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Lostaways! :) Welcome Lostaways! Kick back, relax, and have a little fun!

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Re: True Personal Ghost Stories & Other Strange Phenomena

Awww! He was so much fun.
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Box Re: True Personal Ghost Stories & Other Strange Phenomena

Hi everyone I too have a ghost story I would love to share. I know i am not a great story teller but just remembering these events made me sleep with the lights on. lolol.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlIm5BhNHzI (video verson)

This story take place about 8 years ago, at that time my brothers and I wanted to create a ghost movie. We had this crazy idea for a ghost movie, the concepts was good, story boards were done, props were good and actors/actresses were on board. We had a green light we just needed a good location.
and fortunately for us our sister and her family were moving, and her house was the perfect location to film. That house was a 2 story building, with two basements. The upstairs had three rooms, and the main floor was just a living room and kitchen. The kitchen had glass sliding doors that lead to a patio with a built in grill. The basement had a second living room with a bedrooms and a small door that lead to the real basement area. I asked my sister if we could use the house for a day or so after they moved out and she said sure.
so the day before the filming me and my brother went to the house to prep the house a little bit. We went there to cover the windows of the rooms we planed on using for the night scenes. Why didn't we just film there at night? well, because our sister had told us stories about the house, she had mentioned that at night their dog would just randomly sit up and start barking at the walls, door ways, empty space. Which means.... that a.... they weren't always alone.
and so me and my brother got there and we started to cover the windows with plastic. We decide to cover the windows from the back of the house first then front so we could always have light if we needed to dash out of there. So we covered one room upstairs and the kitchen windows. Next we needed to cover up the room down stairs in the basement.
so we headed down stairs to the room and started covering up the windows. As we were covering the first window i heard a quiet creak by the door. I thought nothing of it because the house was older and houses makes noises. Then a couple of seconds later my brother ask me, hey you hungery. I was like strange question, but no. and so we continued with covering up the first window. and then we moved to the second window and my brother asked me again, hey man you hungry.
At this point i understood what he really meant. He wasn't asking if I was actually hungry he was trying to tell me we should probably get out. At that moment I remember a story that our sister told us.
She had mentioned that she was cooking diner late at night and her 3 year old daughter was running back and forth from the kitchen to the living room. All of a sudden her daughter stops halfway in the hallway between the stair ways. Then she said "mom someone is staring at me". Since my sister was still cooking she didn't pay much mind to it. But what she said next scared my sister. She said "Mom he keeps staring at me and smiling." Then my sister turned to her and saw that she was standing in front of the stairs going down to the basement, and pointing down the steps. My sister could see that her child wasn't laughing or smiling but was scared at what she saw. she grab her child, sat her down, turned off the fire, and turned on all the lights and sat in the living by the door.
The spot that my nieces was pointing too was in front of the room were my brother and I were covering up the windows. At this point my hair on my arms and back of my head was standing. I was so terrified to the point were i didn't want to look at the door just in case something was there smiling at us. But we needed this window covered and i was really hopefully for this movie. and so we finished that window in half the time and went upstairs without looking around.
As I entered the living room from the hallway I saw a black figure standing in the right corner of the room. I assumed my brother had beaten me to that living room because at this point we both were trying to get out of the house as fast as possible. As I was grabbing my coat I saw my brother enter from the kitchen door way. At that point I realize what I had seen and walked me butt to the door, opened it, and we both rushed out and locked up.
and this is where it gets funny. While we were driving away from that house, my brother ask me "dude did you not get the hint, when I asked if you were hungry". I said "at first no but the second time i understood". and so he said "then why did we stay to finish up that window". I said "because I was really hopeful for the movie and i wanted it to work out". And even till this day he calls me crazy, and idiotic.
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Re: True Personal Ghost Stories & Other Strange Phenomena


It was about 2-3 weeks ago while I was sleeping in my room. It was around 9 o clock on a saturday morning and my 2 1/2 year old niece comes into the room like she usually does to play with her toys.
So she walks in and says hey uncle and i said hey buddy, and I start to go back to sleeep. At that time being half awake I can see her walking around and playing with the toyings in the room. she then find this blueish laptop toy and starts to play with it. She hits the buttons, it makes noises, she is having fun, I can continue sleeping. Then all of a sudden she take the toy and climbs onto the bed.
Now she's jumping with the toy in her hand but I pay no mind because she usually does that anyways. Next she puts the laptop on my side and starts to play with it again . She hits the toy with her left hand and it makes a noise then she hits my hip with her left hand. Next she hits the toy with her right hand and hits my elbo. I dont know how long she did this for becasue I was going in and out of sleep but I would like to say for atleast a couple of minutes.
But what happened next freaked me out. She did it again, she hit the toy with her left hand and touched my hip but she left he hand there. Next she hits the toy with her right hand and she touched my elbow, but when she touched my elbow I felt something touch my shoulder at the same time. At first I thought maybe she got tired and wanted to sleep and so she laid down. With her foot was on my hip her hand on my elbow and head on my shoulder.
but then she got up from where she was sitting and started to jump up and down again. But the weight of the hand on my shoulder was still there. At this point I instantly turned around, and I must of startled my niece because she instantly stop jumping, and I looked at her. She was jumping on the bed by my legs. At that point I started to freak out and I could feel a cold chill on my head. My bed is a twin mat right next to the wall so if anything elsed touched me on my bed that ment it had to litteritly be next to me. So I grab my niece and said we are only playing with the toys in the living room.
I want to say that it probably was the weight of my blanket on my shoulder because I wear a heavier blanket, but in the back of my mind I know that it could be more then that.
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Re: True Personal Ghost Stories & Other Strange Phenomena


