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Dark Side Of The Moon
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Re: Star Trek: Discovery - CBS/All Access Sunday

Originally Posted by FrodoFraggins View Post
This show repeats a lot fewer things than Voyager and Enterprise did and the Orville does.

I'm sure it does, but I didn't last more than 2 episodes on those. At least I still intend to watch Discovery, unlike the other Star Treks. Just gotta wait til my time is more manageable. Until then, I'd rather watch only my must see shows... along with one other show I'm watching just cuz, well, don't ask.
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Zaphod of Whiskers
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Re: Star Trek: Discovery - CBS/All Access Sunday

Tossing in my two cents here. I've watched all the Treks in the different forms (including the animated series and all the movies, read some of the books - yes geek). There's good, there's bad. Discovery is batting extremely well in its first season compared to the others - I don't know if its top, but for me it's in the top 3. I think repeats of stories are inevitable - I thought I read somewhere there are basically like 12 different basic plots ever, and everything is variations on those (anybody else heard that??)

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Re: Star Trek: Discovery - CBS/All Access Sunday

Can't believe no one mentioned the huge reveal within this episode.
Spoiler: Wow!
Lt. Ash Tyler is actually Voq, the Klingon.

I remember Dr. Culber mentioned after his initial exam of Lt. Tyler, that his skeletal structure had been change. His bone marrow was also changed. I had no idea what he was saying, but he didn't get a chance to finish before Lt. Tyler killed him by breaking his neck.

Initially I thought he was being manipulated, telepathically, by the female Klingon prisoner, but now we know what's going on. Great reveal!

Apparently, I'm a bigger Trekkie than I thought I was, because this episode was stupendous.

You're right, ZoW, the first 14 minutes, before the opening credits, was magnificent.

Another great reveal, was that of the Emperor. I didn't see that coming, but I've wondered since the Pilot, was this the beginning and end of Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh).

Also loved how the plots of the mirror universe are completely reversed. The Terran's (Humans), are bad and all of the other species are good. Loved how all of the non-humans (Vulcan's, Klingon's, et. al) are able to work together toward a common goal. Defeat the humans!

FF, it may've been very telling, when Michael told Lorca about her new orders. Kill everyone on that planet, and he thought it was a good idea. Yeah he used the idea that anything else would bring about suspension, but did he let his guard down and show his true self?

Can't imagine what "this" universe's Sarek thought when he did a mind-meld with Burnham. He saw himself and his wife raising Michael Burnham like a daughter. But, he didn't say word other than say her heart was pure.

Then, all HELL breaks loose when Michael and Ash make it back to the Shinzhou (spl).

He finally realizes who he is, and grabs Burnham to kill her, but is thwarted by Saru. Man-o-man, does he have strength or what. Threw Ash/Voq across the room.

Then, for Burnham to use his "death" to pass along the plans to the Discovery was great.

Again, loved every minute, but I'm beginning to think loving this series is normal for me.
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Sees Walt
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Re: Star Trek: Discovery - CBS/All Access Sunday

I found the reveal to be very confusing and didn't really care what it meant exactly TBH.
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