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Lostaways! :) Welcome Lostaways! Kick back, relax, and have a little fun!

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Exclamation True Personal Ghost Stories & Other Strange Phenomena

Have any of you ever had any ghostly encounters, or other unexplained "paranormal" phenomena? Share your story here. I'll throw some of mine in, later, and I have quite a few to tell. I'd love to read yours. This kind of stuff fascinates me

  • Please, this should not become a debate for skeptics. If you believe in this sort of thing, cool. If you don't believe in this sort of thing, that's fine too, but there's no need to spoil the fun for everyone else.
  • No fiction, please.
  • Please tell only the first-hand experiences that you, personally, have had. No stuff like, "My brother saw a Mothman outside his window, while I was at work." The exception to this rule is if second-hand accounts corroborate your own experiences.

That is all. Let the horror begin.

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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

Ok silver I'll start this off......
This doesn't count as a ghost story per se, but kinda like some psychic/paranormal intuition or what have you.
On June 1st 1999 I was driving down the road at about 2:30ish in the morning. My husband was in the car with me and I was 8 months pregnant. All of a sudden I started bawling uncontrollably, and he asked me what was wrong. I told him that my Grandfather had just died. His response...."Are you having one of those pregnant mood swings where everything upsets you again?" I said no, still very upset. We got home, and went to bed. At 8:30am we get a phone call from my mom. "Hi Jen, this is mom. Your Grandmother just called and wanted me to let you know you Grandfather died this morning at about 3 am." I went into hysterics. I woke up my husband and had my mom tell him. When he got off the phone he calmed me down, and to this day he thinks that is the weirdest thing he has ever witnessed. He tells everyone I am psychic, I just say I am psycho!
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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

My (ex)Friend Andrea's house is haunted. I observed a few things like one time i went into the kitchen to get a soda. i went to the fridge, opened it, bent down, grabbed my soda and when i stood up and turned around, EVERY door in the Kitchen was WIDE OPEN. that was creepy!

but the one that still gives me chills is i went in the kitchen, shut and locked the backdoor, went to fridge , got a soda and when i turned around, the back door was wide open
Both Times, noone was in the kitchen the entire time except me!
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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

I use to live in a haunted house when I was younger. Up until I was about 11 (maybe 12-13) years old, my family and I lived out on a farm (a sheep farm).
I was about 7 (or maybe 8-9) years old at the time. I remember life out there on the farm wasn't exactly "happy days", as my parents would constantly be fighting.

Anyway one night (I remember the first night so clearly), my mum and dad had had another argument. So my dad went to the local bar (as per usual). I remember that my Mother, Sister, Brother and I were sitting in the lounge and were watching Married With Children. Then my Mother and Sister had some stupid argument about something. Anyway, soon after that we all went to bed. Now my Sister slept in a room at one end of the hallway and my Brother and I slept in another room (we shared a room) which was besides our Parents room at the other end of the hallway.

I think it would have been about 30 or so minutes after we went to bed, that my Sister came running down the hallway. She burst into my Mum's room screaming her friggin head off. So my Brother and I went to see what the problem was. She said that she had heard some deep heavy breathing at the foot of her bed. And then our Mother said that she had heard it too. Neither me nor my brother had heard this because I think my brother had already fallen asleep and I was in that half-asleep/half-awake state, so I hadn't heard anything either.

While we were all in our Parent's room, the deep heavy breathing sound became very loud and could be heard all over the house. By now we were all clearly freaked out. And to make matters worse, there was an overwhelming sense of something evil in the house.

Our Mother rang up Dad at the Bar and told him to get the f#$% home as soon as he could. He arrived about 5 minutes later. After Mum explained to him what happened, he got a golf-club and started searching the house for an intruder (it was obvious to us that this wasn't caused by some intruder, but naturally since he wasn't there to experience it, he was quite skeptical).

Needless to say, he didn't find any intruder. After a while we all managed to go back to bed (lol, though our sister didnt want to sleep in her room by herself so she came and slept with my brother and I). Thankfully the rest of the night passed without any more occurences of the deep-breathing sound.

