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LOST Theories So you think you know some secrets of the island? Maybe you can explain everything. If it's original and you can back it up, we'd love to hear it.

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Old 09-22-05, 06:24 PM   #21

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To me the most interesting thing about the "execute" key is that is really dates the computers and other equipment...I'm thinking the mid eighties at the latest. (not to mention the records...ah the good old days of vinyl...but in the mid eighties the world fell in love with cassette tapes, so why no tapes?)

Anyway, if Desmond had some ability to come and go (surely it wasn't in the mid-eighties when he encountered Jack in the stadium, Jack would have been about 13 then) why hasn't he updated the equipment in the hatch? Maybe a new CD player or laptop? Probably because this guy never left the hatch...

...He's probably not the same Desmond...but it seems like maybe he recognized Jack...so is this really evidence of clones or of a parallel universive or a shared cognitive experience? I have no idea...but the purpose of the "execute" key is to show how old the stuff is and how long its been there.
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Old 09-22-05, 08:37 PM   #22

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I believe that the execute button definately operates the security system and i also believe that to activate it he has to enter 16 specific keys:

4 *space* 8 *space* 1 5 *space* 1 6 *space* 2 3 *space* 4 2 and then Execute

watching the beginning you can see that he definately hits 16 keys, if you listen. The only problem i have with this is that i cant tell if he was hitting numbers or letters, but it did look like he was hitting the space key an awful lot. Can anyone else confirm this?

Anyways, theres my theory. Also, could Desmond have gotten on this island 4 years previous to the plane crashing? because Sarah regained the use of her legs although it was a "miracle" and could that have been around the same time that Locke lost the use of his legs? Also, since Locke wanted the use of his legs back so much, Desmond, who maybe can perform miracles (?), granted Locke his wish? If this is true then the one guy who was in the plane was crushed and lost the use of his leg because Locke regained HIS legs. Could Desmond represent some sort of Karma? Good luck here, bad luck there ... and the only way for there to be good luck (miracle) is for there to also be bad luck at the same time? (Raft explodes, Claire gets her baby back? Boone dies, Aaron is born?) So does Desmond control destiny like Locke keeps saying ... is there something about him that's "Special" ... does just having him be around the island create a good luck = bad luck at the same time always ? Wow ... this raises alot of questions for me while just writing it ... any thoughts?
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Old 09-22-05, 08:42 PM   #23

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Makes no sense you have this Uber cloaked / invis thing that guards an area, but yet needs to have interaction with a controler on what to do. Wouldn't they just automate it's responses rather than have Desmond run to a comupter each time someone comes near, jam in the numbers so it can decide what to do?

That doesn't make sense to me

We also do not know for sure that the security system and Desmond are under the same control
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Old 09-22-05, 08:52 PM   #24

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Hey everyone.....

I like that "good luck here, bad luck there" theory. Isn't that presumably why Locke let Boone die? His legs stopped working, he sent Boone up to the plane, Boone's legs were crushed, Locke can walk again, Locke tells Jack that "Boone was a sacrifice that the island demanded".

As for the Execute button, .... I am at a loss. Maybe it did activate the security system... the beeping alerted him to someone approaching some perimeter (Arzt, when he was running from the "monster", or when Kate and Jack saw the mysterious black smoke), he pressed Execute, and then the black smoke came for them?

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Old 09-22-05, 09:06 PM   #25

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There are many reasons why a computer would beep at a user that aren't as sinister as some of the suggestions above. Here are a few ideas:

1. The computer is beeping (on some interval) because it requires some input from a user to verify that someone is still around, else it kicks off a lockdown program or maybe a self destruct or a message for help. (24 hours have passed since input, please enter the correct key sequence to identify that authorized users are still around)

2. The computer is beeping because it requires some input from a user to continue or because it is done with the program it was working on. (analysis of island magnetic forces complete, what now?)

3. The computer is beeping because the user scheduled some alarm to remind him of something that he is supposed to do (it's 5:30, get up, work out, make morning journal entry)

I'm not convinced that Desmond is controlling anything on teh island besides his little underground shelter (and not even that now that the lostaways busted in). Maybe he's been put there by a govt/corporation to monitor their equipment while it studies the strange stuff going on at the island? Maybe he is there to monitor and report back to civilization instead of being there as part of the child-stealing and murdering group?
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Old 09-22-05, 09:18 PM   #26

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The computer in the hatch is an Apple II computer. The keyboards are identical. The key that is labelled "execute" is really labelled "shift" on the Apple keyboard and if you stop the video and look at the screen cap of the keyboard there is an "enter" key two keys up from the execute key. You can make the prompt on your windows pc by typing the following at a command prompt window "prompt $G:" without quotation marks. Chances are there is no real-world connection of the two as there rarely is any real world connection between computers on TV and what is really out there.

There probably is meaning to "execute" rather than using the regular "enter" key and the prompt since they went through the trouble of making the key, but I doubt it will be tied to anything in the real world.
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Old 09-22-05, 09:26 PM   #27
Max Power 79

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The FBC grabbed Locke just as they were carrying the Dynamite. This was after Artz died - Hello, Remember that Locke told Jack to let him go!!!! Therefore, Desmund did activate the FBC security system if the perview is shown in linear time.

Also, as for sarah's legs working and Locke's not working, that is an amazing Coincidence!!! I'm not sure how Paralysis ties into the whole thing, but it is definately a coincidence that cannot be overlooked.

Maybe Desmund is an angel or a Stem Cell researcher and was able to cure Both Sarah and Locke!
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Old 09-22-05, 09:30 PM   #28

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I read somewhere about the execute key being used to turn off some kind of self-destruct-program... a theory I rather like. It would explain the annoying (albeit intruiging) beeping...
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Old 09-22-05, 09:31 PM   #29

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I've yet to hear a logical explanation as to why Desmond has a well-lit and furnished underground lair that's practically an apartment, yet utilizes computers that are decades old. And why the primitive method of spying on intruders (mirrors, lights, and a telescope?)

Where did he get all those things, too? The brand-spanking new washer and dryer, the exercise bike, the bunk beds, the table by the "window" with the two bench chairs that looks straight out of a nice coffeeshop, the working sink, the shower?? This isn't just random hole in the ground that people brought things down into. That place was flat-out built, and by several people too. My guess is Desmond's little underground lair is connected to several other underground parts, through tunnels and such, and a bunch of other people are living under the island in various places.

And I just rewatched the beginning, paying close attention to the keys he hits, and he does in fact hit only numbers and the space bar. Actually, looking at it carefully, it seems fairly evident now that he's punching in the cursed numbers. Very interesting.
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Old 09-22-05, 11:08 PM   #30

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i think the reason nobody can address why he is in such a well-lit underground apartment type thing is simple: it doesn't exist. From what Jack has seen, the underground area looks nothing like the beginning of the episode. Remember, we were seeing the beginning of the episode from WHOSE point of view?

That's right ... Desmond/"Hatch Boy" .... which leads me to believe that the shot he was taking is not something that cures a disease (although it may be both) but i think it is some sort of hullicinagen that can take him away from his creepy abode that he's living in. Who says he wants to be there? He was unable to get to the escape route (ladder was gone ...) maybe he had nothing left to hope for, but he had something that could take his troubles away?

That is why he sticks himself ... to create an alternate reality where he is far, far away from his helpless abode. I mean, seriously, the computer from the beginning scenes is clearly in a different place when Jack finds it. Anyone else think that the drug he is sticking himself with is brainwashing him/ making him hallucinate?
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