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LOST Theories So you think you know some secrets of the island? Maybe you can explain everything. If it's original and you can back it up, we'd love to hear it.

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EKO: Tell me, John, haven't you ever followed a dream?

We were wrong to lump all of the hallucinations, visions and dreams into one category (havids) because dreams really do come true on the island.

This theory posits that the 815s Dreams have always been glimpses of future events and distinct from the Visions. An analysis can be found below in the Breaking the Havid section.

Desmond's abilities since turning the Failsafe Key have been a major plot development - but certain 815s have already been shown future events. To demonstrate this we can look at Locke's dream from Deux Ex Machina which predicted Boone's death and the discovery of the Beechraft:
We hear the sound of an airplane engine. Locke looks up to see a small, smoking plane looking like it's going to crash.
LOCKE [pointing]: Did you see that? Boone?
[Boone is looking up at the sky. There's a quick inserted shot of Boone all bloody. Locke hears a metallic sound and looks around to see his mother pointing.]
BOONE [bloody]: Theresa falls up the stairs. Theresa falls down the stairs. Theresa falls up the stairs. Theresa falls down the stairs.
[Locke is in a wheelchair, his mother pointing up in the background.]
LOCKE: No, no, no, please.
BOONE [overlapping with Locke]: Theresa falls up the stairs. Theresa falls down the stairs.
LOCKE [trying to get out of the wheelchair, falling]: Don't take it back.
[We see Locke at night on the beach, waking up frightened from a dream. He checks his legs to see if he can feel them.]

Later, Locke and Boone discuss the dream:
LOCKE: I had a dream last night. I asked for a sign and then I saw a plane crash -- a Beechcraft [pointing] right out there. It was a dream, but it was the most real thing I've ever experienced. I know where to go now.
BOONE: Go for what?
LOCKE: To find what we need to open this bastard up.
Eko also had a dream in ? and in it he saw Ana's future - a fatal gunshot wound to the chest. Remember that Eko did not have any knowledge of her death until after the dream when he ran to the hatch to find John.

Charlie's dream in Fire & Water also predicts a future event. Aaron's baptism is foreshadowed, and the dreams motivated Charlie to serve as Claire and Aaron's protector.

This brings me to the Visions. I think what separates the dreams is that they show a future event on the island, while the visions represent the guilty memories of the 815s past.

The Dreams and Visions are not generic phenomena without plot significance and intent. By analyzing the Dreams and Visions we will eventually discover the Source and the Agenda behind them - and ultimately come to understand the meta-conflict that is really driving the narrative.

Breaking the Havid
Dreams & Visions in Lost
The Dreams

Richard's Dream: Ab Aeterno, S6e09
MEMORY: "I said I would save you my love! I said I would save you, and I will my love."
After being scanned by Smokey, a shackled Richard sees his dead, beloved Isabella in the Black Rock. She tells him they are both dead and both in hell and that she is going to save Richard before "the devil comes back."After hearing Smokey sounds, Richard compels Isabella to leave and we hear her screaming upon exiting the Black Rock.
Symbolism: Religion, love; the two driving forces in Richard's life and the two primary memories that Smokey scanned.
Warnings: I'm here to save you before he comes back. - Isabella. Which we assumed was about Smokey, but this was part of MiB's manipulation of Richard to kill Jacob.
Premonitions: Richard was freed by MiB and recruited to "kill the devil" in order to "escape from hell."
SIGNIFICANCE: Foretold that MiB's Loophole Plan to kill Jacob was hatched centuries ago, and shows us the process by which MiB/Smokey scans memories and sends Dreams as a means of manipulation.

Desmond's Dream: The Constant, S4e05
MEMORY: "I was in a helicopter, sir. And there was a storm, sir."
In 2004, Desmond is leaving the Island on Frank's helicopter during a storn. As Frank struggles for control, the helicopter veers from Daniel's prescribed bearing of 305 and drifts towards 310 and Desmond begins to flash. In 1996, Desmond wakes up in his military bunk after having a dream of himself on a helicopter during a bad storm. Desmond's 1996 consciousness leaps forward to 2004, and Desmond's sense of 2004 is erased until he anchors himself back in the present with his constant, Penny.
Symbolism: n/a
Warnings: n/a
Premonitions: n/a
SIGNIFICANCE: Ties Dreams to Consciousness Time Travel

