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made Damon Lindelof say "Fermions" on TV :P
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Re: What are your thoughts ? REAL WORLD MIND READING

once an entangled particle is observed, you know its state and it decoheres to that state.
the entanglement stops. but there are tricks, like the delayed choice quantum erasure

think about the dr quantum double slit video.

the interference pattern is entangled superpositions of the photon because it has not been observed.

but once you look to see what slit it goes through, you collapse the wavefunction.
it decoheres from superposition.

the zeno effect, seems to be the delayed choice erasure. I'm still trying to figure out these final details.
it always bugged me. I have a few posts here about how entanglement could be sustained. the zeno effect seems to have a big connection. its about Phase, which means homodyning works with it.

Furthermore, we describe a measurement induced
quantum Zeno effect [12] for the entanglement, showing
that the quite simple procedure of monitoring the pop-
ulation of the cavity mode leads to a protection of the
entanglement well beyond its natural decay time
in our theory here.. this would be "photon counting" or homodyning/
as used in quantum repeaters.. which have to measure quantum states.

This has been the big measurement problem regarding wavefunctions and quantum states.
measuring the particle changes the state.
to see a photon, you have to bounce another off it, and that changes it.
but, if you know how you plan to measure it, you can somewhat determine that change, and thus, know the true undisturbed state.

seems just like weak measurement really.

to put this all laymenly..
mems are developed with a known quantum state.. so they know which way the states are being measured and they subtract the known state from the homodyned one.
but its more of a polarizing trick. you know the "angle" you are observing in.

kinda like you knowing your own weight, and you hold a big water balloon then weigh the total of you and the balloon.. then subtract your weight, so your left with the weight of the balloon. very lamenly put.

Once I go through it. I'll do a better laymening.
there was a good video explaining the zeno effect in the link above. a

it just screams "coherent states" to me.

the higher the amplitude the less noise becomes a factor in measuring.
seems just like the zeno effect and time.

and mems provide time domains.
something very useful here.

The amount of quantum noise in the electric field is completely independent of the phase. As the field strength, i.e. the oscillation amplitude α of the coherent state is increased, the quantum noise or uncertainty is constant at 1/2, and so becomes less and less significant. In the limit of large field the state becomes a good approximation of a noiseless stable classical wave. The average photon numbers of the three states from bottom to top are <n>=4.2, 25.2, 924.5[5]
okay, I'm seeing how this fits..
Remember, these DARPA repeaters/ biosensors use "squeezing"
ie Squeezed Light on Chip
AND, they provide optical cavities..

Quantum Zeno dynamics in atoms and cavities - ScienceDirect

by S Gleyzes - ‎2016 - ‎Related articles
Jul 22, 2016 - Quantum Zeno Dynamics restricts the evolution of a system in a tailorable subspace of the Hilbert space by ... The coherent state 'collides' on the EC...

The QZD-induced phase inversion accelerates the ‘propagation’ in phase space. When the initial amplitude is such that the field state collides tangentially on the EC [Fig. 1(c)], the parts of the Wigner function that come closest to the EC propagate faster than others. The state is distorted and ends up squeezed.

Just like the ZENO EFFECTs repeated measurements
Continuous Homodyne detection
Its so fitting for Mems technology.


We present a theoretical study of a superconducting charge qubit dispersively coupled to a transmission line resonator. Starting from a master equation description of this coupled system and using a polaron transformation, we obtain an exact effective master equation for the qubit. We then use quantum trajectory theory to investigate the measurement of the qubit by continuous homodyne measurement of the resonator out-field. Using the same porlaron transformation, a stochastic master equation for the conditional state of the qubit is obtained. From this result, various definitions of the measurement time are studied. Furthermore, we find that in the limit of strong homodyne measurement, typical quantum trajectories for the qubit exhibit a crossover from diffusive to jump-like behavior. Finally, in the presence of Rabi drive on the qubit, the qubit dynamics is shown to exhibit quantum Zeno behavior

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"That's pretty cool. You manipulated the physical universe such that Damon Lindelof said the word "fermions" on national television." :#station

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