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LOST Theories So you think you know some secrets of the island? Maybe you can explain everything. If it's original and you can back it up, we'd love to hear it.

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+ Stopping the countdown is bad??

So, now we know that entering the Numbers and pressing the Execute button in the hatch resets a countdown every 108 minutes (or hours). As discussed in numerous posts, when Shannon sees Walt in the woods he says "Don't press the button, the button's bad" backwards.

Assuming the Execute button is the button Walt's image is referring to (it's the only major button introduced thus far into the plot), why is resetting the countdown bad??

I have three possible explanations for this:

1. Desmond has no idea what happens when the countdown reaches 0, but Walt does. Whoever put Desmond in the hatch - or caused him to seek refuge in the hatch - told him that the countdown controls a self-destruct mechanism, the ventilation system in the hatch to keep the "sickness" out, or some sort of other bad thing to keep him on his toes when it comes to resetting it. When in actuality, resetting the countdown somehow enables the Monster to continue stomping around the island and eating people, continues pumping a virus out into the island air, or some other thing harmful to the outside world, and Walt knows (or "senses") this. In other words, Desmond's attempts at misguided self-preservation unintentionally further the malicious goals of an evil entity controlling the island.

2. Walt is evil. Walt knows that if the countdown reaches 0, then a doomsday device will be released on the world, a dimensional tear will be created, or some other bad thing will happen. What if there's a twist in store for the Lost plot in that viewers are concentrating so hard on whether Locke, or Desmond, or the Others are evil, when Walt is actually the evil one? Think about it, Walt was the one Locke was talking to in his "Two Opposing Forces of Good and Evil, or How to Play Backgammon Like a Pro" discussion. Walt has some sort of premonitionary power, which was most obvious when he touched Locke before leaving on the raft and told him not to open the hatch because it was bad. Maybe the Others didn't kidnap Walt in order to sacrifice him to the resident Island Troll, but because they sensed the evil inside him from the time he was on the island. Moreover, Walt's pretty freakin creepy to start with.

3. Walt is good and knows they have to make the Ultimate Sacrifice. Similar to #2, Walt knows letting the countdown reach 0 will destroy the island; but he also knows there is an evil force at work on the island, or science experiments gone horribly wrong, etc. Walt realizes the point of their coming to the island - their destiny - was not to find a way back home, but that each of them was selected to come here to play a part in the Ultimate Sacrifice of destroying the island and the evil forces at work at the cost of their own lives.

Any thoughts?
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Actually You got your information Backwards. what he says reversed is actually Push The Button. No button is bad. so you might want to change your theory.
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That isn't an absolute fact.

A lot of people think he says "don't push the button, the buttons bad."

It could be either.
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Actually, the actor who plays Walt was on the Jimmy Kimmel show last Tuesday and said that it was, in fact, "Don't push the button. The button is bad."
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Ok, now that we've got the show facts straight...(thanks for the tip, studebaker)

The more I think about this, the more I'm leaning towards possibility #2, where we find that Walt is positioned more toward the not-so-good side. I mean thus far, one of the most striking examples of his premonitionary powers seems to be that he caused a bird to fatally crash into the window when his stepdad wouldn't listen to him. The look on Walt's face when his stepdad and mom looked at him, was not one of surprise or concern for the bird, but more of a strangely calm, "Better think twice before you do that again" kind of expressions.
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it's an interesting thing, that countdown...

I don't believe it would blow anything up, however. That's the first thing we think of, and why? Because in movies, when the countdown reaches zero, something ALWAYS blows up. I think we've learned that our first guess is hardly ever correct with this show.

I think it's pretty clear that the countdown has nothing to do with the security system, and nothing to do with the shark...

(I'm sorry, but this just in from billy corgan's website: he wants to get the smashing pumkins back together - rejoice!)

So what does the countdown do, and if the execute button is what walt was referring to, why is it so bad to touch? All it did was restart a countdown that has obviously been restarted hundreds of times since the plane crashed.

So that leads us to the question of, has anything happened on the island hundreds of times that we can think of? Keep in mind: once the countdown was reset, there were no explosions or loud sounds, ala security system (which we haven't seen more than a few times anyway).


A repeated occurence since the plane crash... Perhaps the countdown only affects the hatch.
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Re: countdown

oh, smashing pumpkins should *totally* do a guest appearance. they can be in somebody's flashback.


Locke stares up at the sky, his face solemn. In the background, we see the blurry figures of Charlie and Claire, talking.

Oh, my favorite Smashing Pumpkins song was always 1979.

Really? I would have though Bullet With Butterfly Wings was more your style.

They laugh, and the sound is drowned out as we pull in tighter on Locke's face and then. . .

Locke is at a Smashing Pumpkins concert. The whole place is rocking and so is he-- long hair headbanging and jumping up and down.

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Old 09-30-05, 03:38 AM   #8
made Damon Lindelof say "Fermions" on TV :P
Hears the Whispers
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Re: countdown

I had thought walt may have given his mother a blood disease the same way he willed the bird to him..
all he had to do was read about a blood disease, then give it a child perspective twist, therefore rare to the doctors.. ?
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Old 09-30-05, 04:01 PM   #9
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Re: countdown

We are all jumping to the conclusion that the "button" Walt refers to is the "Execute" on the computer. But there may be another button of more import to come (this is the kind of misdirection the writers might use). OR pushing the button without the proper sequence of the numbers is very bad.

I don't feel Walt would give bad advice, just ambiguous counsel.
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Old 09-30-05, 04:10 PM   #10

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Re: countdown

Remember though, Jack was about to push the execute button without entering the code first and Locke stopped him. I'm not saying that Locke knew better or anything. I'm just trying to make the point that maybe JUST pressing Execute is bad. BUT, entering the code first makes it ok.

That, or maybe we havent seen 'the button' yet.
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