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Season 6 Episode 18 - The End Part 2

Episode 18 – The End Part 2

Written by: Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

Directed by: Jack Bender

[The episode commences at the cavern with the waterfall. Desmond has reached the bottom and takes off the rope around his waist. As he looks around he sees multiple skeletons strewn about. He keeps looking and finds the golden light rising from the pool of water. A large stone emerges in the middle of the pool. Desmond walks down into the water. Rattling and metallic humming starts. There is buzzing and the ground begins to shake.]


[Desmond starts screaming as the light intensifies and the noises become louder. Jack and MIB/Locke are looking down into the waterfall trying to see what is happening to Desmond. Desmond continues to scream as the water continues to fill the pool. The rock in the center of the pool is now visible. It is a pillar and it appears to be plugging a hole in the bottom of the pool. EMF sounds speed up. Desmond is struggling to continue on his mission.]


[Light is flashing all about. He makes it to the center of the pool, puts his arms around the pillar and pulls with all his might, trying to unplug the hole it is in. He continues to groan as he pulls with all his might. The light gets brighter. The sounds get louder. The flashing of the light now intensifies. As he pulls the pillar of stone out of the hole, very loud EMF sounds fill the chamber. Desmond drags the pillar to the edge of the pool. The entire cavern shakes, rocks fall from the walls, light is flashing on and off. Desmond looks to one of the spouts where water is filling the pool. It slows then the water stops. Desmond falls on his side as he still clutches to the pillar.]


[The light shoots straight up out of the hole. Desmond gets to the edge of the pool and climbs out. As the remaining water goes down the hole, the sounds start to weaken. Slowly, the light goes out and all is silent. Desmond looks at himself and around the pool area. He crawls away from the opening. The ground starts to quake. Steam rises from the opening and rises to the top of the waterfall edge where Jack and MIB/Locke still are. As Desmond lies on his belly, the quaking gets stronger.]


[He voice echoes up to Jack.]


[Jack and MIB/Locke continue to look for Desmond.]

MIB/LOCKE: It looks like [points to Jack] you were wrong.

[Jack continues to look for Desmond as MIB/Locke stands up.]

MIB/LOCKE: Good-bye, Jack.

[The quaking gets stronger. As MIB/Locke exits the cavern, large rocks are falling off the side of the mountain and down from the ridge above the brook. He stretches his arms out to find a way to maintain his balance. The quaking stops and he completely leaves the cavern. Jack comes running out of the cavern and grabs MIB/Locke from behind and they both fall to the ground.]

JACK: Uhh!

[Jack starts punching MIB/Locke in the face repeatedly. MIB/Locke realizes that he is bleeding from the mouth. He touches his mouth and then looks at the blood on his hand. He is mortal.]

JACK: Looks like you were wrong, too.

[Jack begins to strangle MIB/Locke. Struggling, he grabs a rock and hits Jack on the side of the head. Jack lies on the ground in a daze. He is bleeding, also. MIB/Locke gets up, grabs his pack and runs from the area, occasionally looking back at Jack. Jack is lying on the ground and loses consciousness. The scene switches back to the concert. Claire is walking to the ladies room. She his holding her belly with her left hand. She passes a sign that reads, "Backstage Performers Only." She looks around for anybody, now clutching her belly with both hands. She is breathing heavily.]

CLAIRE: Um, hello? Hello?

[She finds a man getting a guitar.]

CLAIRE: Hi, uh, do you know where the bathroom is? Mm! Ohh!

[Claire has a contraction. She grabs onto a crate to prevent from falling on the floor. Kate rushes to Claire's side. The man puts down the guitar as Kate speaks to him.]

KATE: Uh, can you please get a doctor?

[The man runs out of the area. Kate tends to Claire.]

KATE: Small world, huh?

CLAIRE: Yeah, well, what are you doing –Mm!

[Kate grabs Claire as she has another contraction.]

KATE: Okay. It's okay, come on, sit down.

[Kate tries to get Claire to a chair.]

CLAIRE: Um, I-I think he's coming.

[The scene switches back to the concert. Daniel plays the piano as Drive Shaft accompanies him. Liam is playing by a microphone. Desmond sits at the table and watches the concert. Eloise sits down next to him. He looks at her briefly. The song ends and Daniel plays a classical solo.]

ELOISE: I thought I made it clear that you were to stop this.

DESMOND: Perfectly clear. I chose to ignore you.

[They both watch Daniel playing the piano solo.]

ELOISE: And once they know, what then?

DESMOND: Then? We're leaving.

[The camera focuses on Daniel then back to Eloise and Desmond. Eloise chokes up.]

ELOISE: Are you going to take my son?

[Desmond puts his hand on top of Eloise's hand.]

DESMOND: Not with me, no.

[The scene switches to the backstage area. Claire's contractions are stronger and closer together. She cries out in pain, gasping for air between each contraction.]


KATE: Just breathe, okay? Just breathe, breathe, breathe. Help is on the way.

[Kate turns to see if a doctor has arrived to assist her.]

CLAIRE: Mm mmm! It's hap, it's happening, like, like, right now.

KATE: Right now?

[Claire tries to control her breathing. Charlie walks backstage and take his guitar off his shoulder and puts it aside.]

KATE: Um? Okay, um, I'm gonna get you comfortable.

[Claire continues to cry. Another contraction occurs and she winces in pain.]

KATE: I want you to relax and breathe, all right? Just relax and breathe.

CLAIRE: [to Charlie] Who are you?

CHARLIE: I'm with the band.

[Claire has another contraction.]


KATE: [to Charlie] Listen, can you get us some water and blankets, please?

CHARLIE: Water and blankets?

KATE: Yeah, all right, uh...

[Charlie leaves to get the water and blankets. Claire has another contraction. Kate takes a blanket, drapes it over Claire's knees and pulls her hair back in a bun.]

KATE: Claire, this is about the time when you're supposed to start pushing.

[Claire feverishly shakes her head indicating no.]

CLAIRE: Mm mmm, no, I'm not ready. I'm, I'm really scared.

KATE: I'm scared, too, all right, really scared. But I'm gonna need you to push because I can't do it without you. Okay? Okay. 1-2-3 Push!

