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Lostaways! :) Welcome Lostaways! Kick back, relax, and have a little fun!

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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

The light crescents are ears. They are pushed out slightly, because, as I think, if you look, you can see the brim of a Civil War kepi on his head. The hat pushed his ears out a bit. The right ear (on our left) looks almost perfectly formed, which has always creeped me a little. Most ghosts I've seen have been somewhat "unfinished". This one has features.
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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories


That's totally spooky. It took me awhile till I could see what you are talking about, and then he jumps out clearly. Very freaky, dude.

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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

Okay, MLHTY, I'm gonna PM you. I still need help.
I never could do those Magic Eye things, either.
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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

That's awesome MLHTY! I love ghosts stories! Do you have any other good ones?

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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

Tons. Unfortunately, I am not in possession of the other audio files and photos, but I can tell another one.

So, there was a house, abandoned, about a mile from my campus in college. We'd done a film shoot there one time for an independent movie I was in. We filmed through dark, and took a break for dinner. When filming resumed, the camera lights started malfunctioning. The room got very cold, and we decided it was time to leave. I went into a room next to the one we were filming in, and started switching out of costume. Everyone else walked downstairs to load equiptment into the car. While I was changing my shirt, tho one and only door slammed, and locked from the outside. Luckily, the director came back up after he heard me shouting through the paper thin walls.

My friends and I made several subsequent trips there for investigating. The first time we returnned, we brought a video camera. My friend, lets call him Mr. Jangles, has wire in his jaw from surgery he had several years ago. While filming, he was smacked in the stomach by something, then his jaw seized so badly he couldn't speak. We got various whispering on audio that could not be explained, especially when some of it was in Portuguese.

Another time I sat in the upstairs room where we had filmed, and watched dark little shapes flit around the room. As I closed the door to leave that time, I observed a foot turn in a doorway and walk into the room much like the scene from Signs where he is in the cornfield.

We have several audio anaomalies from the house, however, we never got good photographic image. Through our experiences, we ound that there are probably three ghosts there. One angry, angry one, that has pushed us, shoved us, and madde the house freezing in the middle of the summer. One male presence that tries to get us out when the angry ghost is near. Finally, one little girl, who can be seen running from room to room thorugh walls, and then out to the woods behind the house.
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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

When I was teenager my Mom bought a house in the town where we were from. The woman that owned the house before my Mother was born in the house and died in the house when she was in 80's. Well, my Mom and sister swore that the house was haunted and I had friends, both male and female, who after visiting the house would refuse to return but I never "felt" anything until I moved back home for a couple of months when I was in my 20s.
One evening I came home from shopping and had to get ready to go to work. My sister had called and said that she would be coming by to pick something up later. So I go get in the shower and a couple of minutes later I hear someone sratching at the bathroom door. Thinking it's my sister I said "I'll be right out." I get out, start to get dressed and I hear the scratching at the door again. I was annoyed and yelled "I said I would be right out, jeez." Again scratching at the door. I'm not kidding when I say all the little hairs on the back of neck raised up. I jerked the door open and no one's there, no one's in the house, anywhere. There was no way anyone could have been there and gotten out our drive way (it was very long and rocky so you had to go very slow or your car would bottom out) in the 30 seconds it took me to open the bathroom door and get to the kitchen (which over looks the drive). Anyway I was scared to death. I left the house, barefoot, hair still wet, got in my jeep and went to work without looking back because I was afraid that I just might see something that I didn't want to see.

Nothing ever happened to me there again but, then again, I wouldn't go there alone after that.

And if it compromises truth then we will go

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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

Wow, thanks everyone for sharing you own personal stories. Ever since what happened to me as a child, Ive been fascinated to hear other peoples experiences.

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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

I have had so many experiences, that I'm not sure where to begin. I guess I will start off with some of the shorter stories, and save the best ones for later.


The following was the most recent incident that I experienced.
I'm not exactly sure of the date, but I estimate this happened within the past 6 to 8 years.

It was summer and I was riding my bicycle towards home, very late at night. It was approximately one in the morning. I felt a bit thirsty, so I thought I would stop at a nearby liquor store's soda machines for a pop.

The liquor store was closed, there was no auto traffic or pedestrians anywhere to be seen or heard. The solitude and silence was actually a bit peculiar and made me take notice, as this is a very busy intersection, at any other given time. However, I didn't really give it any further thought.

So, I dismounted the bicycle, stood at the vending machine, and was rummaging through my change when, all of a sudden, I heard a male voice, close behind me, shout, "Hey!!!"

I whirled around in a 180º, and that's when I saw "him..." a stark black shilouhette of a man, run across the road, from right to left, and then vanish behind a utility pole. This is a well-lit area, by the way. I was a bit rattled by what I'd just seen, because though it "looked-like" a man, I knew it wasn't. It looked very unnatural. He looked just like the people do in those iPOD tv commercials.

