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LOST Theories So you think you know some secrets of the island? Maybe you can explain everything. If it's original and you can back it up, we'd love to hear it.

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Re: countdown

I think Desmond has some inisider knowledge to the significance of the numbers. He seems to be typing them in at fairly regular intervals, they're on the vials he injects himself with... there's the 108s, which no doubt he understands is the sum. As long as he's apparently been down there, he has to have a clue. Plus I really don't think his being down there is any accident, or that he was tricked into it. That kind of commitment- there must be a pretty clear mission he's involved in, and he probably believes very strongly in it.
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Re: countdown

I am unsure that Desmond knows the significance of the numbers for several reasons...including the fact that the numbers themselves may not have as much significance as we want to think.

On the subject of Desmond knowing what he is doing, I would have to say that there is little definitive proof either way. One can understand the significance of doing a task for various reasons without truly knowing the totality of what is going on.

Go back the Manhattan project during WW2. There were literally thousands of scientists working on that project that knew they were doing something of the utmost imortance, but didn't know the ultimate goal was the atomic bomb.

Desmond may just be one cog in a multi-faceted machine where people involved are given information on a need to know basis. I point to his confusion as to whether or not Locke was "the one" as a basis for this notion. I still think the depth of his knowledge is up in the air.
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Re: countdown

I agree with this assessment of Desmond's knowledge.

I follow the simple equation that the longer Desmond lives, the less he in all probability knows.

Anyone in a betting mood?
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Re: countdown

My speculations on this topic:


1. The countdown may mean nothing. Desmond has just been told that it does.

2. Maybe it's not only important what Walt says, but to whom he says it, meaning: He told Locke not to open the hatch. Maybe it has more to do with what will happen to Locke, not everyone else. The buzz is that Locke will lose something as a result of going into the hatch -- his ability to walk? His hope? His belief that the island is somehow leading him to his destiny?

3. Similarly, Walt says to Shannon -- don't push the button; the button's bad. I think maybe it's Shannon who shouldn't push the button. There's also been buzz out there that something may happen to Shannon when it's her turn to take over in the hatch (what "taking over" entails, I have no idea, but that's the phrase that's been used).

back to our regularly-schedule programming. . . . .
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RE: countdown

I wouldn't be surpised if Walt was evil. I have actually thought this from early on in the first season and it was backed up even some more. When they do the bacgammon game, Locke holds up the white and black stone saying one is good and one is evil. When Jack finds the "adam and eve" people, he pulls out that sack with one white stone and one black stone in it, and when i think its Claire has a dream, she looks at Locke and he has one black eye and one white eye. I took from this that there was a definite good/evil on the island and could easily be Locke and Walt.
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Re: RE: countdown

I took from this that there was a definite good/evil on the island and could easily be Locke and Walt.
I would be very disappointed if the progressive, white-skinned father figure of Locke represented good while the young, confused black boy represented evil.

Black and white is a fine dynamic, but when you give it good and evil associations, it becomes a race story.
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Re: RE: countdown

I think tomorrow could dispel the notions of Desmond having to remain in the hatch, since the previews clearly show him OUT of it. But if he's out, I'm going to automatically assume someone else is going to have to stay in there.
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re: countdown

Ya, I didnt think of it like that racially.. could also be that every person has a good and evil side. Hince why both rocks were on one person and lock had both the different color eyes.
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I think when Desmond said" oh no, what did you do, we are all going to die" he meant there would be death on the island as a result of the numbers not being entered in time - not that a doomsday device would be released. I believe the incident resulted in the scientists performing magnetic research to be injured or trapped. I think those overseeing the Dharma initiative had to put in place measures to prevent another incident - the entering of the numbers every 108 minutes. The orientation video specifically said this. Obviously it has been brought up several times that a simple computer program could automate number entering and remove the need for manual entry. Therefore the purpose of entering the numbers could be to prove whoever is at this station is able to enter a sequence of number. If your dead, insane, in a time vortex, or any other possible ramifications of crazy magnet experiments, you might not be able to enter the numbers - then the powers that be can prevent a second incident from occuring . Possibly they pull the plug on the magnet, gas everyone, whatever stops the "incident " from accelerating. I think it has been mentioned that it takes a sattelite 108 minutes to go around the earth - if thats true, then that might be the reason for the time interval. Maybe a satellite has to have a a signal to not unleash a heat ray - or laser or magnet basher each time it passes over the island. Possibly thats why Desmond left in such a hurry with so little stuff. He knows he can come back after whatever happens. Just my crazy theory!
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Of course if Walt really wanted his message to get across he would stop speaking backwards so Shannon could understand him
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