[Claire screams and she bears down and pushes as hard as she can then she relaxes.]

KATE: That's good! That's good! Okay, we're gonna try again. You're doing good.

[Claire is panting between pushes.]

KATE: 1-2-3 Push!

[Kate has a flash of herself. She is helping Claire deliver the baby on the island. Claire screams out as she pushes again. She stops and is panting. Kate looks at Claire and thinks.]

KATE: Oh, uh, okay. Push, push again! Push!

[Claire wails out in pain as she pushes again, as hard as she can.]

[Kate has another flash of Claire delivering the baby on the island. Kate mouths "push" in the flash. Claire falls back and rests. Return to real time. Kate cries with Claire. A baby starts crying. Kate lifts him, umbilical cord still attached, and hands the baby to Claire. Claire has a flash of Kate handing her the baby on the island. Return to real time. Kate laughs. Claire gasps. She has another flash of taking the baby from Kate and cuddling him. Return to real time. The baby cries and so does Kate. Claire tries to comfort him.]

CLAIRE: Shh. It's Aaron. It's...

[Claire sobs as she holds Aaron close to her. Claire looks at Kate and smiles. They both recalled the birth. Charlie returns with blankets.]

CHARLIE: I brought a blanket.

[Charlie looks at Kate then Claire looks at Charlie and smiles. Kate stands up.]

KATE: [to Charlie] Thank you.

CHARLIE: It's just a blanket.

KATE: Then go ahead and bring it to her.

[Charlie puts the blanket over Aaron and Claire.]

CHARLIE: Couldn't find any water.

[Claire touches Charlie's hands and he begins to have flashes of the island. First he sees a pregnant Claire trying to sit down, bringing her a jar of invisible peanut butter followed by the two of them enjoying eating the peanut butter while sitting on the beach. He has a flash of her laughing with him. Return to real time. He is stunned at what he is seeing.]

CLAIRE: [smiles] Charlie.

[He has another flash of the two of them sitting by a fire at night, playing the guitar and singing to Aaron, Claire picking up Aaron from his crib and placing him in a makeshift baby carrier that Charlie has made. He has it slung around his shoulders and Claire puts Aaron in. Claire kisses Charlie, strokes his hair while sitting at a campfire then she leans in and kisses him. Return to real time. He looks at Claire as she smiles at him. He begins to cry.]

CHARLIE: Claire?

CLAIRE: [cries with him] Yes.

[She holds his cheek as he puts his hands on her cheeks.]

CHARLIE: Claire.

[Charlie leans in and kisses Claire. Kate leans back and watches the reunion. The baby begins to cry again. Charlie softly strokes Aaron's torso.]

CHARLIE: Hi, Aaron.

[Claire cries again.]

CHARLIE: Aaron, hey.

[Aaron continues to fuss. Desmond joins them backstage. He stops by Kate, who is crying.]

CHARLIE: Hey, Aaron.

[Claire, Charlie and Aaron are a happy family again. Kate looks at Desmond.]

DESMOND: Do you understand?

[Kate pauses, looks over at Claire, Aaron and Charlie, then back at Desmond.]

KATE: So now what?

[Desmond smiles at Kate. The scene switches back to the island. As it quakes, Kate falls on the ground.]

KATE: Uhh!

[Sawyer falls next. Hurley leans on a large rock to help him not fall. The quaking and loud rumbling continue. Kate writhes in pain as she holds her wounded shoulder.]

KATE: Uhh!

[Ben is on the ground as Sawyer looks up. A large tree is creaking as it begins to fall over. The quaking continues. Ben sees the tree is going to fall on Hurley and he gets up from the ground and runs to Hurley.]

BEN: Hugo! Get out of the way!

[Ben pushes Hurley out of the path of the tree however the tree now falls on Ben, pinning him to the ground.]


[The rumbling continues and the scene switches back to Jack, lying on the ground outside the cavern. There is a loud clap of thunder and it begins to rain. Jack wakes up and rubs his head wound. He slowly stands up then goes back in the cavern. The quaking continues and Jack falls against a wall of rock. He does his best to avoid falling rubble. He reaches the top of the now dry waterfall.]

JACK: Desmond!

[Jack pulls up the rope a bit.]

JACK: Desmond!

[Jack's voice echoes in the cavern. Jack is seen running from the cavern. It is still raining heavily. He looks around, then runs up a ridge along the brook. He runs as fast as he can. The scene switches to Sawyer, Kate and Hurley trying to free Ben from under the downed tree.]

KATE: We're gonna get you out of here, all right?

[Another loud thunderclap fills the air. Sawyer tries to lift one end of the tree but it doesn't budge.

SAWYER: [grunting] It's too damn heavy! There's no way we're getting it off of him!

[Kate tries to move the tree.]

HURLEY: We have to try.

KATE: 1-2-3!

[All three try to move the tree. As they try, the ground quakes again.]



[The quaking causes all four to hold onto the tree.]

KATE: What is happening?

[The rumbling eases.]

SAWYER: I'll tell you what's happening! Locke was right! This island's going down!

[There is static on Ben's walkie-talkie.]

MILES: Linus, come in!

[Miles is trying to contact Ben from Hydra Island.]

MILES: Linus, come in!

[Kate looks around and sees the walkie on the ground. She picks it up. Miles tries again as Richard and Frank try to cover the broken windshield of the plane.]

MILES: Come in!

KATE: Miles, is that you?

MILES: Yeah, what, what the hell is happening?

KATE: Are you with Claire?

MILES: She's here but she doesn't want to come with us.

KATE: Come with you where?

MILES: Lapidus is working on the plane right now, then we're taking off.

[Another quake causes everyone to lose their balance. On Hydra Island Richard is helping Frank repair the windshield. Miles yells to them.]

MILES: Hey, how much longer till we get this thing in the air?

[Frank continues welding as he responds to Miles.]

FRANK: [yells] I still have to check the electrical and the hydraulics. Five hours, maybe six.

RICHARD: You've got maybe one.

[The storm is getting stronger. Thunderclaps are getting louder.]

MILES: Get your asses over here! We're leaving in an hour!

SAWYER: Son of a bitch! How the hell are we supposed to get over there?