Now growing up our friends, family parents tells us to not do things if the outcome is bad. For example they will tell you to stop with your hoop dreams because you have no game, and in my case my parents told me not to put the metal fork in the electric out lite because it would electrocute me. What did I do instead? I jammed a penny in the out lite, smart? Course not because that cause the out lite to spark and then eventually short cur citing the out lite. Thank goodness that was the worst that happened I could've lost my eye.
But with all seriousness we're all told not to play with the Fuji board, even after hear horrific stories of demon and ghost encounter we still do it any ways. Why? I don't even know. Now I like many of you I have dabbled in the Ouija board many times. Coming from a poor family buying the board from your local retailer was out of the question. And so being the crafty people that we are we made them out of every day products. Now the boards was simple we used note book paper, printing paper, and card boards from your friendly 12pack of soda pop. You just put a yes and a no up top, draw a sun moon eclipse thing in the middle and put the alphabets below. Easy! The creative part comes from creating the planchette, or the piece in which moves as you ask questions. For this we would cut up random piece of card board lying around the house into a triangle and cut a whole in the cent of the piece to act as the eye. I remember one time we even used a yogurt lid with a magnifying glass a for the eye, and other times we used shot glass. Now these experiments in playing with the Fuji board, you can say, bared no fruit. In most of these cases the planchette didn't move, or if it did, someone in the group eventually admitted to moving it later on. But let it be that one time, when you least expect it, to let all he'll break loose.

Now it was a Saturday afternoon and we were outside with our neighbors playing around like what most teenagers do. As we were sitting around and one of our neighbor suggested “hey lets play with the Fuji board”. Now this wasn't the first time in which we played the Fuji board with them like mentioned before and so this wasn't that strange of a question. Everybody bored out of their minds agree, except for my two younger brothers and me. So we went in side and made a janky Fuji board set up, still poor still resourceful. So everyone sat around the table in the living except for my two brothers, one of the neighbors and me, at this point in our life knew better not to play with this. And so everyone else start the game. At first the planchette didn't move but they kept on asking questions like is anybody here, does anyone want to talk, do you want to play, can we help you. Now I don't know what question triggered it but the planchette eventually moved. At this point everybody stood up and we all ran out of the house. Now in our previous attempts to play the planchettes moved but no one reacted this way at all. Before, when the planchette moved we all took our hands off of it and looked around to see if someone moved it. Truthly speaking all those other times we kind of knew someone was moving it. But this time, this one time were we gone and messed up, this time everyone swore up and down that that wasn't them. Everyone at this point genuinely freaked out and scared didn't know what to do. Or should I say didn't want to do what they had to do. That was going back in and closing the game. According the Fuji board games you must close the conversation or you will end up leave what ever is there lingering around. The thing was nobody wanted to go back in. But eventually after a couple of minutes everyone who mustered up the courage to go back in to finish it. Everyone back in their same spots around the table again ask to close the game. At first the planchette didn't move, or you can say it didn't want to move. As each and everyone of use sat in the room we all looked at each other in fear. Oh crap we shouldn't of left the board open and unattended. But eager to get this done they ask again, can we leave. But still no response. And so they ask again and again and eventually the planchette slowly started moved. It slowly scooted towards the yes as if it was wondering if it wanted to let them go or not. Eventually it went to yes and we took that piece of paper and plancette and burning it in our backyard.

