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made Damon Lindelof say "Fermions" on TV :P
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Re: What are your thoughts ? REAL WORLD MIND READING

Remember yung





The measurement NOT made
Ancilla values

Protecting entanglement!


Now I can even "see" the computer system and wiring!/ programming..

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made Damon Lindelof say "Fermions" on TV :P
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Re: What are your thoughts ? REAL WORLD MIND READING

Just a quick summary of where this is now..

I've learned the nitrogen vacancies used in Memristors are for "switching", between excited states and inhibited states, akin to our neurons and SYNAPSES abilities to generate EPSPs and IPSPs, this is the entire point to Memristors and DARPAs SyNAPSE program, emulating Neurons..

So in the memristor, NVs (which are truly Ancillas),
Return to "resting states", just like Neurons do, hence Inhibitory states versus excited states, when a neuron reaches an action potential and fires..

So the ancillas use prepared/ known states, and are the equivalent of the ancillas ground state, which is equal to a neurons resting potential...

So by weakly measuring certain aspects of living neurons, it is possible to superbroadcast/ teleport the wavefunction non-classically to the memristors vacancies, correlating each memristor with its neuron statistical ensemble counterpart, sharing the quantum state of the resting potential.
the ground state of the ancilla.

Yada yada yoda

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made Damon Lindelof say "Fermions" on TV :P
Hears the Whispers
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Re: What are your thoughts ? REAL WORLD MIND READING

Now most would argue several things :
It is not possible to measure both position and momentum
And even if it were possible, the no-cloning theorem prevents copying the quantum.state...


wavefunctions have been measured using weak and strong measurements

Plus, double slit interferometry might make measuring two conjugates possible
The type of measurement determines which property is shown. However the single and double-slit experiment and other experiments show that some effects of wave and particle can be measured in one measurement.
Hence Mach-Zehnder interferometry, which also involves ANCILLAS

When for example measuring a photon using a Mach-Zehnder interferometer, the photon acts as a wave if the second beam-splitter is inserted, but as a particle if this beam-splitter is omitted. The decision of whether or not to insert this beam-splitter can be made after the photon has entered the interferometer, as in Wheeler’s famous delayed-choice thought experiment. In recent quantum versions of this experiment, this decision is controlled by a quantum ancilla, while the beam splitter is itself still a classical object.
and the no-cloning theorem is about pure states..
But an ensemble of particles in a neuron would make it a mixed state..

The no-cloning theorem is normally stated and proven for pure states; the no-broadcast theorem generalizes this result to mixed states.

So even though CLASSICAL error correction cannot be used...


And ANCILLAS are used in QECC!

AND.. no cloning might be circumventable via orthogonality, meaning exact copies might not be possible, but 90 degree rotations of copies ARE.

And thats why PHASE works for quantum metrology and its ability to harness non classical states

Apparently, worrying about measuring both position and momentum works differently for particles than it does waves.

It may actually be possible using phase.

Niels Bohr apparently conceived of the principle of complementarity during a skiing vacation in Norway in February and March 1927, during which he received a letter from Werner Heisenberg regarding the latter's newly discovered (and not yet published) uncertainty principle. Upon returning from his vacation, by which time Heisenberg had already submitted his paper on the uncertainty principle for publication, he convinced Heisenberg that the uncertainty principle was a manifestation of the deeper concept of complementarity.[6] Heisenberg duly appended a note to this effect to his paper on the uncertainty principle, before its publication, stating:
Bohr has brought to my attention [that] the uncertainty in our observation does not arise exclusively from the occurrence of discontinuities, but is tied directly to the demand that we ascribe equal validity to the quite different experiments which show up in the [particulate] theory on one hand, and in the wave theory on the other hand.

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made Damon Lindelof say "Fermions" on TV :P
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Re: What are your thoughts ? REAL WORLD MIND READING

Because.. interferometry and even homodyne detection, work via phase, retaining constructive interference..


And "quadratures" is about position and momentum..
Which are apparently always orthogonal to each other.