BEN: I know how we can get there. Locke has a boat!

[Sawyer takes a large tree branch to use as a lever. He puts it under the tree on Ben to lift the tree. The scene switches to the mountain cave where names are on the wall. MIB/Locke stands out on a precipice, holding a ladder and looking out at Desmond's sailboat. Just as he is about to climb down the ladder, he is interrupted.]

JACK: Locke!

[Jack is standing right behind him on the ledge. MIB/Locke is angry. He turns and takes out his hunting knife from its sheath. He runs up the cliff towards Jack. Jack runs down to Locke. Just as they are about to meet, Jack jumps up in the air with his fist clenched and lands on MIB/Locke.]


[Both roll down the bluff. MIB/Locke recovers quickly and charges Jack. As he gets in range, Jack punches him in the face. MIB/Locke rolls down a bit further then stands up and removes his backpack. As he runs at Jack, he is kicked in his stomach. Jack punches him and grabs him around the neck.]


[MIB/Locke struggles then throws his head back into Jack's head and Jack loosens his grasp. MIB/Locke now punches Jack in the stomach repeatedly.]

JACK: Uhh!

[There is another quake and rocks fall down the side of the cliff. They both see the hunting knife on the ground and rush for it. MIB/Locke bends to reach it first and Jack tackles him. They continue to struggle on the ground. MIB/Locke reaches for his knife. As Jack chokes him, a large part of the cliff collapses into the water below. MIB/Locke finally grabs his knife and stabs Jack in the abdomen and turns the knife. Jack screams out in agony.]


[MIB/Locke with pure anger in is face, pulls the knife out and Jack grabs his wound.]


[MIB/Locke rolls Jack onto his back and prepares to stab him again. Jack grabs the wrist with the knife and they each use all their strength to attain their goals. Jack holds the knife away from his body as MIB/Locke continues to try to stab Jack again. The tip of the knife puts a small slit in the left side of Jack's neck. MIB/Locke is now holding the knife with both hands.]

MIB/LOCKE: I want you to know, Jack, you died for nothing.

[Suddenly a gunshot is heard and MIB/Locke releases his knife and falls to the side of Jack. He has been shot in the back.]

MIB/LOCKE: Aah! Uhh!

[Kate is standing with a rifle pointed at MIB/Locke.]

KATE: I saved you a bullet!

[MIB/Locke is writhing on the ground in pain next to the ladder. He is still alive. Jack looks over at Kate. Jack stands up. As MIB/Locke tries to stand, the ground rumbles again.]

MIB/LOCKE: You're too late.

[The rumbling stops and MIB/Locke looks around. He is on his hands and knees. Jack raises his foot and kicks him off the cliff. MIB/Locke bounces off the side of the cliff and lands on a rocky ledge below. He is lying on his back, dead. Jack looks over the cliff while still holding his wounded abdomen. A partial time skip is heard and the scene switches to the hospital. Locke is being wheeled from surgery. Jack is walking alongside the gurney as he reads a chart.]

NURSE: Nice work, Dr. Shephard.

[As Locke is being wheeled into the room, the nurse notices something.]

NURSE: What happened to your neck?

[Jack checks the left side of his neck. It is bleeding again.]

JACK: Damn it.

[Jack enters Locke's room. He grabs a paper towel and wipes his neck as he nears Locke.]

JACK: Okay, he's stable. I'm gonna hop in the shower and see if I can catch up with David before the concert's over. So just give me a call if you need anything.

NURSE: Dr. Shephard? He's waking up. I watched the anesthesiologist. He got the full dosage.

JACK: Okay, I'll take it from here.

[The nurse leaves the room.]

JACK: Mr. Locke. Can you hear me? John, are you awake?

[Locke opens his eyes and Jack chuckles.]

JACK: You just had major surgery, so I need you to try not to move and just relax, okay?

LOCKE: It worked.

JACK: Well, it went well but we won't know how well you responded to the surgery for...

LOCKE: [interrupts] No, Dr. Shephard, it worked. I can feel my legs.

JACK: John, it's highly unlikely that you would regain sensation that quickly, so lets just take it sl...

[Jack looks down and notices Locke moving his toes.]


[Jack walks to the front of the bed and removes the sheet from Locke's right foot. Locke is moving all his toes. Locke watches his foot.]

LOCKE: [happy] Oh!

[Suddenly Locke has a flashback to being on the island, the day of the Oceanic 815 crash and lying on the sand. He looks down and realizes he can move his feet. He sees himself with an orange slice covering his teeth as he smiles, teaching Walt how to throw a knife, standing in the rain, arms outstretched, with Boone, his amazement just looking at things. Return to real time.]

LOCKE: Ohh. Did you see that?

JACK: See what?

[Jack looks at Locke quizzically as Locke smiles at him.]

LOCKE: You don't remember?

[Suddenly, Jack has a flash of looking down the open hatch with Locke. He shakes it off.]

JACK: Um, Mr. Locke, please, just, uh, just relax. What we need to do...

LOCKE: What we need to do is go.

[Jack prevents Locke from taking out is IV line.]

JACK: No, no, no, hey, John.

LOCKE: Will you come with me?

JACK: We're not going anywhere.

[Locke laughs at Jack.]

JACK: You just had extensive spinal surgery and I-I need to go see my son.

LOCKE: You don't have a son.

[Just before Jack reaches the door, he stops and turns around.]

JACK: What?

LOCKE: You don't have a son, Jack.

NURSE: Doctor?

JACK: [upset] Jane, um, would you give Mr. Locke something to help him rest? I need to go.

LOCKE: Jack.

[Jack stops one more time.]

LOCKE: I hope that somebody does for you what you just did for me.

[Jack stares blankly at Locke as Locke smiles at him. Jack leaves the room. The scene switches to the island. The storm as stopped. Kate is helping Jack up off the cliff after the fight with MIB/Locke. After walking a few feet, Jack stumbles to the ground. He groans then lifts his t-shirt to take a look at the stab wound. He covers it with his hands.]

KATE: Oh! Oh, Jack.

JACK: I'll be fine. Just find me some thread and I can count to five.

[Suddenly Jack and Kate are surprised by company running toward them.]


HURLEY: Oh, my God!

