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LOST Theories So you think you know some secrets of the island? Maybe you can explain everything. If it's original and you can back it up, we'd love to hear it.

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Old 09-24-05, 01:22 PM   #51
Blew Up the Hatch
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Re: Time issues

In fact we really have no hard evidence that the Security System is even part of Desmond' operation. We are infering that since they are both underground that they are part of the same system.
Sushi: That is an excellent point. I too am skeptical that Desmond controls the monster.
I do have a theory that the Island's function is tied to Fate / Destiny / Luck. What if the purpose of the numbers / Desmond entering the numbers and ultimately the island itself is to counterbalance fate / destiny with Bad luck, Bad Mojo.
I like this notion, esp. since it reinforces the theme of balance we've seen a lot. Someone on the fuselage suggested that maybe the numbers are actually a force for good on the island. I like this speculation too, since it plays into the mirror/reversal themes of the show.
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Old 09-24-05, 02:15 PM   #52
Seeks Rescue
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Re: Time issues

Security system, security system, security system.

So what the hell is it securing??

Who said there even was a security system??

Seems to be all the rage tho, so....hey......
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Old 09-24-05, 02:26 PM   #53

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you are all forgetting something important. When jack and Desmond were talking in the stadium Desmond told Jack that he was going on a race around the world. Perhaps the island has some type of magnetic pull that attracts all objects around (like planes and boats) and desmond was stranded here too. The bunker looks like an old government facility. Perhaps the original occupants were there when desmond first came and they took him in with them. They may have been doing some kind of disese testing and knew he was clean. the execute key may be to unlock a main entrance that is on the other side of the island, where the others are, that may be why walt says not to hit the button he knows that the others are sick, and that may be the reason for the shots also and the alarm warning desmond that it is time for his innoculation
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Old 09-24-05, 04:30 PM   #54

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To me, when the computer beeps it doesn't seem like its a daily routine, he jumps from his bed and slides on the chair, if it was a routine (this maybe just be me) but i'd get out of bed and casually walk over, almost saying "jesus, i gotta do this again". He almost seems excited, so i think when it beeps it's saying, release the security system, somethings happening.

Also, it seems like the timeline fits in with when he types the numbers in the computer to when locke gets dragged by the thing.
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Old 09-24-05, 07:04 PM   #55

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It's pretty obvious that he's awakened by the computer system, reminding him not only to get up, but that it's time to type in your fail-safe code.

If he doesn't type in a certain code, then whomever runs the place will know that something has happened to him, and perhaps either shut it all down, or activate something, perhaps a Security System, assuming that the Sentry (Desmond) has succumbed to the Sickness.

Perhaps Desmond HAS been gone, and he missed hitting the sequence, hence the condition of the cave; maybe something happened down there right after the Flashback, something we've yet to see. Maybe whatever crashed above him or exploded set forth a chain of events that led Desmond to leave the Hatch, and the Cave fell into disrepair ever since.

Oh, and a key on a computer that says "Execute" wouldn't be a Kill Switch. It's just silly. Lots of people read into this stuff and get excited about it before thinking it out logically; the Producers are thinking clearly, so should we.

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Old 09-25-05, 03:31 AM   #56

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i'm pretty sure the washer and dryer are so prominent in the scene because they're giving us a hint. those models are brand new, they didn't have them 5 years ago, let alone 30 years ago.

besides, saying that the opening scene was split between two flashbacks, with 30 years between, would be SUCH a copout. let's give the writers some credit, they can do much better than that.
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Old 09-25-05, 03:44 AM   #57

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Okay, why will no one believe me when i say that this serum he is injecting into himself is making his underground hideout look alot better than it actually does. We SAW jack go down there and we SAW that it looked like a crazy, dirty, disgusting, dump filled with a bunch of old technology. The computer from the beginning WAS NOT IN THE SAME PLACE! There was no rolly chair in front of the computer. There was no sink. There was not gym equipment ... there was NO WASHER AND DRYER. We were seeing the beginning from Desmond's point of view, which would look much better than the point of view from Jack's because he is hyped up on the 4-8-15-16-23-42 serum. Please, someone has to agree with me about this! Just before i lose my sanity.
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Old 09-25-05, 04:53 AM   #58

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Re: no!

I agree. The serum is hallucinogenic. I took it, and it made me believe that the opening scene was a FB. Sorry.

[edited a couple hours later:]
No wait, what am I talking about? I think the opening was a flashback and the explosion brought things back into real time. Or something.
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Old 09-25-05, 05:35 AM   #59

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Another computer theory

Got another theory based on almost no evidence. In the computer room (geodesic dome), we see what looks like two o-scopes, four old 9" tape systems and one large mainframe... all humming along. There also appears to be a terminal in the "bedroom" and the dome. Next to the dome terminal is a stack of 9" computer tapes. Not sure why you would run the o-scopes unless you were running a diagnostic test (or warming them up to do the same) or collecting data from something else.

Is it possible the alarm and command prompt was telling Des to initiate one of the following: A) Transfer data collected from the o-scopes and whatever additional test equipment to the tapes for archive. B) The system had completed running what ever long simulation it was running and needed to dump the results. C) Incoming directions (you insert mysterious source of your choice) that needed a password to initiate some sequence.

I rather like C as Desmond's response sure looked a lot like the guys in the nuke silos getting a priority message.
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Old 09-25-05, 05:52 AM   #60
Kiddo the Bride

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Re: Purpose of Execution Button

I thought it was interesting that as Jack was hovering over the computer with his finger right above the 'execute' key, Locke calls out, "I wouldn't do that."

Locke witnessed Kate being pulled down the hatch/captured and now he himself has a gun pointed at his head-- and his first words to Jack are "I wouldn't do that."

Shouldn't it have been something like "Help!" or "Hide Jack!" Or, does Locke know that the 'execute' key would trigger something god awful? I hope Jack wouldn't have pressed anything even without Locke's interruption. I mean, it's just stupid to press a bunch of buttons when you don't know what they do. But then again, Jack does act without thinking often.
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