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The Who's Who Guide to Lost

This is my attempt to keep some of the facts about the character straight as to who and why people were on Lost Island. Each individual bio is as close to chronological order as I could make them. Most info is pre-crash information.

Note:Oceanic Flight 815 crashed September 22, 2004 because Desmond accidentally released the EMP. with 324 passenger. Season 1 is suppose to cover the first 40 days after the crash. Therefore, season one takes place from September through October 2004. Season 2 picks up right at the end of season one. Season 2 should cover roughly 21 days, taking the show into late November. Some calculations put Season 2 ending on Thanksgiving of 2004. Season 3 starts the day after Season 2 ends and ends 91 days after the crash.

Disclaimer: Most of the following information was gained from watching all the episodes and the recap specials. There are things that have come to light throughout the seasons and may be considered spoilerish for anyone who has not seen all the episodes. Some information has come from official announcements by TPTB. That information is included here for clarification and not to provide spoiler information (i.e.: the spelling of Ms Klugh last name). Based upon "Behind the scene" interviews and notes the seating assignments are based upon a 3x3x3 plane design.

Color Code

Blue - A Passenger on Flight 815
Dark Orchid - Dharma / Others personnel
Dark Slate Blue - Off island influence
Red - Islander
Black - The Whispers
Dark Orange - Flashback character with one connection
Green - Flashback character with multiple connections
Strike - Dead

Fuselage People:

Jack Shepard (Matthew Fox): Father's name is Christian, mother is Margo. Plays piano. Went to Columbia University. Works at St Sebastian Hospital in LA. Choose to save Sarah, latter married her. Had a chance to save Adam Rutherford. Met Desmond in LA. Best friend/man - Mark Silverman. Jack became Chief Resident, father was Chief of Surgery. Flirted with Gabriela. Sarah left Jack because of another guy. Jack was an M.D. Apparently went to Phuket after Sarah left him. Met a mystic - Achara. She later tattooed Jack. Appears that Jack got his father stripped of his medical license for a botched operation. Type O negative blood. Formally a drinker, not anymore. Was flying back to LA after going to Sydney to pick up his father's body . Had a drink with Ana Lucia at the airport in Sydney. Sits next to Rose on the Plane - originally assigned seat 23B moved to seat 23C. Traveling alone. Jack's Board

Margo Sheppard (Veronica Hamel): Jack’s mom
Christian Sheppard (John Terry): Jack’s dad. Claire's dad (from an affair). Chief Surgeon at St Sebastian Hospital in LA. Alcoholic (was trying to get sober). Operated on Beth while impaired. Jack got Christian stripped of his medical license. Met Ana-Lucia in an airport bar. Invited Ana-Lucia to go to Australia as a "bodyguard". Pays the mortgage for Lindsey - has a daughter by her. Had a drink with Sawyer in Sydney just before he died. Died of a heart-attack in Australia. Christian's Board
Sarah (Julie Bowen): Was in a head on car accident with Adam Ruthaford. Jack operated on her. Was a "miracle" that she could walk again. Did not know Jack until he operated on her. Later married him. Teacher? Left Jack because she couldn’t deal with Jack always needing to "fix" things. Met someone else.
Lindsey (Gabrielle Fitzpatrick): Lives in Sydney Australia. Knows Christian Sheppard. Has a daughter with him.
Kevin (Anson Mount): Sarah's first fiancée.
Gabriela (Monica Barladeanu): Looking for a miracle to save her father Angelo. Heard of Jack's miracle cure of Sarah. Jack couldn't save Angelo. Flirted / kissed Jack. Gabriela Thread
Beth: The women whom Jack operated on after Jack’s father messed up. Was pregnant. Died on the operating table.
Nurse (Julie Ow): Looked in on Locke after his kidney surgery. Helped Jack with a patient.

James "Sawyer" Ford (Josh Holloway): Mom's name Mary. From Jasper, Alabama, later moved to Knoxville, Tennesee? When James was a child his father killed his wife, then killed himself. Took the name Sawyer when he became a con man (same name as the guy that conned his family). Dropped out of 9th grade. Farsighted. Was in Tallahassee, Tampa and Atlanta. Lived in a trailer. Has had mulitple arrests (including French Military Police?). Spent time in a Florida Prison after conning Cassidy. Took up prison boxing. Released after 9 months (of a 6 year sentence) for helping the Warden. Set up a bank account for his daughter. Uncle died of a brain tumor. Has had an STD. Likes to read and well versed in pop culture. Talked to Jack's father in a bar a week before the flight. Was seen at the Sydney police station the same time Boone was there (Sawyer was in a bar fight with an official three days before the flight). Possibly running from Kilo - a loan shark? Was in Sydney under false pretense - thought he was going to kill the real Sawyer - was duped into killing Frank Ducket by Hibbs. Deported back to the USA from Australia for bad character. Traveling alone. Sitting in Business Class? Age 36? Sawyer's Board

Frank Sawyer
Destroyed Sawyer's family by conning them out of money. Appears to be the same as Anthony Cooper. Killed by Sawyer.
David & Jessica: (Michael DeLuise & Kristin Richardson): A mark of Sawyer. Sawyer backed down when their son walked in the room.
Hibbs (Robert Patrick): One time partner of Sawyer. Tricked Sawyer into killing Frank Duckett
Frank Ducket (Jeff Perry): Shrimp stand operator in Australia. Owed Hibbs some money? Was killed by Sawyer.
Cassidy Philips (Kim Dickens): A "long con" of Sawyer. Helped Sawyer do some small cons. Was conned out of $600,000 by Sawyer. Pressed charges. Has a daughter, Clementine, with Sawyer. Turned to selling fake gold necklaces. Later met Kate. Helped Kate talk to her mother. Lives in Albuquerque?
Gordy (Kevin Dunn): Sawyer's partner
Munson (Ian Gomez): New Prisoner with Sawyer. Stole $10 million from the government. Befriended by Sawyer. Was conned by Sawyer to divulge location of money (in Sawgrass Florida). Sawyer turned in the information in order to get out of prison early.
Mary Jo (Brittany Perrineau): Lotto employee. Knows Sawyer. Announced Hurley's winning lottery numbers.