SAWYER: What the hell happened?

[Kate nods her head to the edge of the cliff.]

KATE: Locke's dead.

[Sawyer looks around then back at Kate.]

KATE: It's over.

[Sawyer walks to the edge of the cliff and looks down. He sees MIB/Locke's lifeless body lying on a rocky ledge. Suddenly the ground begins to quake. Everyone falls to the ground. Ben reaches for the rifle that goes sliding by.]

KATE: Uhh!

SAWYER: Sure don't feel like it's over.

[A partial time skip is heard and the scene switches to the hospital. Sawyer enters a room. Sun and Jin are inside, dressed and ready to leave.]

SAWYER: Excuse me, Ms. Paik?

SUN: Yes?

SAWYER: Hi, I'm Detective Ford from the LAPD. [shows badge] I'm sorry, I heard you were shot but I didn't expect you to be checking out so soon.

[Jin smiles at Sawyer.]


JIN: [big grin] Hello, [pause] Detective.

SAWYER: Well, I came by to check if you've seen this man.

[Sawyer takes a mug shot of Sayid from his jacket pocket and shows it to them.]

SAWYER: He escaped custody and we're worried he might come after you. I'm gonna assign a uniform to keep an eye on you until we can app...

SUN: [interrupts] You don't have to do that.

[Sun takes her purse and Jin takes his jacket and Sun's tote bag. They start to leave the room.]

SAWYER: All due respect, I have a job to do here, ma'am. I need to keep you safe.

SUN: It's okay. I am safe.

[Jin opens the door and Sun walks out of the room first.]

JIN: We'll see you there.

[The door closes and Sawyer is in the room alone.]

SAWYER: See me where?

[A partial time skip is heard and the scene switches to the Ajira plane on Hydra Island. The ground begins to quake as Frank inspects the replaced windshield from inside the cockpit. The quaking stops.]

FRANK: All right. It ain't pretty but it's gonna work.

[Frank jumps into the pilot's seat. He takes a manual from under the instrument panel.]

FRANK: I've got to reset the electronics.

[He finds a schematic and puts is left finger on the page to keep his place as he flips switches overhead. He turns the page as the gauges are powering up. As he reads a rapid beeping is heard. He looks up to check a large gauge and flips a switch.]

FRANK: Something's wrong with the hydraulics down in the nose wheel. Either one of you guys mechanical? [turns around] Yeah?

[The gauges power down.]

MILES: I-I worked for a-a contractor renovating apartments for a couple of summers.

[Frank rips a page from the manual, hands it back to Miles without taking his eyes off the panel.]

FRANK: Here, take that, [reaches under the panel] and this, [flashlight] and this. [roll of duct tape] Go down there, make sure everything's hooked up right.

[Miles looks at Frank for a moment.]


[Frank returns to working in the cockpit when he hears Ben on the walkie. He picks it up.]

BEN: Lapidus?

FRANK: Yeah?

BEN: Frank, how's it going over there? What's your timetable?

FRANK: Don't bother me!

[Frank tosses the walkie on the co-pilot's seat.]

BEN: Sounds like they're making progress.

[The ground begins to quake.]

SAWYER: We gotta go now.

KATE: I don't understand it. Locke's dead. Why is this still happening?

JACK: Because whatever Desmond turned off, I need to turn it back on again. But if it doesn't work, [pause] if I don't get it done, you all need to leave now. You need to be on that plane.

[Kate stands up. Sawyer is standing next to the ladder.]

KATE: You can come with us, too, Jack. You don't have to do this.

JACK: No, I do have to.

KATE: No, you don't. Let the island sink, Jack.

JACK: Kate, I can't.

[After a few moments, Kate walks to the ladder next to Sawyer.]

JACK: [to Sawyer] You think you can get that boat across the channel in time?

SAWYER: Yeah, I can manage.

[Jack stands up while holding his wound. Jack and Sawyer shake hands.]

JACK: Good luck to you, James.

SAWYER: Thanks, Doc, for everything.

BEN: James!

[Ben tosses Sawyer the walkie.]

BEN: If the island's going down, I'm going down with it.

JACK: Hugo, you better get going.

HURLEY: Uh uh, no way, you think I'm going down that? I'm with you, dude.

JACK: Okay.

[Jack walks over to Kate.]

JACK: Kate, you gotta go. Get Claire on that plane.

[Kate begins to cry.]

KATE: Tell me I'm gonna see you again.

[Jack shakes his head, tries to find words and says nothing. Kate kisses Jack, passionately.]

KATE: I love you.

JACK: I love you.

[Jack turns and walks away. Hurley and Ben follow, helping Jack along the way. Kate cries as she watches them leave. The scene switches to Hydra Island where is it still raining. Richard and Miles are working in the nose wheel area. Richard holds the manual page as Miles reads and wraps duct tape around a hydraulic line/hose.]

RICHARD: Can you fix it?

MILES: I don't believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape.

[Miles checks the line.]

MILES: Yeah, I think we're good.

[The ground quakes.]

MILES: Let's get the hell out of here.

[Miles and Richard leave the wheel area. The scene switches to the cliff on the main island. Kate is following Sawyer as he uses the walkie.]

SAWYER: Yo, Chesty, it's Sawyer and Kate.

[Richard picks up the walkie from the co-pilot's seat.]


SAWYER: We're on our way down to the sailboat, then we're heading to you. Don't leave without us.

[Frank takes the walkie from Richard' hand and sits back in the pilot's seat.]

FRANK: We're getting off the ground while there's still ground to get off. So, if you wanna go, you better get your asses in gear.

[Frank tosses the walkie back toward the co-pilot's seat then prepares to start the engines.]

SAWYER: [yells] Lapidus! Lapidus! Son of a bitch!

KATE: What now?

[Sawyer and Kate look out at the sailboat. Sawyer tosses his backpack aside.]

SAWYER: We jump.

[Kate looks at sawyer, walks to the edge, looks down into a small area away from the rocks.]

KATE: I'll see you at the boat.

[Kate jumps off the cliff and lands in the water, feet first, pops up and starts swimming.


[Sawyer runs a few feet and dives off the cliff, hands first, pops up and starts swimming to the sailboat. A partial time skip is heard and the scene returns to the hospital. Sawyer is walking along a corridor and almost passes Jack.]