There is obviously something to all of this.
Counterfactual Communication was recently used to transmit information without sending any PARTICLES.
the information was sent in the phase.. of a wavefunction?

and it used MachZenhder Interferometry..
which is part of Quantum Metrology and its ability to harness non-classical states..

and all of this can teleport non-classical light..

and it all uses ANCILLAS... which store VALUES, and WAVEFUNCTIONS.. because they are Qubits/ Nitrogen vacancies..

and are used in WEAK MEASUREMENT... which was used to measure a wavefunction.. something most would argue is impossible.. because of the uncertainty principle..

An interpretation of quantum mechanics can be said to involve the use of counterfactual definiteness if it includes in the statistical population of measurement results, any measurements that are counterfactual because they are excluded by the quantum mechanical impossibility of simultaneous measurement of conjugate pairs of properties.

For example, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that one cannot simultaneously know, with arbitrarily high precision, both the position and momentum of a particle
The word "counterfactual" does not mean "characterized by being opposed to fact." Instead, it characterizes values that could have been measured but, for one reason or another, were not
and its the Ancillas that store values.. and may or may not be part of the measurement apparatus... / interferometer..

I will understand this !

Again, a DIRECT connection to NV centers/ ancillas and Counterfactual Communication

In 2015, Counterfactual Quantum Computation was demonstrated in the experimental context of "spins of a negatively charged Nitrogen-vacancy color center in a diamond".[5] Previously suspected limits of efficiency were exceeded, achieving counterfactual computational efficiency of 85% with the higher efficiency foreseen in principle

The quantum computer may be physically implemented in arbitrary ways but the common apparatus considered to date features a Mach–Zehnder interferometer. The quantum computer is set in a superposition of "not running" and "running" states by means such as the Quantum Zeno Effect. Those state histories are quantum interfered. After many repetitions of very rapid projective measurements, the "not running" state evolves to a final value imprinted into the properties of the quantum computer. Measuring that value allows for learning the result of some types of computations such as Grover's algorithm even though the result was derived from the non-running state of the quantum computer.
the ancillas outside the apparatus?

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made Damon Lindelof say "Fermions" on TV :P
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Re: What are your thoughts ? REAL WORLD MIND READING

I'm going to do a summary, yet again this weekend.

I need the public, the real public, to realize the connections here.
It is becoming VERY clear now.

Its all about

which contain

(ignore the fleeting coherence times for now, we have come a long way since this, and coherence CAN be recovered by QEC)
(because, NV centers are ANCILLAS and hold values which can be recovered upon "error")

NV CENTERS can also be used as

in devices such as
BIOMEMs scanners


MEMRISTORS.. where the vacancies are used for switching between inhibited and excited states, thus simulating NEURONS

MEMRISTORS utilize wavefunctions.

Wavefunctions can be weakly measured by ANCILLAS

ANCILLAS hold "values" ie : wavefunctions


which measured particles are "cooled" into for measurement techniques. a literal form of "photon counting"..

"This de-excitation is called ‘fluorescence’, and it is characterized by a
lifetime of a few nanoseconds of the lowest vibrational level of the first excited state.
De-excitation from the excited singlet state to the ground state also occurs by other mechanisms, such as non-radiant thermal decay or ‘phosphorescence’. In the latter case, the chromophore undergoes a forbidden transition from the excited singlet state into the triplet state (intersystem crossing, ISC, Fig 2.4), which has a non-zero probability, for example because of spin orbit coupling of the electrons’ magnetic moments"


doing a search for Intersystem crossing, memristor brings up this link..


which does not include the word memristor, but IS about optical microcavities.. which is what Nitrogen vacancies are


A composite optical microcavity, in which nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers in a diamond nanopillar are coupled to whispering gallery modes in a silica microsphere, is demonstrated. Nanopillars with a diameter as small as 200 nm are fabricated from a bulk diamond crystal by reactive ion etching and are positioned with nanometer precision near the equator of a silica microsphere. The composite nanopillar-microsphere system overcomes the poor controllability of a nanocrystal-based microcavity system and takes full advantage of the exceptional spin properties of NV centers and the ultrahigh quality factor of silica microspheres.

and here we find "whispering gallery modes with ANCILLAS

Experimental investigation of the no-signalling principle in parity–time ...