Claire's 1st Dream: Raised by Another, S1e10
MEMORY: "You gave him away. Everyone pays the price now."
A not-pregnant Claire wakes up and hears a baby crying. She goes to find the baby and instead sees Locke sitting at a table with a lamp, tarot cards and crystals. She then finds an empty crib with bloody blankets in it.
Symbolism: Locke as psychic, Oceanic mobile, Bloody blankets, Locke's black and white eyes.
Warnings: He was your responsibility but you gave him away, Claire. Everyone pays the price now - Locke.
Premonitions: Indicated the Others wanted Claire's baby. Also that Claire would be given the choice to give Aaron away after he was born. Claire may have seen the Oceanic mobile in Maternity Leave.
SIGNIFICANCE: Foretells Claire giving Aaron to MiB as well as MiB's eventual Locke guise and foreshadows the fate of the O6

Boone sees Shannon's death by Smokey: Hearts & Minds, S1e13
INSTRUCTIONS: "Time to let go."
Extremely lucid containing vivid conversations of current events and locations on the Island, particularly Locke and Boone's relationship and daily disappearances. Shannon expresses distaste for Locke and distrust of what he and Boone are up to. Boone tells Shannon about the hatch. The hallucination is interspersed with Boone and Shannon flashbacks that illustrate the 'confused' feelings Boone has for her, as well as his guilt for being dishonest.
Generated by: Locke, when he applied his paste to Boone's headwound
Symbolism: Not the freudian-like symbolism of the pure dreams but instead an adventure with a tragic ending influenced by Boone's guilt over his lust for Shannon and his lying to her about the hatch. The hallucination may have been a signal to Boone that he was not the right protector for Shannon.
Warnings: Time to let go - Locke. This may have been conveyed to reduce his infatuation with his sister, reinforce his allegiance to Locke and to prepare Shannon for Boone's death.
Predictions: Shannon's eventual death. Smokey's murderous ways.
SIGNIFICANCE: Encourages Boone to let go and let Locke

Claire's 2nd Dream: Special, S1e14
MEMORY: "The black rock that I can't get away from."
Explained by Charlie who was reading Claire's diary.
Symbolism: The black rock, i.e. MiB
Warnings: A recurring dream, Claire was unable to escape the black rock. "I had that weird dream again, the one with the black rock I can't get away from. I try to leave it but it won't let me."
Premonitions: Claire's teaming with MiB as well as MiB as both Casual Christian and Locke.
SIGNIFICANCE: Foretells Claire's three-year tour of duty on The Island with MiB

Locke's 1st Dream: Deus ex Machina, S1e19
MEMORY: The Beechcraft and Cliff, and Boone's Theresa
Locke sees Yemi's beechcraft crash in the jungle. His Mom and Bloody Boone point up towards the cliff and trees where the plane was found. Locke discovers a personal detail about Boone's life and then sees himself back in the wheelchair.
Symbolism: A significant event in the Lost canon and one at the center of this analysis. The beechcraft brought us Charlie's heroin statues, Boone's distress call, Yemi's corpse, the cross - and then to the "?" - and to Eko's demise. It also predicted Boone's fall and death.
Warnings: The dream took Locke to the beechcraft. He misinterpreted it as a way to open the hatch and never climbed the cliff and looked North. Both Boone and Emily point to the spot where the plane was caught on the cliff but Locke never makes it up there. He loses his legs and sends Boone up to his death.
Premonitions: The Beechcraft. Boone's fall and death. John losing his legs. The plane's position in the trees. A major message to John that he was not controlling his destiny.
SIGNIFICANCE: Foretells Locke's seeing the drug plane crash in the Island's Past and getting shot in the leg by Ethan

Hurley's Dream: Everybody Hates Hugo, S2e4
MEMORY: The 1977 Dharma Initiative.
Hurley in the Swan pantry stuffing his face. He chugs from a carton of milk that shows Walt as missing. Jin speaks English and Mr. Cluck's mascot appears. Hurley speaks Korean. Jin tells Hurley 'Everything is going to change' as the countdown is heard.
Symbolism: Vices: Food, transference, Hurley's old job,
Warnings: Things are not what they seem and change is afoot.
Premonitions: Walt missing. Jin back on the island. Strong allusion to the countdown timer and major change. Jin could speak better English than he let on.
SIGNIFICANCE: Foretells Hurley and Jin's role in the 1977 Dharma Initiative and Jin speaking English