SAWYER: Hey, you know where I can get some grub around here?

JACK: Uh, the cafeteria is closed [points] but there's a vending machine down the hallway.

SAWYER: Thanks, Doc.

JACK: Yeah, no problem.

[Sawyer waits a moment, turns to look at Jack, and then walks to the vending area. He takes a dollar bill from his pocket and rubs it along the corner of the vending machine. He inserts the bill and presses the buttons for an Apollo Bar. As it dispenses, the machine jams.]

SAWYER: Oh, come on.

[Sawyer whacks the side of the vending machine to no avail. He tries shaking the machine.]

SAWYER: Unbelievable.

[He crouches and tries to reach the candy bar by putting his hand up into the machine. He struggles when someone enters the vending area. He stops and looks up at a tall, blonde woman. It is Juliet.]

JULIET: Can I help you?

SAWYER: It's okay. I'm a [pause] cop.

JULIET: Mm. Maybe you should read the machine it's rights.

[Sawyer laughs and Juliet smiles.]

SAWYER: That's funny.

JULIET: Mm. Can I tell you a secret?

SAWYER: Please.

JULIET: If you unplug it, and then you plug it back in again, the candy just drops right down.

SAWYER: Is that right?

JULIET: Yes and it's technically legal.

SAWYER: Oh. I'll give that a shot.

[Sawyer moves to the end of the vending area and pulls a plug from the wall socket. As he unplugs the machine, all the electricity in the vending area is lost and the area goes dark.]


[Juliet laughs and bends down to retrieve the candy bar and hands it to him.

JULIET: It worked.

[As Sawyer accepts the candy bar his hand touches her hand. He has a flash of them kissing in the cabin, smiling at Juliet on the dock used by the DI. Return to real time momentarily. They both stand up and step backward from each other.]


SAWYER: Whoa. Did you feel that?

[Juliet pauses a few moments.]

JULIET: We should get coffee sometime.

SAWYER: I'd love to, but the machine ate my last dollar. I only got one left.

[A flash of Juliet speaking to Sawyer after he carries her out of the crater from the Swan explosion is shown.]

JULIET: We could go Dutch.

[Return to real time where Juliet puts her hand under Sawyer's hand. Flashes of Sawyer offering Juliet a large sunflower, the two of them sharing a hug after she accepts the flower are shown. Return to real time. Sawyer is confused by what he is feeling. There is another flash of them by the dock, sleeping together like spoons in the cabin, Juliet kissing him, and a passionate hug and kiss as Juliet holds the sunflower. There is another flash of Juliet looking out the cabin window and Sawyer stroking her cheek. Return to real time for a moment. The next flash is shared. Sawyer is holding her hand and trying to pull her out of a drilled hole at the Swan site after the electromagnetic field was exposed. They see the hold slip and Juliet falls down into the pit as Sawyer screams NO! Return to real time for a moment. Juliet has her eyes closed then opens them, briefly losing her balance.]

SAWYER: Juliet. Juliet, it's, it's me.

[Sawyer puts his hands around Juliet's cheeks. She reaches out for him.]

SAWYER: Julie.

[They hug each other tightly and Juliet cries.]

SAWYER: It's me, baby.

[They embrace as she cries.]

SAWYER: I got you. I got you, baby.

JULIET: [happy tears] Yeah. Kiss me, James.

SAWYER: You got it, Blondie.

[They kiss passionately. The scene switches to Jack entering the concert grounds. It is nighttime. People are leaving the event. He looks around then takes out his cell phone and makes a call. Kate approaches him.]

KATE: It's over.

JACK: Excuse me.

KATE: The concert, it's over. You looking for someone?

[Jack takes a long look at Kate before replying.]

JACK: Yeah, my son. I was supposed to bring him here tonight and then I couldn't come and ...

[Jack and Kate look at each other again.]

JACK: [chuckles] I'm sorry. Where do I remember you from?

KATE: I stole your pen.

JACK: [chuckles] What?

KATE: Um, Oceanic 815, from Sydney, I bumped into you coming out of the bathroom and I stole your pen.

JACK: And that's how I know you?

KATE: No. That's not how you know me.

[Kate walks to Jack and stops when she is face to face with him. Kate puts both her hands on his cheeks. He has two quick flashes of Kate. Return to real time.]

KATE: I missed you so much.

[Jack has two more quick flashes of kissing Kate on the island. Return to real time. Jack steps back from Kate and exhales deeply.]

KATE: Are you okay?

JACK: What is happening to me? Who [pause] who are you? I don't ...

KATE: I know you don't understand, Jack. But if you come with me, you will. They stare at each other for a few moments then a partial time skip is heard. The scene switches back to the island. Jack has his arm around Hurley as they walk through the jungle. Ben follows them.]

JACK: It's over there.

[They walk along the brook that leads to the cavern. Another quake occurs and they fall to the ground. Rocks fall down the embankment to the brook. When it stops, Hurly leaves Jack sitting on a rock and goes to check the cavern.]

HURLEY: How we gettin' down there?

JACK: We're not. I'm going alone.

HURLEY: Dude, you can't go down there alone. Desmond didn't make it. How the hell are you gonna survive?

[Ben gathers the rope that was used to get Desmond down into the cavern.

[Jack waits a few moments, shakes his head then grabs his wound.]

HURLEY: No. No way. I'm not gonna let you die.

JACK: Hurley, I'm already dead.

HURLEY: [yells] You said you'd protect the island!

JACK: And that's what I'm doing.

HURLEY: You're committing suicide!

JACK: I'm not. This is the way it has to happen. This is what I'm supposed to do.

HURLEY: You're not supposed to die! The island needs you!

[Jack slowly gets to his feet.]

JACK: Hurley, it needs you.


JACK: It needs to be you, Hugo.

[Hurley is silent as Ben watches. Hurley begins to cry.]

HURLEY: I can't. It's supposed to be you.

JACK: It was only supposed to be me so I could do this. But if someone has to take care of the island, if someone has to protect it then, [pause] then it should be you. Hurley, I believe in you.]

[Hurley lowers his head and cries.]

