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LOST Theories So you think you know some secrets of the island? Maybe you can explain everything. If it's original and you can back it up, we'd love to hear it.

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Old 09-22-05, 03:51 PM   #11
famous mockingbird

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I think older computers said execute instead of enter. I know i've seen it before anyway.
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Old 09-22-05, 04:05 PM   #12
Max Power 79

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The Security system was activated AFTER Artzn died - Locke and Jack were carrying the dynamite and the Security system grabbed Locke. The Security system had nothing to do with Artz's death.

But the question is, why does Desmund need to a Security System? Does he use it to hunt for food, or does he want to kill the survivors with it?
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Old 09-22-05, 04:09 PM   #13

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Time issues

The opeing scene was cut into pieces so we really dont know how long it was. It could have been hours. Also, after Arzt died, they went straight to the hatch so it wouldnt have taken too long. Who knows, its just an idea.
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Old 09-22-05, 04:12 PM   #14
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I think older computers said execute instead of enter.
EXECUTE is an interesting word. On one hand it means go ahead with the command, or in star trek language "make it so."

And of course it brings to mind execution. I don't think Desmond had the capacity to execute Arzt by pushing a button. Maybe in video games. Still thinking the dynamite blew him up - as odd as that was.
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Old 09-22-05, 04:13 PM   #15
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Re: Time issues

Bender76: Old DOS format computers had symbols like that. You would type in a code to either run a program, etc. It didn't seem weird to me, just that it was REALLY old.
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Old 09-22-05, 04:24 PM   #16

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Re: Time issues

Wouldn't really make sense to just keep a guy in a cave for 20 years having him actively activate a Security System. You would think that would be automated.

In fact we really have no hard evidence that the Security System is even part of Desmond' operation. We are infering that since they are both underground that they are part of the same system.

I do have a theory that the Island's function is tied to Fate / Destiny / Luck. What if the purpose of the numbers / Desmond entering the numbers and ultimately the island itself is to counterbalance fate / destiny with Bad luck, Bad Mojo.

Changing Fate and Destiny for certain people / events?
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Old 09-22-05, 04:25 PM   #17

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Just wondering if anyone else thought that the cursor on the computer screen looked a little odd...

Looked a little sinister... almost like a monster.
I think that's just a nice side effect, not an intentional representation of a monster.

Most old computers had some kind of prompt to let the user know input was needed.

For example, in DOS, the prompt was usually C:\ >. But drive letters themselves are a relatively new development as well.

Pre-90s computers often had a prompt that included symbols like : = >. They were also often something like COMMAND:>

Plus, emoticons as we know them today didn't exist in the era that computer seems to have come from. =)
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Old 09-22-05, 04:44 PM   #18

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I agree that the time period during which we were introduced to Desmund was chopped up. He could have definitely taken several hours, allowing enough time to 'execute' Artz with the button before the hatch is blown up.
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Old 09-22-05, 05:47 PM   #19

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I'm thinking there's a teleporter down under the island somewhere that Desmond operates. How else would you explain Desmond getting so many modern appliances that his place literally looked like a nicely furnished apartment in the opening scene?

And of course, the bunk beds (how on EARTH do you get bunk beds down there?) indicate that he was living with someone else, and as people have mention, it was quite possibly Ethan. Perhaps Ethan got "the sickness" and Desmond kicked him out. Then again, Desmond looked pretty "sick" himself in that last scene, didn't he? He had a strange look on his face.

And one thing that I haven't seen anybody mentioning (except for one person in this thread) is that ni the beginning, the computer (presumably) starts making beeping noises and Desmond literally runs over and starts punching in keys, before hitting execute. Of course the question remains, what does the beeping indicate? Sensors around the island that are triggered by people walking near it, and perhaps he is executing the "security system" to keep them away? Or to "catch" them and suck them down into his underground lair, like it was going to do with Locke?
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Old 09-22-05, 05:50 PM   #20

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I thought I heard the same thing....

First the computer beeped then Desmond attended the computer.

We also don;t know concretely that Desmond's area and the security system are linked, they could be independent...
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