Charlie's 1st Dream: Fire & Water, S2e12
INSTRUCTIONS: "You can't save us if you don't play."
Young Charley walks downstairs. He passes a painting of The Baptism of Christ by Verrocchio. It's Christmas morning and a young Liam is already opening presents. Young Charlie looks for a present to open but they all have tags that say Liam. His Mom surprises him with a piano - covered in blankets - tells him he's special and that one day Charlie will "get us out of here, all of us." Liam plays with Voltron in a diaper and says "You can't save us if you don't play." Mom begs Charlie to play a tune and to save them. Dad is at his butcher's block and dismisses Charlie's music and tell hims "You need a trade", cuts the head off of a baby doll, Aaron cries and then Charlie is back on the island playing piano in the surf. The cries come from inside the piano. Charlie sees the trees moving and stops to watch. The piano starts washing out to sea. Charlie wakes up on the beach.
Symbolism: Christmas, Charlie as savior, Liam as baby, The Beatles, Yesterday and Today "Butcher Cover", Daddy issues
Warnings: After Charlie is told how his music will save, his piano becomes a trap and eventual coffin for Aaron. The Whispers distracted Charlie and Aaron floated away.
Premonitions: Aaron's eventual danger - at Charlie's hands. The quick appearance of the painting serves as the link to Charlie's next dream.
SIGNIFICANCE: Foretells Charlie's sacrifice to save his friends by playing the musical code in the underwater station, The Looking Glass

Charlie's 2nd Dream: Fire & Water, S2e12
Verrocchio's painting come to life. Charlie is told that the baby's in danger and he's the only one who can save him. The beechcraft crashes in the jungle and the black and white doves take flight.
Symbolism: All of the religious imagery from the painting, the annunciation, baptism, the
beechcraft as harbinger, duality, light and dark
Warnings: Aaron's imminent danger, Charlie's role as savior, the importance of baptism
Premonitions: Aaron's baptism by Eko, the danger created by Charlie
SIGNIFICANCE: Foretells Charlie's sacrifice to save Aaron and Claire

Eko's Dream: ?, S2e21
INSTRUCTIONS: "Make John take you to the question mark. Push the button."
Bloody Ana shows up on the beach, reminds Eko it's a dream and then tells him he needs to help John. Jump to hatch where Yemi is sitting at the computer. Yemi says, "The work being done in this place is important, Eko. It is more important than anything. And it is in danger. You must help John. He has lost his way. You must make him take you to the question mark." Then, the hatch alarm goes off and question marks appear on the timer and keyboard. As the equipment shakes, Yemi says, "John will not want to show you, so you must make him. Eko, there are many distractions, brother, but you must move past them. What is done is done. Do you understand?" He tells Eko to bring the axe.
Symbolism: The question marks
Warnings: John's fading faith, the importance of the Swan, ?, or both, distractions ahead for Eko, Don't look back at the past
Premonitions: Ana's death, the Swan implosion, Eko's encouter with Vision Yemi, Locke's knowledge of the BDM and ?
SIGNIFICANCE: Enlists Eko to lead hatch-obsessed Locke to the The Pearl so MiB could manipulate him back on to the path that leads to his pitiful death and fate as MiB's mask

Locke's 2nd Dream: ?, S2e21
MEMORY: Climbing the cliff and falling down, and Eko's Yemi
Yemi takes Eko to the cliff where the beechcraft was found. He climbs up and a limping Eko follows. When Eko gets to the top he sees Yemi in a wheelchair. Yemi says "Wake up John" Eko falls from the cliff and John wakes up.
Symbolism: the wheelchair, the priest
Warnings: Same as Locke's first Dream: Climb up the cliff.
Premonitions: Eko appears as Locke in the dream and then takes Locke's place pushing the button in the Swan
SIGNIFICANCE: Foretells Locke's seeing the drug plane crash in the Island's Past and getting shot in the leg by Ethan