HURLEY: All right, I'll take it but it's only temporary. As soon as you get that light back on, I'm pulling you up and I'm giving it right back to you, dude. Deal?

JACK: Deal.

[The ground quakes again.]

JACK: Do you have anything to drink? Anything to drink out of, a cup, a canteen?

[Ben takes a water bottle from his pack.]

BEN: I do.

[Ben hands it to Jack.]

BEN: Is that okay?

JACK: It's perfect.

[[Jack turns around and walks to a small puddle of water. He places the bottle near a rock at the edge of the puddle and puts some water in it. He hands the bottle to Hurley.]

JACK: Drink this.

[Hurley drinks the water. He looks at Jack then his eyes wander, taking in the surroundings.]

HURLEY: Is that it?

[Jack puts his hand on Hurley's shoulder and Hurley puts his on Jack's shoulder.]

JACK: Now you're like me.

[The scene switches to the plane on Hydra Island. Frank gets in the pilot's seat.]

FRANK: Second times a charm. It better be, 'cause we sure as hell don't have the battery power for a third time.

[Frank starts flipping switches on the instrument panel. Slowly the lights on the panel light up and the turbines begin powering up.]

RICHARD: Is that good?

FRANK: [smiles] That, my friends, is pure music.

[The scene switches back to Hurley and Ben lowering Jack into the pit at the bottom of the dry waterfall.]


[The ground below Jack shakes.]

HURLEY: Easy, easy.

[Another quake occurs as they lower Jack. They lose grip and Jack falls the rest of the way, landing on his back.]


[As the quaking subsides, Jack takes the rope from his waist. He grunts and groans as he gets to his feet. As he walks around the pit, he sees Desmond lying on his stomach. Steam is being released from cracks and crevices in the pit.]

JACK: Desmond! Desmond! Can you hear me?

[Jack turns Desmond on his back.]

DESMOND: [groans] Aah! Ah! Oh, the light, I put it out. It didn't work. I thought I'd leave this place.

[Jack looks at the hole in the bottom of the pit.]

JACK: I got you, come on. Come on.


[Jack helps Desmond to his feet and they walk to the rope.]

DESMOND: I'm still here. You were right, Jack.

JACK: Yeah, well there's a first time for everything.

[They both fall as the ground shakes again.]

DESMOND: Uhh! I have to put it back. It was like a drain.

JACK: That's what you did? You took that stone out of that hole over there?

DESMOND: Jack, you can't. Listen.

[Jack ties the rope around Desmond's waist. Desmond struggles to get free.]

DESMOND: Even if you turn it back on, it'll kill ya. It has to be me.

JACK: Desmond, you've done enough. You wanna do something? Go home and be with your wife and son.

DESMOND: What about you, Jack?

JACK: I'll see you in another life, brother.

[The scene switches to Hydra Island. Kate and Sawyer have made it to the beach.]

KATE: Claire?

[Claire is sitting on the beach with her rifle on the sand. She is alone. Another quake and Kate and Sawyer fall down. They stand up and watch another piece of the main island crumble to the sea.]

SAWYER: Oh, that ain't good.

[The scene switches to the cockpit of the plane.]

FRANK: Miles, go look out the door! You're gonna be my eyes while I back this out of here. Richard, go tell me what he says.

[Back at the beach, Kate runs to Claire.]

KATE: Claire! Are you okay?

[The roar of jet's engines is heard in the background. Claire lowers her head as Kate speaks to her. Kate and Sawyer look and see the plane moving. In the cockpit, Frank works the controls and the plane starts to back up. The wooden steps and other foliage, break from the plane. They engines roar. Sawyer watches it backing up.]

SAWYER: Come on! We gotta go! Come on!

KATE: Claire, come on, please/

CLAIRE: [crying] I can't!

KATE: Why?!

CLAIRE: Look at me! This island's made me crazy. I-I don't want Aaron to see me like this. I don't, I don't even know how to be a mother anymore.

KATE: Listen to me, none of us do, at least, not at first but you're not alone. Let me help you. Now, come on. Let's go.

[Kate and Claire stand up and start running to the plane with Sawyer. Return to the cockpit of the plane.]

FRANK: [yells] Are we clear?

RICHARD: Miles, are we clear?

[Miles is standing in the doorway of the plane.]

MILES: Yeah, it looks like it to me!

RICHARD: He says we're good.

FRANK: You better pray we are, Ricky boy, 'cause I'm gonna spin her around. Hold on!

[Frank moves the controls and the plane starts to turn. Sawyer, Claire and Kate run onto the beach area where the plane is.]

KATE: Sawyer! Tell him to stop! Tell him we're coming!

SAWYER: [in walkie] Lapidus! Lapidus!

[The walkie is on the floor in front of the co-pilot's seat. The engine roar drowns the message coming from the walkie.]

SAWYER: Lapidus, hold on!

FRANK: All right, we're good to go!

[Miles closes the door to the cabin. Frank puts on his seat belt. Richard sits in the co-pilot's seat and puts on his seat belt. Miles sits in the Flight Engineer's seat. Frank slowly depresses the accelerator peddle and moves the controls forward. The engines are revving up and getting louder. Frank checks the instrument panel and gauges. He looks down the short runway and sees Sawyer, Kate and Claire running out of the foliage and on to the runway.]

FRANK: What the hell?

[He laughs and eases back on the controls and accelerator.]

FRANK: Boys, we got some late arrivals. Open the door.

[Miles and Richard now see Sawyer waving his hands in the middle of the runway. They look for a moment. Richard is taking too long to unbuckle his seat belt.]

FRANK: [yells] Come on!

[The scene switches to the pit in the cavern. Jack slowly gets up.]

JACK: Uhh!

[He walks to the stone pillar and groans as he struggles to stand it upright. He drags it into the pit and finally manages to put it back in the hole. The rumbling doesn't seem to slow.]


[Back at the plane, Miles opens the cabin door. Richard throws a rope net down to Sawyer, Kate and Claire. Claire climbs first and Miles helps her inside. Claire runs to the passenger cabin.]

FRANK: [yells] We're running out of time!

[Kate is helped on next and finally Sawyer.]

MILES: Way to wait till the last second, Jim.

