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LOST Spoilers WARNING! Don't enter this forum unless you want to read LOST spoilers!

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Tonights show Scene by Scene..only read if you want to know what will happen

This is via Insiderscoop from the abc lost website.

The following is a spoiler for collision this is not speculation this is what actually happens on this weeks episode. If you don’t want to know what happens don’t read any further.

If you don’t want to know who shoots who don’t read any further.
I’ve decided to skip some details because I really don’t want to type everything so just some important moments.

Opening sequence is obviously the ending with the shooting and Sayid looking at someone and Anna looking at someone. Flashback to Anna and a psychologist in an office.

She’s been in therapy for four months she hasn’t been able to work things out with her guy since the shooting. (more later) Therapist says she can come back to work and hands her a Badge.

Yes…. She’s a cop we figured it out. She reports back and her female sergeant tries to put her behind a desk. They argue it turns out the Sergeant is her mother.

Sayid pulls his gun and starts to approach Eko tackles him they struggle and fight Anna gets SAYIDS GUN. She knocks him out. She fires it to prevent Mike and Jin from helping Sayid. Eko refuses to tie him up.

Eko picks up Sawyer and takes him to Jack and abandons Anna. Anna fears for herself but everyone wants her to untie Sayid. Jacks back playing a game of golf with kate.
When eko shows up. They treat sawyers wounds in the hatch. Pay close attention to this.

Locke is playing a crossword puzzle while he’s doing his number thing I’m sure there’s a clue or red herring somewhere but it went by too fast for me. Locke talks to Eko kinda funny.

Anna decides to go into exile by herself in fear all will want to hurt her. Sends mike back to get her blankets ammo and something else.

Flashback and they think they found the guy that shot at her she looks at a pic says it’s not him. Bernard eager to find Rose etc. He ultimately leaves Anna she finally tells them all to leave.

She talks with sayid asks him if he has kids basically contemplating if she should kill him doesn’t want to kill if he’s a daddy I guess. He asks her if she has kids she said no. He asked if she was going to kill him she tells a story about her being a cop.

Going on a robbery call she took the front, partner took back. A minute later a kid came out said he was a student and he was reaching for his ID “I trusted him” “ I thought I was dead before I hit the ground.”

Eko decides to bring Jack to Anna lucia.

Flashback, she’s in a bar follows a guy out. Calls out his name when he’s by his car. “Jason” guy replies “do I know you” Anna replies “I was pregnant” She then pulls out her gun and fires three times he’s down she gets up close and fires three more rounds.

Back to the island Sayid asks What happened to the guy that shot you. She says “nothing, they never caught him.”

Meanwhile mike reunites with Vincent rose with Bernard and Jin with Sun.

Anna cuts Sayid loose drops her weapons he picks up his gun and goes to get Shannon. Jack shows up and they are just left just looking at each other.
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