Katherine "Kate" Anne Austen (Evangeline Lilly): Mother Diane was a waitress. Step-father Sam was in the Army. Biological father - Wayne was an abusive alcoholic. Home town: Cedar Rapids, Iowa - told Ray she was Canadian. Childhood friend. Tom Brennan - caused his death. Buried a time capsule with Tom on August 15, 1989 - had Tom's favorite toy airplane. Worked on Jayboats for 2 summers? Has a friend named Beth. Blew up house when she was 24 with Wayne in it - killed him, mother turned her in. Originally apprehended by US Marshal when trying to catch a bus to Tallahassee. Escaped because of a horse. Went to visit dad after escape (in Tallahassee?). Went back to Iowa to try and talk to her mother. Was married for a short time to Kevin (using the false name of Monica). Dug up time capsule with Tom when trying to visit her sick mother. Was in New Mexico sometime after retrieval of time capsule to rob a bank to get toy airplane out of safe deposit bank - #815 (was a trap). Had a mug shot from Harrison Valley Police. Area code on mug shot is from northwest part of New Jersey. Wanted by FBI fro fraud, arson and murder. Wanted to go to Bali. Was being flown to the USA in the presence of a US Marshal. Was caught in Australia. Sits next to Marshall. Has used the aliases of Maggie Ryan, Joan Hart, and Annie. Traveling alone - escorted by the Marshal. Sitting in seat 27H. Kate's Board

Diane Austen Jansen (Beth Broderick): Kate’s mom. Was a waitress. Served Sawyer. Lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Turned Kate in for blowing up Wayne. Has cancer. Admitted to St Francis Hospital. Terminally ill? Served Sawyer lunch at the diner.
Sam Austen (Lindsey Ginter): Kate’s step-dad. Highly decorated officer in the Army - Ranger battalion. At some point was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington State. Served in first Gulf War. Met Sayid in passing during first Gulf War.
Wayne Jansen (James Horan): Kate’s biological dad. Drunk and abusive?. Lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Kate killed him by blowing up the house.
Time line note: Diane and Sam were married. Diane became pregnant four months before Sam came home from Korea. Sam and Diane divorced when Kate was 5. Diane later married Wayne who was Kate's biological father.
Tom Brennan (Mackenzie Astin): Kate’s childhood sweetheart. Buried a time capsule with Kate on August 15, 1989 - had his favorite toy airplane. Doctor at St Francis Hospital. Lived in Iowa. Married to Rachel, had a son, Conner. Was killed when trying to help Kate escape.
Ray Mullen (Nick Tate): Farmer in Australia. Wife died a few months back. Has prosthetic right arm. Helped Kate, later turned her in.
Kevin Callis (Kevin Fallen): Mother’s name Suzanne. Works for the Miami Police Department. Married Kate (under the false name of Monica). Was going to take Kate to Costa Rica honeymoon. Was drugged by Kate before she told him the truth.

John Locke (Terry O'Quinn): Mother's name Emily Annabeth Locke, father Anthony Cooper. Born at 6 months. Emily was a teenager. Raised by step/foster-mom (didn't know parents). Has a (step/foster?) sister Jeanne who died as a kid. Has a brother (step/foster?). Was a webalos. Used to be an assistant manager at wholesale store. Locke's father used his mother to subconsciously convince Locke to give him a kidney. Dad used to take him bird hunting. Met Helen in a anger management classed - later dated her. Wanted to marry Helen. Joined a commune in Bridgeville CA run by Mike and Jan (growing marijuana). Owned his own home inspection service - "Welcome Home". Became depressed and couldn't work. Was later paralyzed for four years after father shoved him out a window - broke his back from an 8 story fall. Received physical therapy at Delerue Center for Rehabilitation.. Was a regional collections supervisor for a box company - boss's name was Randy. Had a phone affair with another women named Helen? Likes playing war games. Lived most his life in Tustin, California. Likes knives and guns. Was flying back to the USA after trying to do a walkabout in Australia. Was denied because he needed a wheelchair. Sits behind Rose on the plane. Traveling alone. Sitting in seat 24D. Locke's Board

Anthony Cooper
(Kevin Tighe): Locke’s dad. Likes to hunt a lot. Used Emily to help conned Locke out of a kidney. Appears to be rich. Conned someone out of $700,000. Needed Locke to get money out of safe deposit box. Faked his own death. Pushed Locke out of window. Was trying to con Peter Talbot's mom. Used fake name Adam Seward from Ontario, Ted MacLaren, Tom Sawyer and Louis Jackson. Apparently the same man that conned Sawyer's mother. Was in a car accident in Tallahassee, woke up on the island. Killed by Sawyer
Emily Annabeth Locke (Swoosie Kurtz): Born 10/15/1940. Locke’s mom. Was a patient at Santa Rosa Mental Institute: admitted 10/5/1992 and self admitted 5/12/1995? Helped Anthony con Locke out of a kidney.
Helen (Katey Sagal): Locke’s love interest. Met Locke at a anger management session (after Locke gave up kidney). Left Locke after he wouldn't give up his infatuation with his father.
Helen (a.k.a. "phone Helen"): possible a phone sex operator whom Locke only called Helen. Locke tried to meet her in person.
Jimmy Bane (Theo Coumbis): Looking for Anthony Cooper.
Eddie (Justin Chatwin): Hitchhiker picked up by Locke - Said he was headed to Eureka California. Rookie cop that manipulated Locke. Befriended and then used Locke to infiltrate marijuana growing operation.
Randy Nations (Billy Ray Gallion): Was Hurley's boss at Mr. Clucks and Locke's boss at the box company. Hurley became Randy's boss after Hurley bought Mr Clucks.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes (Jorge Garcia): Brother Diego (sister-in-law Lisa), Grandpa Tito. Had a dog - Buster. Had a Turtle - Stewart. Used to fish off the Santa Monica Pier with his "old man". Used to work on cars with hes dad. Had a friend in the Gulf War - hundred and fifth airborne. Commited to Santa Rosa by mother for at least 2 months. Was depressed because he thought he was responsible for the death of 2 people - deck collapse (23 people on deck meant to hold only 8). Had imaginary friend - Dave. Prescribed clanazopam. Had the nickname "Hurley" for awhile. After getting out, got his job back at Mr Clucks for Randy. Friends with Johnny and Starla. Won a near record lottery ($114 million) a couple of months after getting out of psyche ward using 4 8 15 16 23 42. Now net worth $156 million. Got his numbers from Leonard "Lenny" Simms. Thought the numbers were cursed - several people died after he used them (Grandpa Tito, Priest, factory workers). Seen on Korean television as a lottery winner. Later was visiting Lenny at Santa Rosa Mental Institute to find out where he got the numbers. Watched Survivor or Friends? Knows pop culture. Bought Mr Clucks in Diamond Bar, CA. Majority shareholder for a box company in Tustin. Owned a sneaker factory in Canada before it burned. Stayed in same hotel as Charlie. Was flying back to LA after talking to Martha Toomey - in the middle of nowhere Australia. Originally assigned seat 20G - still sitting there? Hurley's Board