www.nature.com › Home › archive › issue › Letter
Full size image (231 KB) ... The labels a and b represent the ancilla path states. ... voltage level of the driving electrical pulse (Vo, generated by QRPG) to the half-wave voltage (Vπ). ..... Parity–time-symmetric whispering-gallery microcavities.
and here is all three
Whispering gallery Mode
Microresonator and ANCILLA

Universal hybrid three-qubit quantum gates assisted by a nitrogen-vacancy center coupled with a whispering-gallery-mode microresonator

We investigate the construction of two universal three-qubit quantum gates in a hybrid system. The designed system consists of a flying photon and a stationary negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center fixed on the periphery of a whispering-gallery-mode (WGM) microresonator, with the WGM cavity coupled to tapered fibers functioning as an add-drop structure. These gate operations are accomplished by encoding the information both on the spin degree of freedom of the electron confined in the NV center and on the polarization and spatial-mode states of the flying photon, respectively
Now Somewhere in this is evidence of a memristor holding a wavefunction


The shown SPICE implementation (macro model) for a
charge controlled memristor model exactly reproduces the
results from [2]. However, these simulation results do not
have a good compliance - not even qualitatively - with the
characteristic form of I/V curves of manufactured devices.
Therefore the following equations (3) to (9) try to approach
memristor modeling from a different point of view to get a
closer match to the measured curves from [2],[6],[7],[8],[10]
or [11] even with a simple linear drift of w.
Besides the charge steering mechanism of a memristor modelled in [2],
[1] also defined a functional relationship for a memristor
which explains the memristive behavior in dependence on its
magnetic flux: i(t) = W φ(t) v(t) . (3)

Variable W (φ) represents the memductance which is the
reciprocal of memristance M. Here a mechanism is demanded
that maps the magnetic flux as the input signal to the current
that is flowing through the memristor. The magnetic flux φ
is the integral of voltage v(t) over time: φ = R v(t) dt.
We can assume that an external voltage which is applied to
the previously described two-layer structure has an influence
on the movable 2+-dopants over time. The width w(t) of
the semiconductor layer is depending on the velocity of the
dopants vD(t) via the time integral:
w(t) = w0 + Z0t vD(τ)dτ . (4)

The drift velocity vD in an electric field E is defined via its
mobility D: vD(t) = D E(t) (5) and the electric field E is connected with the voltage via E(t) = v(t)
D(6)with D denoting the total thickness of the two-layer structure
(D = tOX + tSEMI). Due the good conductance of the
semiconductor layer the electric field is applied to the time
depending thickness of the insulator layer tOX for the most
part (due to v(l) = R E dl). However, this was neglected for
reasons of simplification. If we combine (4), (5) and (6), we
obtain: n(t) = w0 + DD Z0t v(τ)dτ = w0 + DD φ(t) . (7)

This equation shows a proportional dependence of the width w
from the magnetic flux φ. Since the thickness of the insulator
layer is in the low nanometer region a tunnel current or
equivalent mechanism is possible. The magnetic flux slightly
decreases the thickness of the insulator layer wich is the barrier
for the tunnel current. This current rises exponentially with a
reduction of the width tOX(φ) (the exponential dependence

is deducible from the quantum mechanic wave function)
which must become the GROUND STATE of the ANCILLA upon non-classical correlation..

because a wavefunction is essentially the "master equation" (which describe wave equations)

We investigate theoretically how the spectroscopy of an ancillary qubit can probe cavity (circuit) QED ground states containing photons. We consider three classes of systems (Dicke, Tavis-Cummings and Hopfield-like models), where non-trivial vacua are the result of ultrastrong coupling between N two-level systems and a single-mode bosonic field. An ancillary qubit detuned with respect to the boson frequency is shown to reveal distinct spectral signatures depending on the type of vacua. In particular, the Lamb shift of the ancilla is sensitive to both ground state photon population and correlations. Back-action of the ancilla on the cavity ground state is investigated, taking into account the dissipation via a consistent master equation for the ultrastrong coupling regime. The conditions for high-fidelity measurements are determined.

