr. Ning Li, formerly of the University of Huntsville. Her team, formerly part of the University but now working as an independent research group in a startup-company has been working with a method of creating what she calls “AC-Gravity” that is related to the rotating superconductor experiments conducted by Eugene Podkletnov at Tampere, Finland in 1992


Podkletnov noticed that smoke from a senior-researcher’s pipe traveled in a column up towards the ceiling when his rotating superconductor apparatus was operated under certain conditions, and after careful work confirming this effect he attempted to publish a document suggesting that a “gravitational-shielding” effect was happening.

The physics textbook example that I cited in the first part of this treatise would seem to indicate that magnetism really doesn’t exist without relative motion between particles – even if both of the particles are moving through space but yet remain motionless relative to each other. This suggests that magnetism is a bit like the wake in the ocean that a boat kicks up when it passes – the effect that the wake has on other boats is largely dependent on their orientation to it.
The idea that had occurred to me is that the Searl Effect Generator and other devices of this type might actually be curving space around themselves, creating a region where the curvature of space is just a tiny-bit different than in the local environment. If the curvature is positive, the SEG would experience a greater attraction to the Earth than normal, but if the SEG was able to “uncurve” space to a certain degree then it may experience a generally reduced gravitational attraction to the Earth

By removing the burden from the actual Antigravity device itself and placing it on the environment, it becomes much easier to visualize the tons of payload that these devices are reportedly capable of lifting. The gravitational field of the Earth is enormous, and a great deal of energy is bound up in this field – the energy can be harnessed to perform work simply by creating a local region of time-space that the Earth’s environment naturally rejects.

It is because of this similarity between magnetism and gravity that I believe that the SEG is able to create a “bubble” of localized space-time. The device possibly uses magnetic energy to create a ‘vortex’ in the background of the time-space continuum, and this vortex is then rejected from the local gravitational field by the surrounding environment.
The idea of rotation in these devices has been pointed out in the past, and one of the popular explanations for why these devices incorporate rotating components is that the rotation of the device creates a ‘symmetrical vortex’ in the fabric of time-space that concentrates whatever effect would otherwise happen into a smaller geometric area. An associated idea is that if the AG effect involves disturbing the fabric of time-space then without a continuous disruption in a small physical area the fabric of time-space will lapse back to normal.
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Pushes the Button
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Re: Back from the Archives-Philedelphia Experiment Island

I was kind of hoping to see a discussion of how this early theory holds up now that we've seen more of the island.

Thanks lacenaire for the French transmission info and for keeping things on topic here.

I wish I could remember what was revealed in which episode so I could start this list of support /don't support evidence...maybe I'll go look some stuff up instead of applying for jobs...

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Sees Walt
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Re: Back from the Archives-Philedelphia Experiment Island

You are welcome athywithak

About the french transmission, there's seems to be somewhat of an inconsistency there, in it Danielle says "she will try and get to the Black Rock" yet she told Hurley that the radio tower was on the Black Rock.

So it doesn't figure, right?
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Old 03-23-05, 11:29 AM   #29
We Barefootin'
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Re: Back from the Archives-Philedelphia Experiment Island


The French chic did not say that the tower was on the black rock, only that it was "by" the black rock:

Danielle [lowering her rifle]

Our ship picked up a transmission, a voice repeating those numbers. We changed course to investigate. After we shipwrecked my team continued to search for the transmission source. It was weeks before we found the radio tower.


There's a radio tower on this island?


Yes, up by the black rock. Some of us continued to search for the meaning of those numbers while we waited for rescue. But then the sickness came. When my team was gone, I went back up to the tower and changed the transmission.

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Old 03-23-05, 12:59 PM   #30
Sees Walt
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Re: Back from the Archives-Philedelphia Experiment Island

ok thanks neill

This leads me to a question.

If 16 years ago "the others" didn't have control neither of the radio tower nor of the Black Rock, and "they" are not even mentioned in her transmission as she only says that "IT/He killed them"(but not "they") then ...

why does she fear "others" and not "a monster" ( a single entity or person) ?
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