SAWYER: Good to see you, too, Enos.

RICHARD: We got 'em!

[Miles closes the cabin door again and runs to the passenger cabin.]

FRANK: Everybody, buckle up tight! Hold on!

[Frank moves the controls and the engines power up. The ground under the plane is beginning to crack. Frank looks ahead.]

FRANK: Here we go, Frank.

[Frank presses the pedal to the floor and holds on to the steering wheel tightly. The plane starts down the runway. Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Miles and Richard are buckled up in the passenger cabin. The plane picks up speed. Sawyer looks out the window. Richard closes his eyes. Frank concentrates on the runway. Sawyer squeezes the armrest. Kate takes Claire's hand. Frank is running out of runway.]

FRANK: Come on.

[The airspeed reads 128 and climbing.]

FRANK: Come on.

[Airspeed reads 140. Just before the runway ends, Frank lifts the nose of the plane up and it takes off as the ground cracks open beneath it. The plane is now in the air.]

FRANK: Amen.

[Kate and Claire breathe a little easier. Richard has his eyes open but isn't sure what is happening. Miles smiles ever so slightly. Kate holds onto Claire's hand tightly. Sawyer looks out the window and realizes they are actually flying. The scene switches back to the pit where Jack is leaning against the wall in the pit. Steam continues and the ground shakes. He fears he has failed. As the rumbling slows down, he hears water. He raises his right hand and water starts falling onto it. The shaking has stopped. The steam is subsiding. The golden light peeks through at the base of the stone pillar. The light gets brighter and brighter. Jack is now laughing. There are 3 crackling sounds and a magnetic hum. The pit fills with light. Water starts flowing down spouts into the pit, filling it with water. The waterfall is once again flowing. Hurley and Ben are at the top of the waterfall.]

BEN: He did it. The light's back on.

HURLEY: Dude, pull.

[Hurley and Ben pull on the rope.]

HURLEY: Hang on, Jack!

[Jack continues to laugh as he is surrounded by water and light. Hurley and Ben pull for the last time on the rope.]

HURLEY: Got him!

[As they help, they realize that it is Desmond and not Jack.]

BEN: Desmond?

HURLEY: No. Jack!

[The light begins to flicker as it gets brighter. Jack laughs and makes no attempt to get up. The light becomes blinding.]


[The scene switches to outside a church. A taxi pulls into the parking lot. Locke is in the backseat. The driver gets out of the taxi, opens the back door, then opens the trunk. He takes out a wheelchair and opens it. He brings it to the side of the cab. He assists Locke from the cab to the wheelchair and he pays the driver.]

LOCKE: Thank you.

[Locke wheels himself toward the entrance to the church. Ben is standing by a stone table and bench. He stops to speak with him.]

LOCKE: Hello, Benjamin.

BEN: [softly] Hello, John.

LOCKE: Is everyone already inside?

BEN: I believe most of them are, yes.

[John slowly wheels away from Ben.]

BEN: I'm very sorry for what I did you to, John.

[Locke stops and turns the wheelchair to face Ben.]

BEN: I was selfish, jealous. I wanted everything you had.

LOCKE: What did I have?

BEN: You were special, John [pause] and I wasn't.

[Locke smiles at Ben.]

LOCKE: Well, if it helps, Ben, I forgive you.

[Ben holds back tears.]

BEN: Thank you, John. That does help. It matters more than I can say.

LOCKE: What are you gonna do now?

BEN: I have some things I that I still need to work out. I think I'll stay here a while.

[Locke turns and wheels a few feet.]

BEN: You know, I don't think you need to be in that chair anymore.

[Locke stops and looks at Ben, then down at his chair. He lifts his right leg and places it down on the outside of the footrest. He does the same with his left leg. He stands up and pushes the wheelchair back behind him and smiles. He waves to Ben.]

LOCKE: Good-bye, Ben.

[Ben nods and watches as Locke turns and walks up the stairs and into the church. A partial time skip is heard and the scene switches to the island. Desmond is lying outside the cavern in the running brook. Ben puts a pack underneath his head. A bit further from the carven, Hurley sits on a rock and looks at the entrance.]

BEN: I think Desmond's gonna be okay.

[Ben sits across from Hurley.]

HURLEY: Jack's [pause] gone. Isn't he?


[Ben nods. Hurley begins to cry.]

BEN: He did his job, Hugo.

HURLEY: It's my job now. What the hell am I supposed to do?

BEN: I think you do what you do best. [pause] Take care of people.

[Hurley stares blankly.]

BEN: You can start by helping Desmond get home.

HURLEY: But how? People can't leave the island.

BEN: That's how Jacob ran things. Maybe there's another way. A better way.

HURLEY: Will you help me?

BEN: [surprised] I'm sorry?

HURLEY: I could really use someone with, like, experience, for a little while.

[Ben is at a loss for words.]

HURLEY: Will you help me, Ben?

BEN: [voice cracks] I'd be honored.

HURLEY: [nods] Cool.

[A partial time skip is heard and the scene switches to outside the church. Ben is still sitting there alone. The door opens and it is Hurley. He comes out and leans on the stone railing.]

HURLEY: Oh! Hey, dude.

BEN: [voice cracks] Hello, Hugo.

HURLEY: We're all inside.

BEN: I don't think I'm coming in.

[Hurley nods and starts to go back inside the church. He pauses.]

HURLEY: You know, you were a real good number two.

BEN: And you were a great number one, Hugo.

HURLEY: Thanks, dude. I'll see you.

[Hurley goes back inside and closes the door behind him. Jack pulls up in his old Jeep and parks. Kate is with him. They have come from the concert.

KATE: Do you know where we are?

JACK: This is where I was gonna have my father's funeral. He died in Australia.

KATE: I'm sorry.

JACK: Why did you bring me here?

KATE: Because this is where you were gonna have your father's funeral.

[Kate turns in her seat and points.]

KATE: You can go in around back.

JACK: Wait, where are you going?

KATE: Inside. I'll be waiting for you there, [pause] once you're ready.

JACK: [chuckles] Ready for what?

KATE: [smiles] To leave.