Locke's Sweatlodge Trip: Further Instructions, S3e3
INSTRUCTIONS: "Save the family. Find Eko. Lift up your eyes and look north."
After the implosion, Locke is compelled to build a sweatlodge. He consumes a batch of his paste, and Boone shows up and tells Locke he's there to "help John find his way again." Locke can't walk so Boone tells him to hop into the wheelchair. Then we're off to the Sydney airport where Boone says that "someone in the airport is in danger and only Locke can save them." Locke points to all of the 815s - each of which is depicted in their current situation, which Locke has no prior knowledge of (See post #85 for specifics). John sees J, K and S in line with Ben as airport security but Boone tells him "there's nothing he can do for them until he cleans up his own mess first" - an allusion to Locke's overwhelming inability to correctly interpret the dream messages he has been given since DeM. Boone appears at the top of an escalator bank and beckons John to "Come up here and Clean it up'" Locke drags himself up the escalator to find bloody Boone from the DeM dream, Eko's stick in a pool of blood. Boone says, "They've got him. You don't have much time." Then as he is about to exit the lodge, a flaming polar bear leaps from the fire just as it did before Locke torched it in the cave with aquanet.
Generated by: Locke, when he ingested the paste.
Symbolism: The wheelchair, the airport, climbing 'up', Eko's stick, Hurley inputting numbers, the return of bloody Boone, references to prior dreamtrips
Warnings: I'm here to help you find your way again. Come up here. Clean it up, John. They've got him. You don't have much time. - Boone
Predictions: Charlie and Claire's reunion, J, K and S with Ben and Co, Kate and Sawyer's union, Sayid, Jin and Sun together, Eko in trouble, the significance of Eko's stick,
SIGNIFICANCE: Reveals future information and encourages Locke to save Eko and use his stick to find New Otherton

Locke's 3rd Dream: Cabin Fever, S4e11
MEMORY: Ben's Bloody-Nose Horace.
INSTRUCTIONS: "Find the Cabin."
Locke meets Horace Goodspeed of the Dharma Intiative as he is chopping trees down to build a cabin for himself and his wife. He cuts down the same tree over and over again. At the end of each repetition, Horace's nose bleeds. Horace tells Locke "You gotta find me John...and when you do, you'll find him (Jacob)." He then says "He's been waitin' for you a real long time man."
Symbolism: The Myth of Sisyphus, The Purge of Dharma
Warnings: You must find the Cabin.
Premonitions: None - this Dream was a clear set of instructions asking Locke to draw on his memories of the Island. Locke finally made the right choice - he returned to the Dharma pit, found Horace's corpse and the map locating the cabin.
SIGNIFICANCE: Reveals MiB's Loophole plan

Kate's 1st Dream: There's No Place Like Home, S4e13
INSTRUCTIONS: "Don't bring him back, Kate. Don't you dare bring him back."
Kate wakes up inside her dream to a ringing telephone. She answers and hears ghostly whispering, then enters Aaron's room to find Claire at the boy's bedside.
Symbolism: Nothing significant, although the backwards Whispering was the contrary to Claire's warning.
Warnings: Same as mandate.
Premonitions: None - this Dream was a clear set of instructions asking Kate to not bring Aaron back to the Island. This Dreams stands in stark contrast to the warnings received by Jack and Hurley.

Desmond's 2nd Dream: Because You Left, S5e01
MEMORY: Meeting Faraday outside of the Swan, pre-Crash.
INSTRUCTIONS: "Go to Oxford, find my mother."
The Island skips back in time to a moment when Desmond is manning the Swan hatch. Daniel decides to rouse his constant to help fix what's happening. Daniel explains that "the rules don't apply" to Desmond and that he is "uniquely and miraculously special" and must find his mother at Oxford because the left-behinders are all in grave peril. Then the Island begins skipping again and Desmond wakes up in bed with Penny on their sailboat.
Symbolism: n/a
Warnings: "My name is Daniel Faraday, and right now me and everyone else you left behind--we're in serious danger. "
Premonitions: No longer applicable because Dreams are Memories of the Future.
SIGNIFICANCE: Demonstrates a link between Dreams, memories and pure consciousness.


Walt's Dream: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, S5e07
MEMORY: "You were on the Island, wearing a suit, and there are people all around you. They wanted to hurt you, John."
SIGNIFICANCE: Foretells Locke's fate as MiB's mask on The Island

Daniel's FlashSideways Dream: Happily Ever After, S6e11
SIGNIFICANCE: Demonstrates that even souls dreams and reinforces the truth and authenticity of the information found in the Dreams
The Dreams: Findings

- - The 815s Dreams predicted several major events:
  1. Others/Dharma
  2. Meta-Conflict/MiB/Black rock
  3. Claire's kidnapping and medical testing
  4. Beechcraft/Yemi
  5. Walt's abduction
  6. Jin's return from the raft
  7. Boone's death
  8. Ana's death
  9. Aaron's baptism
  10. Dark Charlie
  11. Vision Yemi
  12. Pearl hatch
  13. Swan implosion
- - The Dreams twice instructed Locke to Climb the Cliff and called on Eko for insurance