Carmen Reyes (Lillian Hurst): Hurley's mom. Born in September?
David Reyes (Cheech Marin): Hurley's mom. Left for Vegas when Hurley was a kid. Returned 17 years later after Hurley won the lottery
Johnny (DJ Qualls): Best friend of Hurley. Worked together at Mr. Clucks. Hooked up with Starla. Johnny Thread
Starla (Marguerite Moreau): Works at record store where Hurley hangs out. Appears Hurley has a crush on her. Hooked up with Johnny. Starla Thread
Leonard Simms (Ron Bottitta): In the Navy. Stationed with Sam at a listen post in Kalgoorlie, Australia . Got the numbers from Sam 16 years ago while stationed together. Ended up in the psyche ward at Santa Rosa Mental Institute.
Sam Toomey: In the Navy. Married to Martha. Heard mysterious numbers transmission 16 years ago while stationed at a remote listen post in Kalgoorlie, Australia. Used numbers a couple of days later to win $50,000 in a bean counting contest. Thought numbers were cursed . Killed himself 4 years ago to get away from curse.
Martha Toomey (Jayne Taini): Married to Sam. Living in Australia in the middle of nowhere. Lost her leg in a car accident the day Sam won the contest.
Dr Curtis (Dann Seki): Resident doctor at Santa Rosa Mental Institute.
Dr Brooks (Bruce Davidson): Hurley's doctor at Santa Rosa. Knew Libby?
Dave (Evan Handler): Hurley's imaginary friend / alter Ego while at Santa Rosa.

Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews): From Tikrit Iraq. Born in 1968/1969. Attended Cairo University. Plays soccer. Was in the Iraqi Republic Guard. Reassigned to intelligence division. Was assigned to torture his childhood friend Nadia / Noor. Killed his superior when trying to help her escape. Fought in Gulf War. Captured during first war and "recruited" to torture his former commander Tariq. Sat in same army vehicle as Kate's dad when released. Became a chef in Paris under the name Najeev. Was caputed and tortured for his past crimes. "Recruited" by CIA in London to infiltrate terrorist cell in Sydney. Flying to LA to find childhood friend Nadia. Was not suppose to be on flight 815 (was suppose to fly the previous day). Pulled out of line for leaving an unattended bag (Shannon turned him in - didn't know each other) Was sitting back row of business class, the guy next to him didn't survive, as told by Sawyer. Traveling alone. Sitting around row 17? Born Jan 17, 1969. Sayid's Board

Nadia Abid-Jazim (a.k.a. "Noor") (Andrea Gabriel): From Iraq. Sayid’s love interest before Shannon. Was tortured by Sayid. Sayid later helps her escape. While being mugged in England, Charlie helped her. Locke inspected a home she was buying. Lives in California.
Essam (Donnie Keshawarz): Sayid's former college roommate at Cairo University. Has a degree in philosophy. Killed himself when Sayid tryied to turn him in for being a terrorist.
Tariq (Marc Casabani): Sayid's Commander? Sayid tortured him on behalf of the Americans.

Claire Littleton (Emilie de Ravin): Native of Australia. Mom's name Carol? Was in a car accident (Claire was driving), mom ended up in a coma. Worked in a tattoo & piercing parlor. Single mother(-to-be). Baby's father is Thomas. Was flying to LA to give up her un-born baby for adoption. She may have been convinced to be on the plane under false pretenses. Dreamed about Black Rock. Might be psychic? Birthday is sometime in October? Gave birth to a boy (while on island) - Aaron - a few days after her own birthday. Traveling alone. Claire's Board

Lindsey (Gabrielle Fitzpatrick): Claire's aunt. Does not like Christian Sheppard.
Thomas (Keir O'Donnell): Claire's ex-boyfriend. Father of Aaron. Left Claire half way through the pregnancy. Was an artist.
Arlene and Joseph Stewart (Lisa Fraser & ?): Couple in Melbourne who were going to adopt Claire's baby.
Richard Malkin (Nick Jameson): Psychic who warned Claire not to give her baby up for adoption. Claire went to see him with Rachel. He convinced her to fly to LA. Married to Joyce. Has a daughter Charlotte who apparently drowned and came back to life. Confessed to Eko he was a sham and to stay away from his daughter.

Charlie Hieronymus Pace (Dominic Monaghan): From Manchester, England? Family was poor. Father was a butcher? Received a piano as a Christmas gift. Formed the band Driveshaft with brother Liam. Charlie was the songwriter and base player. Liam got Charlie hooked on Heroin. Charlie turn to petty theft after his band Driveshaft broke up. Tried to con Lucy Heatherton. Saved Nadia when she was being mugged. Afraid of bees. Stayed in same hotel as Hurley. Flying to LA to work on a record and touring deal for his band Driveshaft after stopping by to visit his brother Liam in Sydney Australia. Originally sits a few rows behind Jack on the plane - ends up in business class. Traveling alone. Originally sitting in seat 29C? Drowned after Mikhail blew up part of the underwater station.The Hobbit's Board

Megan Pace (Sammi Davis): Charlie’s mom. Bought Charlie a piano as a Christmas gift. Otherwise appears poor. Was hoping Charlie would help the family with music career. (Not to be confused with Liam's daughter which is also named Megan).
Simon Pace (John Henry Canavan / Robin Atkin Downes): Charlie’s dad. Taught Charlie to swim. Butcher?
Liam Pace (Neil Hopkins): Charlie’s brother. Lead singer in Driveshaft. Got Charlie hooked on heroin. Liam sold Charlie's piano to pay for move to Australia with his wife Karen and daughter Megan (Uncle gave Liam a job). Has cleaned up since moving to Australia. Has given up all interested in reuniting Driveshaft.
Lucy Heatherton (Sally Strecker): From Knightsbridge England. Dated Charlie. Got Charlie a job as a copier salesman at her father's office.. Charlie robbed her father - Francis Price Heatherton.