Unsure of whether it was a real person, I called out, "Hello?... Hello?" Then, I started to walk towards the utility post, to make sure no one was hiding behind it. I only got about two paces, when something else happened. The payphone on the corner began to ring, but it was not a normal ring. It was heavily distorted, as if it were ringing underwater at the bottom of a swimming pool. I flinched, then started walking towards the payphone.

When I arrived at the telephone, a chill ran through my blood when I saw the phone. It was dangling off of the hook, slightly swinging, and the receiver was broken in half, with the ear-half missing entirely. The phone kept ringing"underwater", "Riorororororooeeee" I jiggled the hook a couple of times, but it just kept ringing that awful ring. How was it ringing if it was OFF the hook, and broken? What was that figure that shouted, ran across the street, and vanished? I RAN back to my bike, and probably pedaled faster than Lance Armstrong, all the way home.

I think it was the next day, that I realized something I never even gave the slightest thought to, the night before. The place where the Shadowman ran from, was the historic cemetery.

The End

The Warehouse

This isn't exactly a ghost story, but it's definitely creepy.

When I was a teen, I did a great deal of bicycling. I usually would go riding late at night, because it was quiet and there was little to no traffic.

I was probably about seventeen at the time when the following happened.

I often would try going places I either never had been before, or just never paid any attention to. This night, I was out late, and I happened to be riding near a small warehouse. There was nothing particularly interesting about it. I wasn't even sure if it was still in use. The building was shaped like a square horseshoe (see illustration), and in the center was a parking lot. The gate was open, and for no reason other than curiosity, I rode my bicycle through the open gate, into the center of the parking lot.

I stood there, straddling my bike for a minute, looking around. The place looked old, but there was nothing to see, or hear, except for a solitary window in one of the walls, just to the right of a door. There was a light on inside the window. Since there was a light on, I thought for second, "Hmm, maybe I can look through that window and see whatever is inside."

The very instant I had that thought, every hair on my body stood up, by blood turned cold, and a terrible chill went down my spine. Every fiber of my being was screaming at me, "GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE, NOW!" I didn't know why I felt this way. I saw nothing. I heard nothing. I hadn't even imagined anything. There was no apparent reason for me to feel this way. Nevertheless, I heeded the internal warning, and pedaled my ass out of there without ever looking back.

Two weeks later, as I watched the late local news, I got the answer to why I felt what I had felt that night. The news crew was doing a week-long exposé on local cults. I watched in bewilderment as the news anchor stood by the very warehouse I had been to only two weeks earlier. The news person was at the backside of the building, which faced the railroad. I had never seen that part of the building before. The news guy was talking about all of the graffitti that was on that wall, and then went on to say that the building had become known as "Satan's Hollow" and that a nasty Satanic cult had been squatting inside of there, for who knows how long.

I shudder everytime I think about what COULD have happened, if I had went up to that window, looked inside, and been seen by the Satanists inside.

(Note about illustration: the news was NOT at the building at the exact same time that I was there. I just wanted to show how I had never seen the part of the building that they saw.)

I've had a lot of unexplained experiences in my life, but this is the only one where I could say that I may have had a psychic moment. Either that, or divine intervention.

The End

If you've already read The Warehouse, in another thread, I had to re-post it here with "The Shadowman," because they sort of go together, in a manner of speaking. Though they happened many years apart, in different spots, the two locations are only about 200 yards from one another.

Stay tuned for my other upcoming chilling and mysterious true tales:
  • The Heartbeat
  • The Shooting Star
  • The Lady in White
  • The Y
  • Drac Attack
  • The Voice
  • I Found My Thrill on Gravity Hill
  • UFO?
  • Foosteps on The Second Floor
  • and saving the biggest, scariest, & best for last,"Spot" (It's not what you might think.)

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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

When I was a child, I had an "imaginary friend" named George. We played checkers in the large walk-in closet in my bedroom. I made my mom set a place for him at every meal. One dinner, my Dad was in a mood and told Mom he was sick of "george" and to remove the plate. That "George" did not exist because no one could see him. I told him George was real and I could see him. Dad became even madder and asked, "Well what is he wearing then?" I started to describe Georges blue shirt, black pants, then told Dad that George had on fuzzy red, white and blue sock, but the big toe was out on the one foot. Dad's face went white and he slumped down to his chair. Mom asked Dad what was wrong. Dad was born in the home we lived in then and said that when he was a young boy, Grandma rented rooms out to make extra money. He said that a man (named George) had rented the room that was then my bedroom and that he got drunk on the 4th of July and went up to his room and passed out across the bed. The next morning, when he did not come to breakfast, they found out that George had died. Dad told Mom that he can still remember when they brought his body down the stairs and that George was wearing fuzzy red, white and blue socks and that his toe was through on one foot. I ran up to my room, not sure if I wanted to see George again. Grandma was sitting on my bed and said, Honey, George was a nice man when he was living here, so you can play with him. George was waiting with the checkers all ready to go. I have had "incidents" with spirits, ghosts, whatever you want to call them all of my life.
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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

Wow, there's some good creepy stuff here. Thanks to everyone who has shared, so far.....more, more!

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