Now what happened here wasn't as scary as most stories, but its what happened in the next following years that will torment us. They say when you play with the Fuji board you open portals and you link yourself or the area to other side. Just because you burned the board and planchette, that doesn't mean that what ever you were communicating with left, it just meant they let you go. And oh boy did we regret playing with the Fuji board.
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Re: True Personal Ghost Stories & Other Strange Phenomena


Now in my case the next few days after playing with the Ouija board something really strange happened. Every night at 3:00 am on the dot someone or something would knock on my bedroom window. At this time I shared the room with my 4 other brothers and so for the next year and a half we would try to sleep before 12 o'clock. Now at first when we first heard the knocking we thought it was our neighbors because at that time we would stay up all night and play shadow puppets, or go outside and bug each other by standing by the window and scarring each other. So when we first heard the knocking on our bedroom window, we opened the window and expected our neighbors to jump out and scare us. But when we opened the window no one was there. And so I assumed that they took off after knocking on the window and so we didn't care too much about it. But then later on that night a second set of knocking occurred. This time we ran to the three windows that was facing their house to see if we could catch them, but when we looked we didn't see anyone this time either. So we assumed that they were just really fast.
So the next day we asked them hey did you guys knock on the window yesterday around 12 and then at 3? They sad no, but for us we were like yea what ever if you aren't going to admit it we will catch you. And so later on that night we slept with the windows blinds open to see if we could catch them in the act. So 12 o'clock came around and nothing happened, and by now most of us were asleep anyways. Then around 3 o'clock someone knocked on the windows again. This time the blinds were open so I got up and looked outside right away. I look out the window to see if there was any movement or if my neighbors were running back to the house but I saw nothing. At this moment I connected to the dots. We just played with the Ouija board about 8 days ago and all of a sudden these strange knocking started to happen. Our neighbors said that it wasn't them, and whether i believe them or not at this point I was getting scared. And so the next day I planed to sleep early and I knocked out around 11 ish but that night my brother was up and he said heard some one knocking again. Now at this point if it was a prank set up by my neighbors I will give them props. I mean they are rather committed to be doing this every night. And so the next day my brothers and I spooked out of our minds didn't know what to do. And so what to you do when you don't know what to do? You Google it. So we Google “knocking on my window at night and I looked out side and no one is there”. Really long Google search but it worked.
After an hour or so of researching we found some information about phantom knocking. Some people believe that when you hear knocking at night it is just wandering spirits telling you that they are just passing by. It is to inform the people in the house that they mean no harm a that they are looking for temporary shelter for the night.
Other stories involved the 3 knocks on wood windows or doors. It is said that when you hear that, someone in your family is going to die or fall ill. But the more popular belief is that it's a demon mocking the holy trinity and it is watching and waiting for you. A so armed with this NEW knowledge we were spooked out even more, and so we confronted our neighbors again and ask them “are you guy knocking on our windows around 12 to 3 o'clock” and “they said no”. At this point I wish they said yes. And so we sat down and told them what was really happening and why we were asking if it was them. They at this point got spooked to and swear that, those knock, wasn't them. For the next few nights we all went to sleep early and so we didn't hear the knocking anymore.
But then a week later our neighbors said that they now were hearing knocks on their windows now too. At this point we all were scared out of our mind. For me I had thought that what ever was knocking had moved on. But instead I guess because we weren't giving it any attention, it moved to our neighbors house. So my neighbors, my brothers, and I asked our mom if she know anything about this. Then my mother told us that it is probably because we keep playing at night and when the ghost saw us playing they wanted to play with us too. So they knock on the windows for us to come out and play with them. So my mom told us to stop playing around so late and just ignore the knocking and it will eventually go away.
And so we did exactly that, we stop playing at night and went to sleep early as possible to avoid hearing the knocking. But these knocking continued on for about year and a half. Sometimes it would be gentle knocking and sometimes it would be violent knocking we tried our best to just ignore it. My younger brother had mentioned that he would be so terrified at night because it didn't matter if he went to sleep earlier or not he would wake up at 3 o'clock exactly and hear the knocking by the window. It was like something woke him up just to hear the knocks. I remember this one incident during Christmas eve that it got so bad my oldest brother grab the cross from his room and placed it on our living room door. Now on Christmas eve at that time we would exchange cookies with our neighbors, and so, late at night we heard a knocking by the front door and open the door expecting our neighbors to have cookies in hand. What we open to the door to was nothing. There was nothing there at all. This was strange because we usually hear the knocking in our bedroom window and never at the front door. So we closed the door and sat back down and acted like nothing happened. Maybe about 30 minutes later we heard another knock, we checked again just in case it was our neighbors and again nothing. Maybe about 20 minute later another set of knocking occurred this time we look out the front window to see if anyone was there and again there was no one. Then may be an hour later we heard knocking again and this time we knew it wasn't our neighbor because it was 12 almost 1 ish at night. So my terrified my oldest brother grab the cross from his room and place it on the front door. We all sat and stayed up all night because everybody was to scared to sleep. As the months went by we eventually just stop caring when we heard knocks by the windows. I remember this one incident that happened next year during the summer. My brother had woken me up because he heard the knocking again. He woke me up and said dude someone is knocking on the window again. And I told him to turn on the conditioner because it was getting to hot. I guess after a while it just grows on you. But after a year and a half all the knocking completely stopped. We haven't heard any more knocking on our bedroom windows. Moral of the story don't play with the ouija board.
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Re: True Personal Ghost Stories & Other Strange Phenomena

I'm going to have to give your posts a good read flinker. I've not checked this out before because of possible issues.