Jin-Soo Kwon (Daniel Dae Kim): Born November 27, 1974. Son of a Korean prositute. Was given up a birth to the man who is thought to be his father (a fisherman). Was in the Army. Knows how to sail. Met Sun when he accidentally bumped into her. Was a doorman and a waiter; later worked for Sun's father - first as a floor manager, later as a "special agent". Married to Sun (for 4 years). Mr Paik sent Jin to kill Jae Lee. Was in Sydney to deliver watches for Sun's father, was going to America for same reason. Was planning to "escape" from Sun's father while in America. Was being followed. Can speak and understand some English words - not fluent. Jin stands behind Jack at the airport. Was trying to have a child for a year before he went to see Dr Kim. Can't have kids. Traveling with Sun. Sitting in row 28F? Jin's Board

Mr. Kwon (John Shin): Jin's (adoptive?) father. Fisherman from a poor village.

Sun Paik (Yoon-jin Kim): Born March 20, 1980. Married to Jin (for 4 years). Was being blackmailed by Jin's biological mother (to not reveal she was a prositute). Borrowed money from ger father to pay of Jin's mother. Sun knows herbal medicine and gardening. Knows how to sail and play the piano. Sun can speak English. Has a degree in Art History. Parents were trying to get her married. Sun's father owns a factory. Appears to be rich. Had and affair / slept with Jae Lee (caught in the act by her father). Was going to leave Jin at the Sydney Airport. Was flying to LA with Jin. May have been on the plane under false pretenses - thought she was going with Jin on business, may have been a rues by Jin to escape from Sun's father. Was trying to have a child for a year before she went to see Dr Kim. Sitting in Row 28E? Sun's Board

Mr. Paik (Byron Chung): Sun's father. Apparently very wealthy and powerful. Own Paik Heavy Industries and Paik Automotive. Mob type organization?
Mrs Paik (June Kyoto Lu): Sun's mother. Tried to arrange a date with Jae Lee for Sun.
Jae Lee (Tony Lee): Son of a hotel owner. Was planning to marry an American girl from Harvard - didn't work out. Was set up to meet Sun. Was teaching Sun to speak English, without Jin's knowledge. In love with Sun. Appears to have committed suicide because of affair with Sun (may have been murder, but no proof)
Dr. Je-Gyu Kim (Greg Joung Paik): Fertility doctor. Originally told Sun that she couldn't have kids. Later confessed in private to her that it was Jin that couldn't have kids. Lied to Sun about Jin because he was afraid of Sun's father.
Popo: The dog Jin stole and gave to Sun Popo Thread

Michael Dawson (Harold Perrineau Jr.): Father of Walt. Stayed in Angel Hospital(?) after hit by car in NYC when Walt was 2. No contact with Walt for 9 years. Construction worker. Was an artist. Was flying back to New York City after getting custody of his son, Walt, after his ex-girlfriend, Susan, had died in Australia of a blood disorder. Was thinking about giving Walt to his own mother for care. Traveling with Walt. Sitting in in seat 18E. Captured for 10 days by the "others". With help from Ben, managed to make it off the island. Went home to Manhattan. Was later recruited to infiltrate Charles Widmore's boat. Assumed the name Kevin Johnson. Michael's Board

Susan Lloyd (Tamara Taylor): Walt’s mom. Lawyer. Moved around the world. Married to Brian Porter. Knows international law. Lived in Amsterdam, Italy , and lastly in Australia. Died of a blood disorder.
Brian Porter (David Starzyk): Walt’s step-dad. Lawyer. Moved around the world. Married to Susan Lloyd. Gave up rights to Walt right after Susan died.

Walter "Walt" Lloyd-Porter (Malcolm David Kelley): Born 8/24/1994. Son of Michael - never knew him. Born in NYC? Lived with mom and step-dad, Susan Lloyd and Brian Porter. Lived in Amsterdam, Italy at age 2, and lastly in Australia. Seems to have "special abilities". 10 years old (as he told Sawyer). Was flying from Sydney to NYC with his father, Michael. Overheard conversation between Michael and Michael's mother about caring for Walt and "not being in the plan". Traveling with Michael. Sitting in seat 18F. Walt's Board

Vincent (Madison): Brian's dog (Walt's step-dad's dog). Yellow lab. Traveling in the cargo hold. Vincent Thread

Rose (L. Scott Caldwell): Originally from the Bronx? Now living in Niagara Falls? Maiden name Henderson? Meet Bernard when she was stuck in the snow. Has cancer. Was in remission, but now not. Saw faith healer in Australia, but he couldn't cure her. Traveling with her husband Bernard (see Tail Section People). May or may not have a daughter. Birthday in November? Sitting in seat 23D. Meet Locke at the airport. Rose's Board

Issac (Wayne Pyram): Faith healer form Uluru Australia. Channels the land’s energy to heal. Couldn't heal Rose.

Shannon Rutherford (Maggie Grace): Born in 1983. Her dad married Boone's mother when she was 8. Ballet instructor. Her dad Adam, died when she was 18. Step-mom cut her off after dad died. Was in St Tropez France at sometime with a guy and helping raise his kid. Was married and now not married? Has asthma problems. 20 years old. Wasn't in her right seat in first class. Sat in Business Class. (Ironic twist: seems to have watched Finding Nemo many times and end up in Sydney too). Tried to get Sayid in trouble at the airport for leaving an unattended bag. Was flying back to LA, after having a fling in Sydney Australia with the "wrong type" of guy. Traveling with Boone. Sitting in seat 9F. Accidentally killed by Ana. Shannon's Board

Adam Rutherford Married to Sabrina Carlyle. Shannon’s dad. Boone’s step-dad. Died as a result of a car accident with Sarah.
Laurent Child of Shannon's love interest in St Tropez France. Watched cartoon about a fish over and over again.
Bryan (Charles Mesure): Shannon's boyfriend in Australia. Took the payoff money Boone offered to leave Shannon alone.

Boone Carlyle (Ian Somerhalder): Born in 1981. Had a nanny named Teresa - died because of a stair accident when Boone was 6. His mom married Shannon's dad when he was 10. Lived in NYC at age 20? In the wedding business with his mom, Sabrina (C.O.O. of the wedding clothing subsidiary). Lived in Malibu, California? Apparently is very rich. Lifeguard. Wasn't in his right seat in first class. Sat in Business Class. About 22 years old. A negative blood type. Was flying back to LA after coming to Sydney to "rescue" his step sister Shannon. Traveling with Shannon. Sitting in seat 9E. Accidentally killed from a fall on the island. Boone's Board

Sabrina Carlyle (Lindsay Frost): Boone’s mom, Shannon’s step-mom. Married to Adam Rutherford. Owns a wedding business. When Adam died, Sabrina cut ties with Shannon. Meet Jack at the hospital where Adam died.
Theresa Childhood nanny of Boone. Died falling on the stairs when Boone was 6.