Notice BACK-ACTION, which goes right back to DARPAs Nanodiamond Biosensors and their ability to overcome the standard quantum limit, because of the known/ prepared states in the ancillas/NITROGEN VACANCIES

(Quantum) back action refers (in the regime of Quantum systems) to the effect of a detector on the measurement itself, as if the detector is not just making the measurement but also affecting the measured or observed system under a perturbing effect.
Back action has important consequences on the measurement process and is a significant factor in measurements near the quantum limit, such as measurements approaching the Standard Quantum Limit (SQL).
Back action is an actively sought-after area of interest in present times. There have been experiments in recent times, with nanomechanical systems, where back action was evaded in making measurements, such as in the following paper :
When performing continuous measurements of position with sensitivity
approaching quantum mechanical limits, one must confront the fundamental effects
of detector back-action.
Back-action forces are responsible for the ultimate limit on
continuous position detection, can also be harnessed to cool the observed structure
[1,2,3,4], and are expected to generate quantum entanglement.
Back-action can
also be evaded, allowing measurements with sensitivities that exceed the
standard quantum limit, and potentially allowing for the generation of quantum
squeezed states.
So the NV centers are used as ancillas in the measurement process.. which weakly measure wavefunctions of particles in neurons, most likely singlet and triplet states occurring in ATP and phosphase...

then those same wavefunctions are transfered and produce a correlation at the ground state..

where the ancilla takes on the new value/wavefunction.. and here we find all these ideas..
minus the switching which I can explain
Memristors use NV centers to switch between inhibited and excited states
singlet and triplet states
thus producing/simulating/ EMULATING, living neurons and action potentials

and it may just BE the network and its computing speed, that even allows the wavefunction to be "found"

Artificial Neural Network - viXra.org


Artificial Neural Network. A pair of physicists with ETH Zurich has developed a way to use an artificial neural network to characterize the wave function of a quantum many-body system. [14]. A team of researchers at Google's DeepMind Technologies has been working on a means to increase the capabilities of computers by ...

neural networks | Ars Technica


While there are lots of things that artificial intelligence can't do yet—science being one of them—neural networks are proving themselves increasingly adept at a huge variety of pattern recognition ... That's due in part to the description of a quantum system called its wavefunction. ... Neural network chip built using memristors.
and authored by the father of Memristors

Chaos, CNN, Memristors and Beyond: A Festschrift for Leon Chua

Andrew Adamatzky, ‎Guanrong Chen - 2013 - ‎Computers
Global and local symmetries In quantum physics, all the properties of a system can be derived from the state or wave function associated with that system. The absolute phase of a wave function cannot be measured, and has no practical meaning, as it cancels out the calculations of the probability distribution. Only relative ...

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made Damon Lindelof say "Fermions" on TV :P
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Re: What are your thoughts ? REAL WORLD MIND READING

Nobody seeing how obvious OR IMPORTANT this is yet eh ?

In the last month, there has been two mass shootings in the USA.

Add these recent events to the list

The las vegas shooting left 58 INNOCENT PEOPLE DEAD.
The gunmans brother was later arrested for possession of child porn.

This technology was developed to defend against terrorism and child abuse.
Connect the dots.
I bet the brothers were sharing files and one of them ended up a "targeted individual"

So he began to stockpile weapons and plan the only way out of his nightmare.
There has been no mentioning of him."hearing voices"
But the fact his brother was later arrested for such a crime paints a picture worth looking into.

Then there is the Navy yard shooter



Notice the part where he mentions being exposed to microwaves.

Those vibrations, are the result of this assumed BIOMEMS "deployable biosensor" And its use of excitation techniques made to single out single neurons to measure the WAVEFUNCTIONS during a tomographic scan.

He was a victim of a COVERT BCI.

Then there is this story


Then this one,


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made Damon Lindelof say "Fermions" on TV :P
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Re: What are your thoughts ? REAL WORLD MIND READING

Over the last few months, I've come to realize the importance of SINGLET STATES, in relation to both : ATP and the Phosphase within, and with Memristors themselves.