[Kate gets out of the Jeep and goes inside the church. A partial time skip is heard and the scene switches back to the island. Jack is lying on small wall made of rocks and tree branches which is in the brook downstream from a small waterfall. He slowly awakes and struggles to stand up. He is bloodied from his ordeal. He holds on to his wound as he gets out of the brook. He carefully climbs the embankment. A partial time skip is heard and the scene switches to Jack entering the back of the church off island. He passes a statue of an angel then walks up a flight of stone steps. He enters a room and closes the door. On the top of the bookcase is a statue of Buddha and a Menorah. On the wall is a cross. A staff is leaning against the wall. Religious symbols from various religions adorn the shelves and walls. He stops by a stained glass window when he notices a coffin to his right. The window has six symbols representing different religions. There is a Cross for Christianity, Yin/Yang for Confucian/Taoism, Star of David for Judaism, Crescent moon and star for Islam, a Wheel for Buddhism and an Om for Hinduism. Jack walks around the coffin, hesitating to open it. As he touches the coffin he has a flash of opening his eye on the island after the crash of Oceanic 815, looking up at the bamboo trees. He is shaken and steps back from the coffin.

He touches it again and has more flashes. He is running on the beach surrounded by plane rubble. He stops and helps Claire. He gives CPR to Rose, punches Charlie in the chest to get his heart beating, and yells at Hurley to get away from the wreckage. He tries to help Boone after he falls from the Nigerian plane. He assists Shannon with her asthma. He smiles at Sun. He sees Locke saving him from falling off a cliff and a flash of Sawyer in the jungle. He is using the Satellite phone to call the Freighter and he sees himself and Kate leaving the island on a helicopter. He is walking along a path in the jungle when Kate turns quickly and pulls a gun on him as she fills her canteen. There is a wall between him and Kate at the Hydra Station and her smiling at him as she walks out of the jungle. There is a flash of Kate crying as they kiss on the cliff. This is just before Kate and Sawyer dive into the water so they can get to the plane Frank is preparing to leave the island with. Return to real time. Jack opens the coffin and it is empty. He holds back tears as he closes the lid.]

CHRISTIAN: Hey, kiddo.

[Jack slowly turns around. His father is standing in the room.]

JACK: Dad?

CHRISTIAN: Hello, Jack.

JACK: I don't understand. You died.

CHRISTIAN: Yeah. Yes, I did.

JACK: [voice cracks] Then how are you here right now?

CHRISTIAN: [sighs] How are you here?

[There is a long, uneasy pause between father and son. Jack lowers his head.]

JACK: I died, too.

[Jack begins to cry.]

CHRISTIAN: It's okay. It's okay. It's okay, son.

[Christian hugs Jack and comforts him. Jack holds his father tight as he sobs.]

JACK: I love you, dad.

CHRISTIAN: I love you, too, son.

JACK: Are you, are you real?

CHRISTIAN: [laughs] I sure hope so.

[Jack laughs.]

CHRISTIAN: Yeah, I'm real. You're real. Everything that's ever happened to you is real. All those people in the church, they're real, too.

JACK: They're all [pause] they're all dead?

CHRISTIAN: [sighs] Everyone dies sometime, kiddo. Some of them before you, some long after you.

JACK: But why are they all here now?

CHRISTIAN: Well, there is no "now" here.

[Jack slowly walks away from his father, stops and turns to him.]

JACK: Where are we, dad?

CHRISTIAN: This is a place that you [pause] that you all made together so that you could find one another.

[Christian steps closer to Jack.]

CHRISTIAN: The most important part of your life was the time that you spent with these people. That's why all of you are here. Nobody does it alone, Jack. You needed all of them, and they needed you.

JACK: For what?

CHRISTIAN: To remember, [pause] and to let go.

JACK: Kate [pause] she said we were leaving.

CHRISTIAN: Not leave, no, [pause] moving on.

JACK: Where are we going?

CHRISTIAN: [smiles] Let's go find out.

[Jack nods. Christian puts his arm around Jack's shoulder and they leave this room and walk into the area behind the pews. Sun hugs Boone, Shannon and Sayid stand forehead to forehead. Sawyer hugs Kate then pats Locke on the arm. Hurley steps in on Libby hugging Jin. Jack smiles and joins the group. As he takes a step the scene switches to Jack's bloody shoes as he walks toward the bamboo forest. Back at the church, Jack walks down steps and Locke sees him.]

LOCKE: We've been waitin' for ya.

[Locke and Jack shake hands. The scene switches back to Jack trudging through the jungle. At the church, Jack is greeted by Desmond and Penny. Desmond hugs Jack. , e as he and Sawyer stop hugging goes to Boone and they hug. On the island, Jack is losing strength as he reaches the bamboo forest. To his left, a worn, dirty tennis shoe hangs from a tree. At the church, Hurley hugs Jack and lifts him off his feet. Charlie is holding Aaron with Claire at his side. Shannon is with them admiring the baby. Sayid is next to Shannon. Sun joins them. Jack sees Sawyer and they hug. Kate looks at Jack, walks to him and takes his hand. Back on the island, Jack finds a clearing among the bamboo trees. In the church he is with Kate. On the island, Jack is beginning to stumble. In the church, Kate takes his hand and they sit on a pew. At the same time, Jack falls to his knees in the bamboo forest. He lies on his back and holds his stomach wound. In the church, Jack and Kate are chatting and laughing. Sayid and Shannon sit on another pew. Locke is the next to sit on a pew. Bernard and Rose are sitting and Bernard puts his arm around Rose. Juliet and Sawyer are sitting right behind them. Jin is sitting with Sun with Libby and Hurley sitting behind them.

Everyone is sitting in the church. Christian approaches Jack and puts his hand on Jack's shoulder. In the bamboo forest, Jack lies on the ground, looking up at the sky. He hears a dog barking. He turns his head and Vincent runs out of the forest, licks his face and lies down next to him. In the church, Christian, wearing new white tennis shoes, walks up the aisle and opens the double doors. A very intense bright white light shines into the church through the doors. On the island Jack lies on the ground looking up into the sky with Vincent at his side. Through an opening in the tree canopy, he watches as the plane flies overhead and from the island. He laughs then starts to fade away. In the church, Jack sits and soaks in the light he as closes his eye on the island for the last time.]



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