Nikki Fernandez (Kieli Sanchez): Actress. From Saint Paul Minnesota. Was in Sydney to shoot an episode of "Expose" (fictional TV show). Helped Paul kill Howard Zuckerman. Apparently loves Paulo. Paralyzed Paulo with a Medusa spider bite. Became paralyzed herself by same type of spider. Was buried alive because she was presumed dead.
Nikki's Board

Paulo (Rodrigo Santoro): From Brazil. Chef. Likes golf. Killed Howard Zuckerman for $8 million worth of diamonds. Apparently loves Nikki. Tried to con Nikki. Was paralyzed by Nikki. Was buried alive because he was presumed dead. Paulo's Board

Sullivan (Scott Paulin): Had hives and likes to play golf.

Edwards "Marshal" Mars (Fredric Lehne): Was pursuing Kate for 3 years. Used Tom's toy airplane as a trap for Kate in New Mexico. Escorting Kate back to the USA for unknown reason - caught her in Australia. Had one holstered gun on plane. Had four guns checked in crew area. Fatally wounded in crash. Sawyer tried to kill him to end his suffering. Killed by Jack. Traveling alone - escorting Kate. Sitting in seat 27G

Leslie Arzt (Daniel Roebuck): Science teacher. Had at least 3 wives. Killed on island by dynamite accident

Scott Jackson (Dustin Watchman): Worked for an Internet company in Santa Cruz. He won a sales prize - two-week Australian vacation, all expenses paid. Killed by Ethan? Flying back to USA after vacation? Traveling alone.

Steve Jenkins (Christian Bowman): Traveling alone.

Note Scott maybe be still be alive and impersonating Steve and Steve may actually be dead. Sceve Thread

Joanna: On vacation in Australia. Went diving with the Diarist. Drowned while swimming. Full name Barbara Joanna Miller. Flying back to USA after vacation? Traveling alone.

SBSSG (a.k.a. "Sexy Blue Striped Shirt Girl") (Faith Fay): Appears to be friendly with all the survivors. Little else know. Seen at the airport same time as Jack. SBSSG Thread

Richard (a.k.a. "Asian Cowboy") (Bryan Sato): Seems to be friendly with all the survivors Asian Cowboy Thread

Craig (Chris Candella): Original survivor

Jerome (Jim Mazzarella): Original survivor

Neil: Frozen yogurt / Frogart salesman. Original survivor Neil Thread

Tracy: From Fresno, CA. Married, 2 kids. Sleeping with Steve?

"Turbine Man" (Frank Torres): Originally survived the crashed. Sucked into turbine.

Janelle "The Diarist" Granger: Spent at least a week in Louisiana. Caused an "accident" to someone in Louisiana? Saw the movie Castaway. Uncertain why on the plane, possibly on vacation in Australia. Meet Joanna in Australia and went diving together? Saw something that resembled a whale while swimming. From Hermosa Beach, CA. Found Scott's body. Traveling alone. Is missing on the island? Diary Thread

Larry: Seems to be creeping Janelle out

Chris Dobson: Since Janelle is no longer writing in the Diary, someone else is. Born 1970(ish) Had a brother - Steve (Born Dec 3, 1968)- that died during the crash. Was sitting next to Steve on the plane. Steve's wife Elaine died previously. Chris took Steve to Austrialia to cheer him up. In Australia for 2 weeks.

Gary Troup: Author that didn’t survive the crash. His book "Bad Twin" is now in print. Former book "The Valenzetti Equation" is out of print.

Harold Wollstein: Original occupant of seat 23C. Did not survive the crash.

Judith Martha Wexler: From Denton, Texas. Didn't survive crash

Steve and Kristen: Engaged. Didn’t survive. Sitting a few rows behind Claire.

Emmanuel Rafael Ortiz: Passenger on flight 815 that didn't survive. Possible had children.

Millicent Louise D'Agostino: From Teaneck, New Jersey. Didn't survive

Flight 815 Pilot (Greg Grunberg): Real name Seth Norris? Bad pilot - 1000 miles off course. Killed by "island monster"

Man & Women: Pair of bodies found underwater still in their seats. Possible crew members of flight 815. Had the US Marshall's locked case wedged under the seat.

Tail Section People:

Mr Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje): Nigerian. Last name may be Tunde. Has a yonger brother Yemi. As a child, stole food from the church to feed Yemi. Killed (when he was a teen?) the village priest so Yemi wouldn't have to. Recruited by the warlords when he killed the priest. Became king of the warlords with "no soul". Forced Yemi to sign a document making him a "priest" in order to smuggle heroin out of Nigeria. Eko was not allowed on Beachcraft by own partner. Eko assumed the identity of a priest. Killed a warlord that was terrorizing the village. Took Yemi's place in London for training. Transferred(?) to Australia - referred to as Father Tunde. Assigned to investigate apparent miracle of Charlotte Malkin coming back to life after she drowned. Apparently very religious now. Was trying to get to America. Had a fake passport: Mr. Ulu Oduduwa, born in Sydney, Australia on the 23rd August 1968. Passport was valid for April 16th 2004 to April 16th 2014. Killed by Island Monster (a.k.a. Smokie). Eko's Board

Yemi (Adetokumboh M'Cormack): Eko’s brother. Priest in Nigeria. As a child he was almost kidnapped by rebel soldiers. Eko took Yemi’s place. Later tried to save Eko, but was killed in the process. Eko's partner "Goldie" dragged Yemi onto a beachcraft and flew off, leaving Eko behind.
Goldie (Ronald Revels): Eko's partner. Tried to smuggle heroin out of Nigeria dressed as a priest.
Charlotte Malkin (Brooke Anderson): Richard & Joyce Malkin's daughter. Apparently died as a result of drowning. Eko was sent to investigate her "miracle" survival. Saw Yemi while "dead". Told Eko that Yemi believed in him.