The transition from singlet states to triplet states and the excitation then the cooling or relaxation back to the singlet ground state is the cause of Fluorescence


which makes such possible
Quantum-assisted Nano-imaging of Living Organism Is a First

“In QuASAR we are building sensors that capitalize on the extreme precision and control of atomic physics. We hope these novel measurement tools can provide new capabilities to the broader scientific and operational communities,” said Jamil Abo-Shaeer, DARPA program manager. “The work these teams are doing to apply quantum-assisted measurement to biological imaging could benefit DoD’s efforts to develop specialized drugs and therapies, and potentially support DARPA’s work to better understand how the human brain functions.”

when it comes down to it, the above is utlizing NITROGEN VACANCIES to "assist" imaging

so here is an article about the same process

Atomic-scale nuclear spin imaging using quantum-assisted sensors in ...


by A Ajoy - ‎2014 - ‎Cited by 52 - ‎Related articles
Jul 11, 2014 - Atomic-scale nuclear spin imaging using quantum-assisted sensors in diamond ... Recently, novel quantum sensors associated with the nitro- gen vacancy (NV) center in diamond [4] have ...... is mapped into a population difference and read out via spin-dependent fluorescent intensity. NV centers can be ...
"Nuclear spin imaging at the atomic level is essential for the under-
standing of fundamental biological phenomena and for applications
such as drug discovery. The advent of novel nano-scale sensors has
given hope of achieving the long-standing goal of single-protein, high
spatial-resolution structure determination in their natural environ-
ment and ambient conditions. In particular, quantum sensors based
on the spin-dependent photoluminescence of Nitrogen Vacancy (NV)
centers in diamond have recently been used to detect nanoscale en-
sembles of external nuclear spins. While NV sensitivity is approaching
single-spin levels, extracting relevant information from a very com-
plex structure is a further challenge, since it requires not only the
ability to sense the magnetic field of an isolated nuclear spin, but
also to achieve atomic-scale spatial resolution. Here we propose a
method that, by exploiting the coupling of the NV center to an intrin-
sic quantum memory associated with the Nitrogen nuclear spin, can
reach a tenfold improvement in spatial resolution, down to atomic

So what its all doing essentially, is mapping the phase of atoms/SINGLETS in ATP, onto a NV center based CCD

and at the singlet level, correlations occur.. creating entanglement

so the particles in the neuron are being correlated with the ancillas, the nitrogen vacancies, where they take on the "target" state..

and here is one example of NV magnetometry actually being used on Neurons

not only is the above imaging done to obtain a correlation to living neurons, via the singlet states within, but once the connection is established, the MEMRISTOR NETWORK itself can be used to RECONSTRUCT VISION IN REAL TIME

"Sparse coding with memristor networks"



Now add the above method, a direct connection using correlated states shared from neurons TO Memristors... and imagine the reconstruction aided by the AI within the memristor network, as it works on so.. (note, this example is done MERELY using fMRI information)
now Imagine statistical ensembles being observed in real time via non-classical entanglement



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Re: What are your thoughts ? REAL WORLD MIND READING

Face mapping.


Guilty Ruminant
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made Damon Lindelof say "Fermions" on TV :P
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Re: What are your thoughts ? REAL WORLD MIND READING


But what I'm trying to show, is hows its this assumed entanglement based BCI technology, plus the memristor network it is coupled to, that is responsible for the TI communities complaints that "they (the government) can see through my own eyes"

The nitrogen vacancies in the scanners hold values, wavefunctions, which are prepared states aka Ancilla bits, and are the time domain/reference frequency, which carrries the "quantum event/wavefunction" which causes the singlet pairs to form up in the scanned biology..
and correlates with them at the ground state as the relaxation occurs..

It is important to realize that particles in singlet states need not be locally bound to each other. For example, when the spin states of two electrons are correlated by their emission from a single quantum event that conserves angular momentum, the resulting electrons remain in a shared singlet state even as their separation in space increases indefinitely over time, provided only that their angular momentum states remain unperturbed
and that weakly measured value, the wavefunction is sent through the optical cavity, teleported to identical nitrogen vacancies in memristors.. so the ground states in both system are correlated and thus the neural activity can be monitored in real time in the memristors

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made Damon Lindelof say "Fermions" on TV :P
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Re: What are your thoughts ? REAL WORLD MIND READING


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