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Mr Mo
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Re: Preacher - AMC Monday

Originally Posted by Hodgepodge View Post
Mr Mo, I'm glad I wasn't the only one disappointed with this episode.

[...]I also didn't expect Jesse to take Herr Starr up on his offer. I guess the offer was to much to ignore.
Things aren't always what they seem. On the other hand, what does Herr Starr think he has to lose at this point?

The whole arc of Eugene and Hitler this episode was also less than inspiring. Did the ending of that scene mean everyone has a chance to redeem themselves and get a pardon from HELL?
Did it never occur to you that HELL might not be some Milton nor Dante realization but rather just some black-op private (grail industries?) prison project? That maybe Hitler is actually a total psychotic who is fully committed to his own delusional world?

I'm not saying you wouldn't be dead wrong if you had. Nor that you'd been right about any of it.

Something else I didn't understand...Lara and F.J. Hoover got the Saint out of that pond to kill Jesse, right? Then why did Herr Starr get the guards of HELL to go get him right before he scalped Jesse?
To scare him.
Originally Posted by Maturin View Post
I've always appreciated your restraint, Mo
Originally Posted by vonnegut View Post
Mo, I you
Originally Posted by Bee View Post
I am not allowed to rob a liquor store anymore because I met my own personal Jesus.
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Re: Preacher - AMC Monday

Season 2 Finale

S02E13 - "The End of the Road"
Monday - September 11, 2017
AMC - 9/8c

Spoiler: Promo & Episode Description

In the Season 2 finale, the trio prepare for a new life, as Jesse questions the path ahead; Tulip uncovers a dangerous secret; and Cassidy grapples with a difficult truth. Source
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Re: Preacher - AMC Monday

One of the main reasons I started watching this series was to see Ruth Negga.

Please don't let her be dead. Or, arrange for her to return from the dead.

I'll be back!


Got a feeling S3 will deal primarily with Tulip's rising like the Phoenix from the ashes. In other words, we'll be dealing with Jesse's grandmother.

This episode opened with the adolescent Jesse being the front man for his grandmother's home, Angelville.

Its a beautiful plantation like structure somewhere in the South. Remember the last episode, we saw Jesse being buried alive in a lake/pond until he admitted he would in essence replace Custer with his maternal name.

He's scamming tourists as they arrive at the home. Selling his grandmother as a sorceress who can talk to the dead and bring lost animals home. He's also doing a little pick-pocketing.

The most important aspect of this beginning scene is Jesse getting mad at a chicken whose been messing with him all day and killing it.

But, we know, Jesse is a good kid. So he takes the dead chicken to his grandmother and begs her to bring the chicken back to life. "Everything has a price. You understand?"

Back to current time, we see Jesse getting ready to address a classroom of students at a Catholic girls school. This has been setup by Herr Starr to begin Jesse's move toward "Messiahism". Yes, that's a word I just made up.

The classroom is attacked by middle-Eastern terrorists, but is repelled by Jesse. This he has to do with his fists, because using the "voice" didn't seem to work.

Anyway, all the girls are safe and Jesse becomes an immediate hero. "Jesse!" "Jesse!" "Jesse!" The problem, this was all a ploy to get Jesse some positive "press". This doesn't sit well with Jesse. He's with Herr Starr.

They've got an appearance on the "Jimmy Kimmel" show and head to the airport to board the Grail's personal jet. That is until Jesse gets a call from Cassidy.

Back in New Orleans, Tulip and Cassidy are packing to go to Bimini. We also got a view of what's up with Cassidy. He's thinking, and maybe he never stopped, thinking about Tulip in a romantic way.

Cassidy is also having a problem with his son, Denis. Watching video on Denis' computer, shows he's really involved with being a vampire. We're not shown what Cassidy found, but by the look on his face, it wasn't nice.

To the point where we saw Cassidy push Denis out a window into the sunlight to burn to death. Just damn!

In HELL, we finally see Eugene and Hitler make it to ground level. Surprisingly, Hitler decides to allow Eugene to head back without him. Eugene decides he's not leaving without him.


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