Bernard Nadler (Sam Anderson): Originally from Buffalo? Dentist. 56+ years old. Avid pheasant hunter. Meet Rose in Buffalo, NY. Proposed to her at Niagara Falls after 5 months of courtship. Went to Australia on honeymoon to see a faith healer for Rose. Traveling with his wife Rose (see Fuselage People). Originally sitting in seat 23E, ended up in tail at time of crash. Bernard's Board

Ana-Lucia Cortez (Michelle Rodriguez): Police Office of the LAPD. Shot while on duty. Was 4 months pregnant when shot - lost her baby. Father of baby - Danny? Her mother was the police Captain. Killed the guy (Jason) that shot her. Quit the force a week after killing Jason. Became security guard at an airport. Meet Christian Sheppard at an airport bar. Flew to Sydney Australia with Christian as a "bodyguard". Flirted with Jack before the flight. Sitting in seat 42F. Killed by Michael. Ana-Lucia's Board

Captain Teresa Cortez (Rachel Ticotin): Ana's mom and Captain of Ana's police squad.
Jason McCormack (Aaron Gold): Shot Ana 4 times in the chest when she was pregnant. Caused Ana to loose her baby. Later killed by Ana as revenge.
Matthew Reed (Rick Overton): Ana's police psychiatrist. Ana had to go to him after being shot by Jason.

Elizabeth "Libby" (Cynthia Watros): Married to David. David named sailboat after her. Sailboat had a port of Newport Beach. Husband became sick and died. Meet Desmond in LA. Gave sailboat to Desmond to race around the world. Dropped out of medical school. Went skiing in Vermont. Clinical psychologist. Claims to have been sitting in front of Hurley on the plane (no confirmation). At one point was in Santa Rosa hospital along with Hurley. Killed by Michael. Libby's Board

Nathan (Josh Randell): From Canada. Originally survived the crash. Suspected by Ana as being an "Other". Killed by Goodwin

Cindy (Kimberley Joseph): Flight attendant on Flight 815. Abducted by the "others"? Cindy's Board

Emma (Kiersten Havelock): Traveling to L.A. to meet her mom. Originally survived the crash along with her brother Zack. About 8 years old. Abducted by the "Others".

Zack (Mickey Graue): Traveling to L.A. to meet his mom. Originally survived the crash along with his sister Emma. About 8 years old. Abducted by the "Others"

Nancy: Originally survived the crash. Abducted by the "Others".

Donald (Glenn Lehmann): Broke his leg during crash. Later died of infection (4th to die of original Tail End survivors).

Pam: Did not survive the crash. Traveling with her husband.

Pam’s Husband: (Jon Sakata): Originally seen looking for his wife Pam. Possible abducted by "Others".

Island People:

Danielle Rousseau (Mira Furlan): Wife of Robert. Can speak a few languages. Part of a science team "three days out of Tahiti". Was diverted from original course to investigate mysterious numbers transmission. The science vessel she was on crashed on the island 16 or more years ago due to a storm. Was one of 6 survivors. 7 months pregnant when crashed. The "Others" took her daughter Alexandra a week after giving birth. Never seen the "Others" but has heard the "whispers". Knows where Black Rock (a ship) is - has a radio tower nearby. Killed Robert and the rest of the team. Changed the message after her team was gone. Killed by Keamy.Danielle's Board

Brennan Original part of Danielle's team? Took the keys to Black Rock? Unconfirmed id dead.

Montan Another member of Danielle's team. Lost his arm in the Dark Territory. Unconfirmed if dead.

Desmond David Hume (Henry Ian Cusick): An artist. Worked as a set designer for the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Was engaged to Ruth (dated 6 years). Joined the monastery to avoid getting married? Was kicked out of the monastery and then met Penny. In love with Penelope Widmore. Was going to marry her, but her father didn't approve. Was in the Royal Scottish Army in 1996. Dishonorably discharged after serving time in military prison for failing to follow orders. Was a Lance Corporal of the Royal Scots Regiment. Penelope’s father, Charles Widmore, convinced Desmond to stay away from her. Met Libby in LA. Libby gave her sailboat to Desmond so he could race around the world. Ran into Jack near St Sebastian Hospital in LA. Wanted to become a doctor. Believes in miracles. Was training to solo sail race around the world - refereed to as "his" race, meaning Charles Widmore. Crashed on island 3 years ago. Rescued by Kelvin. Coerced into "pushing the button". Was convinced he was in a quarantined bunker. Knows how to initiate a lockdown. Didn’t input the numbers in time - brought Flight 815 down with an EMP. Says the vaccine is useless. Desmond's Board

Charles Widmore (Alan Dale): Owner of Widmore Industries / Corporation. Doesn’t like Desmond. Prevented Desmond from marrying Penny. Intercepted all of Desmonds letters to Penny. Convinced him to stay away from her. Was hosting an around the world sailing race that Desmond entered. Staged the wreckage of false Flight 815.
Ms. Hawking (Fionnula Flanagan): Seen in a picture on the desk of Brother Campbell. Later told Desmond that he can't change his past (possibly in a dream).
Kelvin Inman (Clancy Brown): Told Sayid his name was Joe. Convinced Sayid to torture Tariq. Commander of Sam Austen. Was a Spook (in the CIA?). Apparently became a resident of the Swan hatch - appears not to be part of Dharma. Uncertain how he got on island. Helped Rasinky make to glow-in-the-dark map. Knows how to initiate emergency lock down. Rescued Desmond. Convinced Desmond not to go outside. Was secretly repairing Desmonds boat so he could escape island. Accidentally killed by Desmond. Uncertain if these are two different people or the same person (written here as the same person). Possible Dharma employee.
Rasinky: Former resident of the Swan bunker. Partner with Kelvin. Created Blast Door map. Killed himself. May or may not have been working for Dharma.
Henry Gale: From Wayzata, Minnesota. Born 8/11/64. Crashed on the island in a hot air balloon trying to cross the Pacific. Wrote a note to his wife Jennifer on back of $20 bill. Buried under his balloon. Uncertain how he died. Unconfirmed: Met her at the University of Minnesota. Had a mining company (non-metallic minerals) but sold it. Was on a hot air balloon trip. Crashed on island 4 months ago.