- - Both Boone and Eko played a part in Locke's dreamquest and died as a result
- - The Beechcraft dream in DeM was a watershed moment
- - There is evidence that the dreams and visions are in opposition
- - The Dreams seek to bring the 815s together
- - The Dreams have not yet figured into S3 but their prescience may be related to Desmond's abilities since turning the failsafe
- - All unconscious "trips" are closely related to the Dreams and most likely from the same source and sending the same message (Locke)
- - Produce a more intense effect because the essence of the Island is ingested by the user rather than second hand exposure to the Island (eat, drink, breathe)
- - Also contain glimpses of the future as well as information not available any other way, possibly omniscient
- - In Locke's case, consistent with the message he has always been sent . . . Lift up your eyes and look north
- - Boone's trip foretold Shannon's death
The Visions = MiB/Smokey

Emily Linus in The Man Behind the Curtain, S3e20
Seen by: Young Ben in a flashback
Physical Contact: No
Description: After he sees his Mom outside the window, Ben ventures to the sonic fence and sees Emily on the other side. He hears the Whispers and starts to run towards Emily. She warns Ben about the danger of the fence and tells him "It's not time yet." Later, Ben deactivates the fence to find Emily but instead runs into Richard who has a similiar message for Ben about patience.
Outcome: Negative
Years later, Ben's kills his father and leads the hostiles in the mass murder of the Dharma Initiative.
Potential Explanation: Unlike Christian and Yemi, Emily did not die on the Island or arrive there dead. But like the other Visions, Emily represents the most traumatic event of Ben's life and he feels responsible for her death. The Whispers indicate that this was not the spirit form of Emily or a ghost, but a manufactured image used to manipulate Ben.

Christian Shephard in White Rabbit, S1e5
Seen by: Jack
Physical Contact: None
Origin: Confirmed dead in Sydney, arrived on the Island in a coffin on Flight 815 - corpse currently missing.
Description: Visual only. Did not speak. Did not smile. Vanished and reappeared a few times. Not seen again - but heard on Hydra speaker in S3. May have been wearing the white tennis shoes Jack saw after the crash.
Outcome: Negative
Jack's chase led him off the edge of a cliff (similiar to what Dave asked of Hurley) where he was saved by Locke, who was following him. Did Locke see Christian too?
Potential Explanation: Hallucination brought on by stress, lack of sleep, etc.

Black Horse in What Kate Did, S2e9 - NOT MiB
Seen by: Kate and Sawyer
Physical Contact: Yes
Origin: A black horse appeared to help Kate escape from the marshall.
Description: Real-life horse. Calm. Let Kate nuzzle it before walking away.
Outcome: Positive
The vision appeared during a time of great stress for Kate and was a comfort to her.
Potential Explanation: Another animal left over from the Dharma days.

Yemi in High Cost of Living, S3e5
MANDATE: Confess.
Seen by: Eko
Physical Contact: Yes, he lights Eko's tent on fire
Origin: Shot and killed at the airstrip in Nigeria, arrived dead on the Island via the drug plane - corpse currently missing.
Description: Intimidating presence. Carried a lighter. Commanded Eko to find him, confess and be judged.
Outcome: Negative
Eko could have been killed in the tent fire and Yemi ignited the quest that ended his life.
Potential Explanation: Post traumatic stress from the hatch implosion and polar bear attack.

Warlord, Thug and Altar Boy in High Cost of Living, S3e5
MANDATE: Confess.
Seen by: Eko
Physical Contact: Yes, he fights with them
Origin: All three were involved with Eko as soon as he took over Yemi's church.
Description: Playback of an event from Eko's life. The confrontation ends with the Warlord begging for his life the same way he did before Eko murdered him. Altar boy shows up and repeats Yemi's warning to 'Confess."
Outcome: Negative
Just another test of faith on the path to judgement day.
Potential Explanation: Post traumatic stress from the hatch implosion and polar bear attack.

Yemi in High Cost of Living, S3e5
MANDATE: Confess.
Seen by: Eko
Physical Contact: Yes, Eko hands Yemi the gold cross necklace from their youth and Yemi rejects it. The cross was a significant piece of Eko and Yemi's story; it bound them.
Origin: See 1st Yemi above
Description: Yemi shows up with white, ashy, dust stuff all over his frock. He only asks Eko if he is finally ready to confess. Eko gets totally freaked out when Yemi delivers the "You speak to me as if I were your brother" line. Yemi leaves and Smokey quickly arrives.
Outcome: Negative
Eko was attacked and killed by Smokey as soon as Yemi walked back into the jungle.
Potential Explanation: Post traumatic stress from the hatch implosion and polar bear attack. But Locke saw blood on Eko's mouth as he passed away. His body was broken.