I guess I'd' like to say welcome.
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Re: True Personal Ghost Stories & Other Strange Phenomena

Whoa. agreed 9mm.

This is a total bunk story, but we kids would tease each other with it.

Great Aunt Amy had one leg - one leg lost to some accident. Dad was sent to live with her after his Mom's death (cancer). Then Amy was deigned to not be able to raise Dad, so they both went to Great Aunt Mary's.

She had this huge gothic house. 4 stories.

So, Amy at one time had a fake leg, but she decided it was easier without it and used a cane, crutches, a wheelchair. Fake legs were just awful back then.

She always wore these crinkly floor length dresses. You could not miss her coming or going anywhere. It was loud noise. What was that material? She had a seamstress that made her dresses, always black with maybe a white lace collar. Isn't that typically spooky?

So, anyway, Bro, me, Sis would go climb into the attic, pretending Amy's fake or real leg was up there. We had a ball pretending we found it. You should have seen us as we then presented ourselves to the rest of the house.

But, we were convinced there was something spooky going on. I would not dare go to the basement.

Mark Twain:

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
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Re: True Personal Ghost Stories & Other Strange Phenomena


I wake up in the middle of the night, shivering, because my blankets gone. Its been raining all night, and we're in the middle of the fall season, so the room was Freezing cold. I sleep on a bed with 2 of my other brothers so i try to take some of theirs. I tug at my older brothers blanket. He wouldn't give me some of his blanket. Then i turn around to my younger brothers, and nothing. The blanket mustve fallen off the edge, ill go get it. For a chubby 10 year old, this felt like dragging yourself across a football field. So i stomped across to the edge of the bed to see if my blanket was there. then I herd the floor creak. I froze. i laid straight like a board. I jumped back into my bed, and landed perfectly in the middle of the bed. I layed there remembering what my mother told us boys.

"your grandparents, that have already passed, sometimes like to visit us at night. grandma and grandpa just want to make sure were all okay, but Somtimes, its Not grandparents."

"Hungry, Ghost Children, -and Tricky Evil Demons, have learned to impersonate grandparents."

"they can make themselves look like grandma and grandpas. and they can even make their voices sound like grandma and grandpas. There is no way to know for sure because demons and ghost children are very playful, they will try to get your attention like a child would. "

They will tug at your feet and shake the bed to wake you up; -or even rattle the dishes because it makes a lot of noise. so if you wake up because the bed was shaking, then hear the dishes rattling, dont answer and dont go check. just pretend to be asleep.

I was freaked out so i layed there for about 10 minutes. Then i held my breathe and listened. Nothing! It was getting colder and colder, and I hadnt heard anything for a while, so i thought that i should check for my blanket again. I quickly get up and crawled to the edge of the bed. I took quick swipes at the floor. On the third swipe my finger hooked my blanket, but it slipped.

I heard another creak come in through the door. I didnt know what to do so...i just layed down flat and pretended to sleep. The creak got closer and i realized that my arm was still hanging off the edge of the bed. Then I herd a loud creak. That one was right by my head. I closed my eyes.

I listened and listened and I couldnt hear anything. I tried to be couragious and pull my arm back in. Slowly i started to inch my arm in, but i kept making that skin-scraping-fabric sound. I tried few more times. Then a breeze went up my arm. It startled me so much, i popped my eyes open. I couldnt see anything but the clock. It was exactly 3:00 AM. -i immediatley closed my eyes.
"pretend to be asleep, pretend to be asleep, pretend to be asleep."

A chill kept running up my arm, to my head, then back down my arm. over and over again. Ifelt my hair twirling and my hand being knocked back and forth. My hair and my hand were being played with.

I just kept telling myself "pretend to be asleep, pretend to be asleep, pretend to be asleep. Then i felt someone climb onto the bed. I knew, because my head and my arm moved with the bed. The bed jumped once.

Then i heard a creak on the ceiling. "oh my god, its on the ceiling."

I was bugging out of my mind! I didnt know what to think, or what to do. should i scream, should i run. If I do, do something then its gonna know, that I know, its there. -and even if I tell anyone, what am i gonna do tomorrow night. no one can help me then. theyll all be sleeping.

Then a cold breath come down from above me. It ran down my neck and down my back. I tried to kick my brother awake. I felt another breath, then i kicked. My reasoning was if its breathing down my neck then its looking at me. everytime i feel a breath ill kick.

breath, kick, breath, kick, breathe, kick

I woke my brother up. He made a loud grunt, Then he just turned around. But, my plan saved me in an unexpected way. His grunting woke up the dog next door and he started barking. Then i heard a thump onto the ground, and then a running out my room
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