Adam & Eve: Pair of bodies found in the caves. Apparently have been there for over 40 years. Was laid to rest with a pouch with one black and one white stone

The Nigerians: From a Beachcraft airplane crash from 2 to 10 years ago (As estimated by Locke). (See Yemi & Goldie in Eko’s Flashback section)

Slaves: Skeletal remain of possible slaves from Africa found on the 19th century sailing ship the Black Rock. Headed for a mining colony? As assumed by Locke

Dharma / "Hostiles" / "Others"

Gerald Degroot (Michael Gilday): Co-created the Dharma Initiative in 1970. Doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan

Karen Degroot (Courtney Lavigne): Co-created the Dharma Initiative in 1970. Doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan

Alvar Hanso: Reclusive Danish industrialist and munitions magnate that funded the Degroot’s research

Dr. Marvin Candle (Francois Chau): Scientist and spokesman for the Dharma Initiative on the orientation video. Has a prosthetic left arm - not sure when he got it. Also know as Dr. Mark Wickman?

Horace Goodspeed (Doug Hutchison): Married to Olivia. Dharma employee. Driving outside of Portland. Stopped and helped Rodger and Emily when Ben was born. Few years later, helped out Rodger by getting him a job with Dharma. Worked at the Arrow Station. Presumed died during the purge. Dead for 12 years.

Benjamin Linus (a.k.a. "Fake Henry Gale) (Michael Emerson): Son of Roger and Emily Linus. Born 32 miles outside of Portland - premature birth. Birthday: Dec 19. Came to the island with his dad around the age of 7. Hated being on the island. Saw the image of his mom on the island. Became a workman for Dharma. Met Richard in the jungle. Helped the "natives / hostiles" kill (purge) the Dharma personal in December 1992. About 40 Dharma personal were killed. Uses the alias Dean Moriarty when he goes off island. Diagnosed with spinal cancer 2 days before Flight 815 crash. Ben's Board
Annie (Madeline Carroll): Child on the island. Childhood sweetheart of Ben. Gave him a present that represented her and Ben so they would never have to be apart. Presumed died when the rest of Dharma was killed.

Roger Linus: Father of Ben. Was hiking with his wife Emily when she went into labor. Recruited to be part of Dharma by Horace Goodspeed. A workman of Dharma - thought he'd be a scientist. Hated being on the Island. Blamed Ben for his wife's death. Became an alcoholic. Found dead within a VW Microbus. Had map of a road system. Killed by Ben by poison gas.
Emily (Carrie Preston): Married to Roger. Gave birth to Ben at 7 months pregnant while hiking. Died during childbirth. Later, Ben sees an image of his mom on the island.

Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell): From Maimi, Florida. Likes Steven King novels. Works at Miami Central University Medical Research Lab. Was married to Dr Edmund Burke (was killed by a bus). Fertility doctor. Ran into Ethan in Maimi. Impregnated a male field mouse. Was doing a private fertility or her sister Rachel. Was recruited by Dr Richard Alpert to work for Mittelos BioResearch (after it was discovered there as a fertility issue on the island). Arrived by sub to the island. Has been on the Island for over 3 years - was only suppose to be a 6 months. Has seen 9 women die in those 3 years. Hooked up with Goodwin. Part of a book club. Juliet's Board
Rachael (Robin Weigert): Juliet's sister. Lives in Miami. Had caner. Became sterile from kemo treatments. Juliet helped her conceive a child. Cancer came back and Ben / Jacob cured her? Now has a son - Julian.
Dr Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell): Leader of the "natives / hostiles". Worked with Ben to kill the Dharma personal. Works for Mittelos BioResearch. Knows Ethan. Possible recruiting front for the Island. Recruited Juliet. Arranged to have Edmund Burked killed by a bus? Spying on Rachael at Acadia Park. Tried recruiting Locke when he was a kid and later as a teenager.

Note: While it appears Richard is able to come and go on the island, he has been refereed to as an Original Island Inhabitant, and not part of Dharma.

Isabel (Diana Scarwid): "Sheriff" of the Others.

Mikhail Bakunin (Andrew Divoff): Grew up in Keiv. Same birthday as Nadia Comaneci (Nov 12, 1961). Stationed at a listening post in Vladivostok. Served during the Afghan War. Possible medical training. After the Cold War was dismissed from the military. Possibly met the "Initiative" after reading an advertisement: "Would you like to save the world?". Came to the island 11 years ago. Killed Ms Klugh. Was ordered by Ben to kill Bonnie and Greta. (May or may not have been killed)

Ms Klugh (April Grace): First name Bea? Was holding Walt. Gave list of names to Michael to bring back (List read: Jack Sheppard, Kate Austen, James Ford & Hugo Reyes). Killed by Mikhail. Bea's Board

Tom (M.C. Gainey): Mysterious fake bearded islander. Appears to be a minor leader. Working with Ben and Ms Klugh. Homosexual - lover is Arturo. Kidnapped Walt. Says Kate isn’t his "type". Killed by SawyerTom's Board

Ryan Pryce (Brian Goodman): Another Other. Dropped case of medicine off for Juliet to pickup. Killed by Hurley.

Amelia (Julie Adams): Part of the Island Book Club

Adam (Stephen Semel): Part of the Island book club.

Danny Pickett (Michael Bowen): Helped capture Michael. Killed by Juliette. Danny's Board

Colleen (Paula Malcomson): Sent to capture the sailboat being skippered by Sun, Jun & Sayid. Killed by Sun.

Ethan Rom (William Mapother): Says he is from Ontario. Possible doctor working for Dharma. Was told to infiltrate the fuselage survivors and get a list of name. Uncertain how long he has been on the island. Kidnapped Charlie and Claire. Killed Scott? Killed by Charlie. Ethan's Board

Goodwin (Brett Cullen): Say he was in Peace Corp. Uncertain how long he apparently has been on the island. Possibly a doctor of some sort. Was told to infiltrate the tail section survivors and get a list of name. Helped kidnapped 9 survivors. Killed by Anna. Originally with Harper, later hooked up with Juliet. Goodwin Thread

Alex (Tania Raymonde): Danielle's daughter Alex. Thinks Ben is her dad. Helped Claire escape. Killed by Martin KeamyAlex's Board

Carl (Blake Bashoff): Unruly kid. In love with Alex. Does not like being part of the Others. Killed by Keamy

Sabine: Conceived child while on island. Juliet couldn't save her. Died of complication because of the Island disease. (Disease sets in at conception.)

Greta & Bonnie (Lana Parrilla & Tracy Middendorf): Women guarding the Looking Glass Station. Everyone thought they were on assignment in Canada. Killed by Mikhail. Bonnie gave up deactivation code as she died to get back at Ben.