Taller Walt: Through the Looking Glass, S3e22
MANDATE: You have work to do.
After Locke lay paralyzed in the Dharma burial pit, Walt returns to stop John from killing himself. He tells John that he can move his legs and to get out of the ditch.
Seen by: Locke
Warnings: Get out of the ditch [John], you have work to do.

Libby in Meet Kevin Johnson, S4e8
MANDATE: Don't do it, Michael.
Seen by: Michael in a flashback
Physical Contact: No
Description: Michael awakens after the car accident in the hospital with Libby as a blanket-bearing nurse. On the Freighter, Michael hears the same song that was playing when he tried to kill himself and the Whispers as Libby visits Michael in the engine room to tell him "Don't do it, Michael" before he activates Ben's phoney bomb.
Outcome: The warning didn't stop Michael from activating the bomb despite Libby's message. But Michael will not die until the Island lets him.
Potential Explanation: Michael is hallucinating.

Christian in Something Nice Back Home, S4e10 - NOT MiB
MANDATE: Not yet known, but "You have to go back", "You were not supposed to leave", or "You still have work to do" are all likely.
Seen by: Jack
Physical Contact: No
Description: Jack saw Christian at the hospital twice - once during the day and late one night after hearing the smoke detecter beeping. Christian calls out "Jack" before a colleague walks past and he disappears.
Outcome: Negative - This begins Jack downward spiral and fuels his urgency to go back to the Island.
Potential Explanation: Jack is hallucinating.

Alex in Dead is Dead, S5e12
MANDATE: You will listen to every word John Locke says, and you will follow his every order.

Seen by: Ben in the Temple
Physical Contact: Big time - Vision Alex slams Ben against the wall and threatens to destroy him.
Description: Smokey shows Ben memories of Alex's life and death and disappears through a vent. Vision Alex then appears and after acknowledging - but not accepting - Ben's apology for her death, she delivers a severe warning to not kill Locke as Ben was planning but to follow his every order.
Outcome: The Island officially demotes Ben to Locke's disciple.
Potential Explanation: This is a stupid category and I should probably remove it. We know what the Visions are and the role they play in the story.
The Visions: Findings
- - Kate's Horse does not fit the pattern of the other Visions. It was an animal, a positive force, and was witnessed by another person. Was it sent from another source or for a different purpose? Does this suggest that the horse was real despite being in Kate's flashback and a symbol of freedom for her? It stands out for sure.
- - Is Kate's Horse Vision similiar to Locke's encounter with the beautfiful bright light? Both were positive experiences.
- - Visions seemed to intensify, become more lifelike and capable of more harm as time passed on the island.
- - Visions wanted to do harm to the people who saw them - except the horse.
- - Visions may be composites of memories woven with Island details - Christian's white tennis shoes, Yemi's clothes soiled from the tent fire, Dave knowing details about the hatch, etc.
- - Both Yemi and Christian were dead when they arrived to the island - their corpses are currently missing.
- - The Visions seek to get the 815s alone - presumably to kill them
Hurley's Ghosts

Dave in Dave, S2e18- More likely MiB
Physical Contact: Yes, he slaps Hurley a few times and hits him with a coconut
Origin: Imaginary friend, Santa Rosa patient or Libby's dead husband? Still a mystery.
Description: Seemingly real live human being with full knowledge of Hurley's past and present on the Island.
Outcome: Negative. He was a threatening force and almost convinced Hurley to jump off the cliff so he could 'wake up.' Libby convinced Hurley not to.

Charlie in The Beginning of the End, S4e1
MANDATE: They need you.
Physical Contact: Yes, Charlie slaps Hurley's face
Description: Charlie approached Hurley in the convenience store, the interrogation room and on the hospital grounds. Charlie was off camera in the store, an underwater hallucination in the police station and is seen by another patient at the hospital.
Outcome: Unknown but based on the scene with Jack, Hurley believes it was a mistake to the leave the Island, and the Island wants them to return.

Ana Lucia in The Lie, S5e2
MANDATE: You've got a lot of work to do. Don't get arrested.
Physical Contact: No, but Hurley sees a Vision-Cruiser
Description: Hurley gets pulled over by Vision Ana who warns him about getting arrested.
Outcome: Unknown but Hurley did not heed the warning.