Anyway, I think it was about every 2-3 months this would happen. I noticed a couple sort of patterns to it. It always seemed to occur after our parents would have an argument. And another strange thing is that it never occured while our Dad was there. He was always out when it occured (usually at the bar). So when our Mum decided that she had had enough of this and decided that we should move house, our Father naturally said "No, we're not moving" (Because he had never witnessed these occurences firsthand).

I think after about 4 years of this, we moved into a town. I remember the day our Parents told us that we were moving. I was so happy that we were finally getting out of that place.

After we moved, I noticed that our Parents rarely (if ever) would fight anymore. Our family just seemed sooo much happier, seeing as we were no longer living in that house.

Also one more strange thing.... I think it was when I was about 16, my Mother told me something that happened a couple weeks before all that scary stuff started to happen. One night she was in bed when she awoke in the middle of the night. She said that at the foot of the bed she saw some sort of figure glowing in radiant light (obviously meant to be an Angel). She told me that this "Angel" or whatever it was, told her, "don't worry, everything is going to be alright. You will not be harmed."

At the time she had no idea what this meant, and she didn't tell anyone because well we would'nt have believed it. A couple weeks after that vision or dream or whatever it was, that stuff started to happen. She now believes that that figure was an Angel that was telling her that we wouldn't be harmed by whatever it was that was causing all that spooky stuff.

Oh yea, one more thing. The things that occured out in that house, severly affected me. I was afraid of the dark plus had really horrible nightmares on a weeky basis until I was about 15 years old.

ETA - In the entire time that this stuff was happening, not once did anything physical happen (like an object being thrown across the room). The majority of the time it was just the deep-heavy breathing. My Mother experienced other things, as I remember one day my brother, sister and I had come home from school. Our Father was out on the farm. The phone rung and it was for our Mum, so she went through to the passageway to speak on it, while us three just stayed in the lounge. After the call ended, our Mum came into the lounge and demanded to know who it was who had crept up behind her in the passageway and whispered to her. None of us had left the lounge that entire time. She said that while she was on the phone, she heard someone whispering something like "Mummy, mummy". Very freaky.

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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

Originally Posted by RidersOnTheStorm
Very freaky.
I nominate this phrase for Understatement Of The Year. How is it that you're not doing the Straitjacket Shuffle? I would be, after an experience like that.
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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

I have a couple things, one is similar to a post above.

- About 10 years ago, I came home from work and was really tired. So I walked to the back of my 100 year old apartment and ran a bath. As I was leaning over the tub, a cold finger poked at my shoulder. I jumped and looked backward. Sitting on the toilet, was a blonde haired guy about age 30. He had on a red and black hunting type shirt, a baseball cap, and blue jeans. (not the style of clothes you see in NYC). I stared at him while all freaked out while he was sitting slumped on the toilet. Then he faded away.

I ran out of the bathroom, and it took me about 10 minutes to calm down. I told myself it must be exhaustion. Finally, I got the courage up to go and take my bath. I sat in the tub with my eyes closed, trying to relax. Suddenly, something made me open my eyes again, and there he was again, standing and staring through me. And then he disappeared. It never happened again. I don't know who or what to make of it.


Here's an older one, similar to the one above.

I was 19 years old, and went off to Paris for school. I had a dream that my grandfather was putting around in a dusty but sunny workshop. The dust in the air looked all twinkly. My grandfather looked really happy. But it was disconcerting to me, because in life my grandfather couldn't walk - he was wheelchair bound because of polio. I woke up hysterical, telling my teachers that my grandfather died, and I needed to get on a plane and go back to California. They told me I was being irrational and emotional, and that I should call my mom and grandmother. So I did. Everybody told me everything was fine. But for months, I was getting worse and my teachers said I was crazy. At Christmas time, I flew back home and they told me that indeed, my grandfather did die. They didn't want me to know, so my time in Paris wouldn't get ruined.