Harper Stanhope (Andrea Roth): Married to Goodwin? Therapist.

Off Island

Penelope "Penny" Widmore (Sonya Walger): From Knightsbridge London. Met Desmond when he was kicked out of the monastery. Bought the Monk's wine to take to Carlisle, England - made Desmond help her take them. In love with Desmond. Slipped a note to a book of Desmond's. Was engaged to someone else after Desmond ignored her. Tracked Desmond to LA and tried to talk to him. Never got married. Is running a research station? Looking for the island? Penny Thread

Mathias (Len Cordova): Appears to be working for Penelope Widmore . Monitoring for the Island? Stationed someplace with snow. Spoke Portuguese. Called Penny when an anomaly was discovered.

Henrik (Alex Petrovitch): Appears to be working for Penelope Widmore . Monitoring for the Island? Stationed someplace with snow. Spoke Portuguese.

Naomi Dorrit (Marsha Thomason): From Manchester England. Leader of team to find Ben. Helicopter passenger that crashed on the island. Not hired by Penny to find Desmond? Killed by Locke.

Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies): Physicist. Emotional unstable? From Essex Massachusetts. Was teaching at Oxford in 1996. Pet rat named Eloise

Miles Strom (Ken Leung): Paranormal Investigator. Did an investigation in Inglewood, California for a Ms Gardner (her grandson was murdered).

Frank Lapidus (Jeff Fahey): Pilot. Was suppose to be a pilot of Flight 815. Living in Eleuthera, the Bahamas.

Charlotte Staples Lewis (Rebecca Mader): Archeologist / anthropologist. From Essex, England. Discovered a polar bear buried in Medenine, Tunisia with a Dharma collar. Speaks multiply languages.

Matthew Abaddon (Lance Reddick): Overseeing the operation to find Ben. Met Locke right after his accident

George Minkowski (Fisher Stevens): Freighter boat communications person. Died from island sickness.

Martin Keamy (Kevan Durand): Militant hired by Charles Widmore.

Captain Gault (Grant Bowler): Killed by Martin Keamy

Doc Ray (Marc Vann): Killed by Martin Keamy

Regina (Zoe Bell): Committed suicide, probably due to he island sickness.

The Unseen

The Whispers: Ethereal voices heard in the background. The Whispers List

Special thanks to azteclady for helping me with this list.

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Re: The Who's Who Guide to Lost

Note on the following list: Below is a list of people that have been credited in more then one episode but as of yet don't seem to have a significance beyond being a bridge character. This list does not include people that were seen in just both parts of the pilot or just both parts of the Season 1 final.

Background actors

Daniel A. Ortiz - Passenger (ep Pilot & ep1.3)
Meilinda Soerjoko - Ticket Agent (ep1.5 & ep1.6) & Crissy (ep2.20)
Jonathan Dixon - Flight Attendant #3 (ep Pilot) & JD (ep1.24)
Michelle Arthur - Flight Attendant #2 (ep Pilot) & Michelle (ep1.24)
George Alan - Flight Attendant #1 (ep Pilot) & Flight Attendant (ep1.24)
Geoff Heise - Man (ep1.1) & Doctor (ep1.5)
Glenn Cannon - Priest (ep1.7) & Old Scooter Man (ep1.24)
Michael Adamshick - Anesthesiologist (ep1.11) & Lottery Official (ep1.18 & ep2.4)
Matt Moore - Husband (ep1.11) & Travis (ep2.8)
David Ely - Intern (ep2.1 & ep2.6)
Lynnanne Zager - Computer Voice (ep2.17, 2.21 & 2.23)
Grisel Toledo - Nurse (ep2. & 4.1)

User contributions:

clayseason1 has done a wonderful job putting together a list of all the background actors.
clayseason1's Redshirt Thread: Redshirts! Redshirts! Who is that redshirt?

cautiousguyonlost has been working on a list of "Others"
cautiousguyonlost's "Others" Thread: The Official "OTHERS" Thread

Docteurmad has started a project of cataloging when each character appeared.
Docteurmad's Appearances Thread: Recurring characters appearances

Over in LOST Theories Index, NeillT006 has cataloged some of the Whisper Threads.
NeillT006's Whisper List: Whispers, The

Various discussions

Seating assignment discussion:
Oceanic 815 Seating Chart question

T&S discussions:
(per Zenodotus request)
T&S Theories Index
The Others/Island Residents - Not Others/Off-Islanders

Other websites of interest

Sledgeweb's Website: http://lost.cubit.net/

ABC's diary: Link removed. It appears that ABC is discontinuing the diary idea

Lostpedia: lostpedia
Lostpedia may contain false information and/or spoilers.

Another Character site: http://www.igetlost.com/characterlist.asp

As always, let me know if I missed something.

Due to admin consideration, I merged them all into one coherent post. Thanks igator210. -LIW

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Re: The Who's Who Guide to Lost

wow igator this is fantastic. i read through the whole thing and don't have anything to add (other than speculation). nice job.
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Re: The Who's Who Guide to Lost

igator210 - well done. Under your entry for Kate you might want to add that the safety deposit box number was 815. I was rewatching with my daughter last night and heard this. Blew my mind as I had completely forgotten this fact. TPTB messing with our heads.

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Re: The Who's Who Guide to Lost

actually on second thought, for Michael maybe you could add: "typically shouts any time he speaks"

for Locke you might want to add something about him talking to a woman he calls Helen (unknown but likely not the Helen we know) when talking on some kind of a phone service
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Re: The Who's Who Guide to Lost

Awesome, Igator. Thanks for all of your efforts.

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Re: The Who's Who Guide to Lost

Very nice igator. Some regulation made you split that post? Pinnerman is going to be pissed.

Originally Posted by igator210
The show is assumed to have taken place in real time. As such, it is assumed that plane crash sometime in September 2004.
I don't make that assumption at all.
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Re: The Who's Who Guide to Lost

Originally Posted by LostInWilderness
I don't make that assumption at all.
Let's see, do I feel like getting beat up over the time issue again (since it happens everytime I say anything about the crash "maybe" not taking place in 2004)....yeah, I'll take the beating and agree with LostInWilderness here.
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Re: The Who's Who Guide to Lost

Oh, also meant to say, GREAT JOB to Igator! It's nice to have a reference piece like this on hand.
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Re: The Who's Who Guide to Lost

Igator210, this is so great. Thanks for all the work.

Note: Why don't you make a link to CS's Redshirts thread?
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