Isabella in Ab Aeterno, S6e09
MANDATE: It wasn't your fault that I died, Ricardo. You've suffered enough.
Physical Contact: No.
Description: Isabella contacts Hurley who helps her make contact with Richard.
Outcome: Richard finally frees himself of the guilt he had carried regarding Isabella's death.

Michael in Everybody Loves Hugu, S6e12
MANDATE: I'm here to stop you from getting everyone killed.
Physical Contact: No.
Description: Michael arrives to warn Hurley that blowing up 316 with result in the death of his friend.
Outcome: Hurley heeded the warning and blew up the Blackrock - and the supply of dynamite in the process. As a result, 316 was able to provide safe passage off of the Island.
Confirmation: The Whispers are the dead who can't move on.
The Projections - Wet Walt & Harper

Wet Walt One: MoS, MoF, S2e1
MANDATE: Push the button. Don't push the button. Bad.
Vincent goes running into the jungle, followed by Shannon and Sayid. Shannon falls, looks up and sees Walt dripping wet in the clothes he left in. He whispers something unintelligible that Shannon can't understand, but we know is "Push the button. Don't push the button bad."
Seen by: Shannon who also heard Whispers
Warnings: Push the button. Don't push the button bad - a warning about the numbers protocol and the Swan Hatch computer. The sentence structure is interesting. Walt would not speak this way - and it's awkward structure sounds like someone who is new to the language.
Predictions: The importance of pushing the button, but the backwards-speak prevented any chance of the message being received by Shannon.

Wet Walt Two: Abandoned, S2e6
MANDATE: They're coming and they're close.
A rush of wind blows out a candle, and Wet Walt arrives at Sayid and Shannon's love tent speaking unintelligibly again.
Seen by: Shannon
Warnings: They're coming and they're close- potentially a warning about the approach of Ana's party.
Predictions: Hard to pin down, but if we take the words at face value this was a warning for Shannon that danger was approaching. The approach of Ana's party would otherwise not be a danger - but since we know the outcome WW appears to warn her to be ready or steer clear.

Wet Walt Three: Abandoned, S2e6
Sayid is chasing Shannon through the jungle. They hug and hear the Whispers. Sayid sees Wet Walt. Shannon turns around and sees him too. She runs after him and is shot by Ana.
Seen by: Shannon and Sayid
Warnings: Shhh- which we have seen in a Dream (Yemi) Vision (Altar boy) and now this.
Predictions: They were coming and they were close and then Shannon was dead.

Harper Goodwin: The Other Woman, S4e06
MANDATE: Kill Faraday and Lewis.
Harper claims to be delivering a message from Ben to stop Charlotte and Dan from deploying posion gas at the Tempest station.
Seen by: Juliet and Jack
Warnings: If you don't stop them, everyone on this Island is going to die.
Predictions: Harper knew exactly where Faraday and Lewis were headed, and the purpose of their mission.

The Projections: Findings
- - Three Wet Walt sightings over the course of a few days
- - WW1 happened moments after Walt was taken from the raft
- - WW1 & WW3 were accompanied by Whispers
- - Vincent led Shannon to the same spot in the Jungle for encounters WW1 & WW3
- - WW2 included no Whispers and Vincent was tethered to the tent
- - The spoken messages in WW1 and WW2 were unitelligible
- - Walt 2.0 also accompanied by Whispers
- - All four Walts wear the same clothes
- - 2.0 Refers to John as "John" and not Walt's usual "Mr. Locke"


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Re: Their Dreams Come True

First, I like your original thinking in rejecting an idea that is a widespread assumption.

Second, let's test your idea by testing the alternative: Have any dreams come false?

This may not be entirely clear either, perhaps someone else can think of a good example. If you are including HAVIDs, then Yemi is very clearly a lying havid.