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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

About 2 years ago, I had a strange occurance in my house while brushing my teeth. Our house was built in the 70s, but the guy who own it died in it...I think. Anyways, I was brushing my teeth and then I heard, "What are you doing here?" My sister was around the corner in our room and I asked her if she had said anything and she said no. So, I went back to brushing my teeth, and I heard again, "What are you doing here?" in a very angry tone. I got freaked out and finished brushing my teeth as fast as I could and started humming "Amazing Grace". I always sing that whenever I am scared. Nothing has happened ever since...

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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

I have more but I choose this one.
When I was a little girl we moved into a house that was haunted. I liked the place at first,although it was old the house was nice and had lots of trees and a wooded area.
Right away the thing you noticed was the back room just off the kitchen where the fridge was. There was a door that led outside from it to the part of our yard.It was chilling in that tiny room and that part of the yard, you couldn't stand to be there. All I can say it was like some dark evil feeling,but when you shut the dividing door to the kitchen it was fine.
It doesn't end there, the basement stairs where just off the kitchen,when you got down half the basement one half was something like concrete the other half(at the bottom of the stairs) was dirt.
The furnace was just at the stair bottom to the right and was very very old, so every night in cold weather they had to do something to it.
Here's the basement weird part,it was a small house and just about every night you could hear a dragging sound in the basement the entire length.It wasn't very loud, but in the still of the night it was clear.It stopped at a place near the furnace.The thing about this is, the dirt right beside the furnace was always disturbed,they'd tamp it down and sure enough when you back down it was stirred up again.
Everyone hated going into that basement, it was scary,but didn't have the evil feel of that backroom and yard.
There where a few other odd things,someone saw something at the window, etc.So we moved ,that's when if, I remember correctly, the story of the house was told to us.(It might have been just before)
Apparently years before the house was owned by a man who had gambling parties in the basement,there would be a lot of drinking and things would get out of hand.According to the man who told us, a least one man was killed( I think he said more but I'm not sure) and they hid it by buring him down there.That was the reason for half being concrete,to cover the bodies. But there was a least one other,the guy said the man had married an Asian woman who he treated horribly. He said the bastard would beat her and finally he put in the basement on a chain like a damn dog when she was going to leave him. In the end he killed her and she was buried there also.
I was never sure if the sound we heard was that poor womans chain dragging or what. And I never understood why the feeling of such evil in that back location. I would play in the woods near there and had no bad impressions, it was just in immediate area off and including the back room.Of dourse I didn't hear everything the man said,I wasn't supposed of to be listening the adults talk anyway,so I had to do it on the sly.I might have missed too much.
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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

Not so much a ghost story as a guardian angel story..

When my Dad died, we lived about 4 hours from my Mom. We'd travel 'home' about once or twice a month to see her. In the winter, it was quite nasty weatherwise. Knowing that I firmly believe in angels, I told my Dad... you're in charge of weather.
We never once hit a storm in all the time we traveled (adirondack Northway from Poughkeepsie to the Canadian border in NY for those who've been there)
since then, any time I've had to drive somewhere in nasty weather (understand, we have 2 seasons up here.. this winter and last winter) I'd always tell Dad to take care of it for me. I've been driving in a blinding snowstorm before and simply said .. DADDDDDDD.. and the snow has stopped IMMEDIATELY. (strange)
I've also placed him in charge of stopping the rain when we have something important to do outside, and he also keeps it from being nasty on Christmas for us when we all travel 'home'.

I swear my cat thinks there is a ghost in our house. He will spend hours staring at blank spots on the wall for no reason. I call him clairvoyant kitty. He will climb up on the back of our couch.. a chair.. whatever he can do to get close to the wall... then just sit there and stare intently. (ps, there is nothing there)
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Re: Share Your True Personal Ghost Stories

As a child, I was always afraid of my basement for one good reason, ghosts. I had horrendous nightmares, but one day they all came true. I was going down to my freezer (it was in the basement) to get some bread for breakfast, when all of a sudden one of the shelves collapsed and behind it stood a man. He was partially transparent, so translucent I guess, he had a beard, stood about 6'5" tall and was horrifyingly scary. I ran upstairs to tell my mother, when I heard shouting from downstairs, which my mother didn't hear. Ever since I have been terrified of basements.

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