Regardless, my sense is that the dreams have often prompted action that alterred the future (as Desmond's pre-cog with the lightning did in a positive way) but with the dreams the actions have often been unforunate and suggest the dreams misleading at best. Think in particular about all the dreams that led them toward Yemi's plane and the Pearl. These dreams seem to have a death count that includes Boone and Eko and by all rights should have included everyone in the hatch if Desmond hadn't had the key.
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Re: Their Dreams Come True

Hmmm one thing you said really sticks out to me about Locke having lost his path. If his path was to go to the pearl and not the swan, then maybe the Yemi dream was never about the swan at all. When it said something about important work being done here, I just assumed that meant in the swan hatch. Which seemed to be the case when we found out that it was doing important work. Maybe that's not what the vision meant though. "Here" didn't have to mean where it was in the dream. "Here" could have just meant the island in general. Also it sure seems like Eko has put Locke back on his path. Back to his destiny of being a jungle man. An explorer. He did that by getting Locke to the pearl and out of the swan. Maybe Eko did exactly what he was supposed to do by leading to the destruction of the swan.
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Re: Their Dreams Come True

Right, except that the "supposed to" in question involves fulfilling the will of a malevolent entity that is generating these HAVIDS. It would be much better if they all ignored this thing.

I think that's what Eko had figured out, especially just before his demise.

Locke is the quintessential useful idiot.
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-- Fourtoes
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Bob Sacamano
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Re: Their Dreams Come True

Thanks Fourtoes. I am purposely pulling out the dreams from the visions and hallucinations. All three are caused by island strangeness, but when analyzing the dreams they all seemed to foretell the future in some abstract fashion. The dreams could be a hell of a lot clearer, but no, I don't think they are intentionally misleading or trying to trick the 815s. I truly believe they are trying to help them.

I think they are tests of faith. Locke failed in DeM, but with Eko's help was able to correctly interpret the dream the second time around.

Both Eko and Boone appeared inside of Locke's dreams trying to put him on the right path and both are now dead. Coincidence or Fate?

It's funny you bring up Yemi, because that's where I began. My basic premise was that Smokey is only responsible for the visions and not the dreams. I was intrigued by the differences between the gentle, positive Yemi in ? and the intimidating, negative Yemi in The Cost of Living. My original thought was that the Yemi in TCoL was a vision like the thugs and not the dream Yemi from ?. I need to go back and watch the epi again and read the transcripts before digging deeper into that one.
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Re: Their Dreams Come True

Closely watch the dream Locke has in which Yemi pushes Eko off the cliff.

I'm not sure exactly what it means, but it seems very important. As far as I can remember, Locke doesn't even know of Yemi's existence at that point. I'd be interested in your insights about it.
Power is derived from the barrel of a pen.
-- Fourtoes
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Bob Sacamano
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Re: Their Dreams Come True

^^Will do.

I always thought that that particular dream was a clearer message about the importance of finding the Pearl.

Boone pointed up towards the same location in the original dream but Locke mistakenly focused on the plane, and only the plane. Not the vantage point up on the cliff.

Then Locke got lost in the Swan Hatch for most of S2. I believe that Locke was never meant to open the Swan, as Walt warned, but to find the Pearl. He just made a typical boneheaded Locke mistake.

In the second dream, Yemi beckoned EkoLocke up to the cliff where the Question Mark and the Pearl were finally revealed. This is where Locke was always meant to go first.
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Re: Their Dreams Come True

Originally Posted by Bob Sacamano View Post
Eko also had a dream in ? and in it he saw Ana's future - a fatal gunshot wound to the chest. Remember that Eko did not have any knowledge of her death until after the dream when he ran to the hatch to find John.
Bob, I like the idea that their dreams, and their dreams alone, are acting as a window to foretell the future to them.

I mean, it really does seem folly that we have, so far, fallen into the trap of lumping together hallucinations, visions and dreams, so I like where you're going with this. I do have a question though - are you ruling out the possibility that any of the havids are actually ghosts, or energised spirits in some way, which are somehow empowered to present themselves to the recipient (say, as a result of the island's properties acting as some kind of clairvoyent conduit)?

Also, I'd like to challenge you over the Ana blood scene. For this to be a dream that presented Eko with a vision of the future, it would have had to have been something Eko experienced before Ana was shot. I would need to re-watch the concurrent episodes again, but I'm fairly sure that we were first shown Ana being shot, and then later, Eko was shown to see Ana standing there, with a gunshot wound.

Her message to Eko was also strange - why tell him to help John find his faith again? Ok, we know it was to get John to re-establish his faith in pressing the button, but why would Ana care about that? One possibility of that whole situation is that Ana, having unfortunately been shot, become homogeneous with the island, in her spirit form, and that she was soon able to see the importance/relevance of the button.

Anyway, don't let my negativity throw this thread off track. There are some interesting ideas in here that deserve further discussion.
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Re: Their Dreams Come True

Howwould the Annunciation scene fit in with this theory???

I am having a hard time remembering the details or the timing.
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Re: Their Dreams Come True

Fascinating theory.
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